Let us adjust our position. Evaluate our dimension


And the human environment, of humans, is disrupted, diluted, intoxicated…

The being becomes toxic for the being, to the extent that each one seeks its own stockpile, its position, its security, its freedom, its... proprietorship, in short. And so, between beings a tense, difficult, uncomfortable coexistence is established...

This is what is perceived, the news that arrives, the announcement that appears... throughout the human community. Of course, it would be unfair to say that it happens everywhere, but... the concern is that it happens in preponderant, powerful places: those that mark... "those that mark everyone’s possibilities ".

And if this happens in the most skilled, the most developed, the most educated, and if there is rivalry, disagreement, and dissatisfaction among them... its influence on the majority rest of humanity is felt.

So much so that, for example, before, in colonial times -not so long ago- the powerful, those who felt chosen, those who conscientiously felt superior, went to their surroundings to capture slaves; in their wars, they turned the enemy into slaves.

Today, they are coming. There is no need to go looking for them. Immigrants, suffocated in their places, seek the splendour of the coloniser.

These models lead us into continuous competition that is in reality an all-out underground war; an all-out fight.

It is evident that this phase of humanity is being... "successful". Successful in the sense that none of the tendencies that one can think of are renounced... without measuring the consequences.

And it is so that each being occupies, somehow, certain places that do not correspond to it.

As a result, conflict develops. Because almost all of us feel invaded.

The past environments of the being could be... the fauna, the meteorology, the mobility of their lands, but all of this is -so to speak- controlled. And now, the main concern of each one is "each one" next to it -next or far away-... by not wanting to give up one’s personal style of achieving, attaining, reaching, securing... that long protectionist, comfortable, practical, with a known future... Terrible.

The Prayer Call places us in coordinates that are truly far from the... let's say already "lukewarm" ideas of coexistence, sharing, opportunity, risk, progress, living together, solidarity... and that long, languid etcetera of words that are hardly ever heard.

It is necessary for one who prays, for one who believes, for one who rethinks, for one who reconsiders, for one who projects, to re-evaluate the position in which one finds oneself. Flee from the established, comfortable resources. Not to assume known projects of out-dated evidence and in which a theoretical future is known, which is not the future. The future is unpredictable, surprising, innovative, creative, exceptional! Otherwise, it is a code; it is a codified living.

Hence, believing, feeling oneself a being of the Universe... in communion with the Creator Mystery, leads us to a continuous rethinking in order to abandon the position of combat, but with foundations!, with resources, with clarity, with sincerity, without concealment.

Letting oneself flow, in the spaces of feeling and thinking..., towards that Eternity in which we are.

As soon as we land, as soon as we settle down, we will enter into the using and throwing away, into competing, into working to pay, into seeking security...; into knowing what is going to happen. And there, the belief is diluted. And the domain of being over being is established.

Hence, human spirit is so disturbed, with anguish, anxieties, sadness, and continuous worries... "Persistent conditioning". And, of course, the way out of that environment is sought. There is no way out of there.

It is the trap of the strongest. It is not the elegant and kind way of living together.

But even though this situation may be obvious, being becomes deaf; it gets tired of the warnings!, unwilling to listen to anything but what is pleasant, easy and comfortable for it! It renounces its responsibility, its testimony.

And we must pay attention to this when we "evaluate" ourselves. Yes: the nearest environment has already evaluated us. They have already told us that we are like this, like that... Everyone has given his or her opinion. Some have shoot us, others have given us painkillers, others go for half measures... Each one has... "judged" us.

And all that, yes, it is heard, it arrives, but each being -as a universe- has to be evaluated. To "evaluate oneself": to see oneself in the value of believing, of following an ideal, a universal project, a criterion of amplification... which supposes -in this environment of humanity, with humanity- an effort, a dedication, a research, a rigorous position.

The call for triumphalism and 'achieving' style clamours.

The call for sectarianism, ego-centrism and personal style clamours.

The call to feel like a protagonist clamours.

It clamours so much that when it comes to evaluating itself, the being is devalued. It follows the current of what is established, ordered, dictated: that which humans do to colonise others and making them slaves to norms, dictates, positions...

And the vanity of being in a permanent position detached from the Universal, incorporates everything spiritual in a "routine" way. Thus, it thinks it is doing what it should. So, it thinks it is normal. So, it thinks it is the right thing to do.

Being becomes a believer, more than of himself, of what is proposed to him, of what he is guided by, of what society recommends, asks for, and calls for…

This way of life requires slaves, it requires production, it requires a power that orders and commands. And everyone, in their own position, exercises more or less      -according to time, age, place-... but they exercise more or less in these coordinates.

And so it is that the being shows itself to be "predictably" unfaithful, distant, isolated, superficial. Comfortable. To one's own "apparent" taste, which is the taste of others. Calling "others" the style of society.

And a question arises, from the believer, inevitable: is it possible that from the Creator Mystery life has been gestated, in that incredible biodiversity, and has intentionally invested in a variable of life, called "human", which ends up 'self-aggrandising' itself, arrogating... Is it possible...?

Is it possible that, from the transcendent beauty of a lizard, of an orchid, we pass to the daily vulgarity of a "citizen"... who has to lie, who has to conceal, who has to put up with, who has to pretend, who has to hide, who has to flee, who has to fight...? Is this the project of a Creation?

That is why, when evaluating oneself, the being must be considered in the orbit of Creation.

Disconnecting from one’s personal, private, family, civic orbit...

Amplify the funnel of your identity, towards the Infinite, to perceive something more than personal taste, something more than what attracts me, something more than what I like, something more than what I want

I am something more than all that, am I not? And I'm not only supposed to be, but I certainly am something more than all that. But I have fallen into all that.

And thanks to the Praying Sense, I am allowed to realise this. And even if I don't want to listen... and even if a rebelliousness appears... egocentric, personalistic and... -in inverted commas- "freedom", the being is still something more than all that.

The Prayerful Call places us in a panorama -it is difficult to find a single word-... in a panorama that is, by our nature, by our providence, by our inheritance of the Universe, by all of this... all of this is, for us, "disappointing".

And the spirit of life must lead us to hear, see and realise this disappointing human movement, so that we change our position! Let us dare the adventure of Creation!... Not the apparent chance of accommodation!

When a flower emerges from between the bricks on a path, it knows that it risks being swept away by a pedestrian. But it also knows that it can awaken the smile of a passer-by.

And this is how life expresses itself: with the daring of fantasy, of imagination; of not knowing... what the Eternal Mystery has in store for us.

It seems to us, when we wake up, that what is prepared is what we have to do: where we have to go, what we have to eat, what we have to prepare... And we even come to believe that.

Really what awakens us is that "dawn", that dawning of love, to be creative, to be different, to stop being demanding and to seek to be servants! It awakens us to discover ourselves in an infinite Creation!

Is it still possible to still think that I wake up and do this or that, because of my own ability...? Because I am worth a lot or because I am forced or because I have been punished or because I am obliged...?

Nothing created awakens without the consent of the Creator Mystery.

And if we are given that privilege, we must -as a consequence- be open enough... to be that flower that awakens a smile; to be that project that is a novelty; to be and feel guided by an Eternity... that still trusts us, that does not behave like humanity!

As much we may want to tame Creation, it is indomitable.

It is humanity that tames itself; and it believes it has achieved a great work.

The senses give us the "senti-mentalisms" to be able to aspire to our true essence. That is why we are still alive:

That eternal... that eternal wager to live, which the Mystery gives us. And which, now, in this time of humanity, whispers loudly to us to adjust our position; to evaluate our dimension.





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