Each being is an admirable projection, from the Eternal


And life is configured in an extraordinary way... in such a dimension, that each being retains the perception of its vision, its sensation, its particularity, its individuality, in the complex and biodiverse... living.

And at the same time, each... and everyone, in one way or another, depends on the activity, the action, the production... of another.

Simultaneously, the common and the individual are exercised...

And when this really happens in a "balanced" way, living becomes joyful, vibrant, new... and a long number of other precious words....

But it happens that, in the course of life, the individual, the self, is exercised disproportionately... and abuses the collective resources. And it is then that imbalance occurs, and fear, insecurity, violence... inevitably appear.

In other words, we can know how, in what way... it is possible to live together joyfully... even if, when it comes to exercise, this does not happen.

Such is the personal enthusiasm for oneself that beings develop, that it results -despite the fact that the common, the collective is proven to be necessary- that the consciousness of privilege, of personal importance, of destiny is created...

The Prayerful Call summons us beyond the individual and the collective. It speaks to us of unity. It calls us to the oneness of being with all creation.

It claims us!... and demands of us when we are in positions of privilege, of command, of [1]"truth".

From the Creator Mystery emanates and emanates... transcendently... the happening called "life". And this happening is made on the basis of... the Creator Mystery.

Consequently, in life, with life, living, we are carrying out a process of Creation, undoubtedly unusual, and which goes beyond... -far beyond- the individual and the common or the collective. But which is expressed and represented in this way.

You have to look carefully and realise!... that Creating is not a process destined to... decay, to break down, to disappear. It is a process destined to evolve; what we call "evolve", which are changes of consciousness that leads us to diverse realisations, to significant quests, to striking discoveries.

For all these reasons, life is an event that, because of its origin, is destined to remain in many different forms and ways.

And that a step -a, a small step-... for that permanence and evolution and transformation, is in knowing how to balance the individual and the common.

And this duality has been reached by the special decision of the Unnameable. A duality that is not meant to fight. That its goal is survival.

And in this respect, whenever someone feels egomaniacally "reasonable"... they must consider "their truths", with enough subjectivity to realise the needs of others.

We need each other.

And for this, since there is the individual, we need to "admire each other”: an exercise... important, since it degrades authoritarian hedonism, by recognising and admiring, in the environment, what we require, what we need.

And, yes, it happens that... that some people admire others, or admire trees, or stones, or... any creative manifestation.

They are admired, but... from an individual point of view, which assumes the right to be served; it seeks reward for the sake of admiration.

And this is what "disqualifies"... a compensating admiration of self-admiration.

Truly, from the Creator Mystery, this admirable possibility is transmitted to us, to make a quantum leap... from duality to Oneness. To the Oneness that implies the consciousness of being united to Creation; the consciousness of being affiliated to the Mystery; the consciousness of being... cared for, oriented and referenced by it.

And for all this to happen, we need our admiration to have... a tinge of Love.

Just as we love ourselves, and are the product of a Love of Mystery, to be in tune with the commonality, we must admire with Love.

For this, humility and submission to Creation must be exercised. And thus, to realise -to the extent that we admire- that we also fall in love... on all the infinite levels of Love that can be realised; that must be realised.

And the bounty of Creation's resources is so infinite that... because we admire or love our surroundings, we will not stop appreciating ourselves. Because others, moreover, will admire us...

We... we... have been considered admirable, from the Creator Mystery, which is why we are here. And if they admire us for our capacities -in fact, for the doing for which we have come-... they admire us, from the infinite Creator, so that we may discover our meaning, so that we may learn... to serve in what we have come for, what we have been brought here to do.

If it weren't for that admiration... we wouldn't exist.

To follow, in a daily attitude, this event of feeling admired, of admiring ourselves, of admiring those around us... is a position that makes us continually discover new and different possibilities.

To prayerfully dispose oneself to enter into the Divine Presence...: the one who gestates us, who cares for us, who sustains us, who promotes us.

We are an expression of that Mystery.

Each one, in itself, is not "something".

In itself, it does not exist.

So, each being is an admirable projection, from the Eternal. And in that perspective, we must palpitate, we must sigh. And any such being is an expression like our own... to which we owe respect, care, attention.

Let us make the promised conjunction of the individual, the common and the primordial.

Let us recognise our remoteness from the origin.

And let us recognise that, in order to approach it, we must merge with all that has been created.

Consciousness of fusion, of immersion... in the admirable, in the admired!

The complaisance of being by the consciousness of Living.


[1] Of “possession of the truth”





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