The Praying memory has the breath of the Word


Memory makes us keep... lived and unlived stories. And it is capable of distinguishing one from the other. Likewise, memory brings us back to the present what is pending, what is still to be done, what was promised, what was left but it wasn’t done...

Likewise, memory harbours experiences that transformed, changed, and modified our position.

So many influences are conveyed through memory that, without it, we are obviously "lost".

It is often said: "He has lost his memoryHe doesn't know who he is”. He never really did. We will never know who we are. But we have references -as long as our memory is there-... we have references of facts, of situations that guide us. And based on this we recognise dawn, dusk, work, journey...

What is the Praying memory?

 How… how does it behave? Is it the same as other kinds of memory?

Or is it rather a reference that... touches us, because it calls us to see something, to tell us something that was not clear, or new, or to remember something already repeated?

But, in any case, the Praying memory has very variable traces. It has no material sustenance. It has the breath of THE WORD.

As it is said: "And in the beginning was the Word, and all things were made with the Word, and the Word was God and God was the Word".

Is it -consequently- the prayer, words that place us in our true nature?

Our original vibration is lost in the Creative Mystery. Our memory does not reach that far. But to the extent that the Creator Mystery calls us... with words!... we find in them, like a prayer, an edge... an edge of a thread that transports us into the unknown. It dilutes our form and exalts our consciousness.

To go back... in consciousness of sensation, to our unremembered memories.

Sensations of emerging, of something that flows like a spring, as our appearance in existence: a spring, a sprout seed... that aspires to live.

And feeling ourselves as a spring... we moisten our surroundings and progressively recognise everything that gushing water discovers and touches.

Water of Life...

The spring becomes manna, and supplies and nourishes the needs it finds.

Let's ask ourselves this question: Who do we nurture? What is our spring like?

The quality of our water must be evaluated. So much so that it must quench the thirst of "any" thirsty person.

The spring, the fountain... does not segregate and does not choose who drinks from it.

Thus, if we let ourselves flow and emanate in “quality" -i.e., virtues adorning our being- we will be springs, fountains... with alive memories that we gush forth! We do not know why. It does not belong to sapience. It is about consciousness.

Certainly, our memory remained in a small puddle.

The Prayerful Call leads to unlimited expansion.

The spring knows no boundaries. And at the same time, it is charged with sensitivity, due to its capability to nourish... depending on the needs.

It seems we are water... just like that; spring flowing in the same way. But this is not so.

We are of precise qualities... and transformative abilities. You will never drink the same water you drank today.

And that spring of water we are, and we give it to drink, is shaped at every moment according to the situation. Sometimes the water will run vertiginously, sometimes it will stagnate. Sometimes it will be crystal clear; others it will be very turbulent. But we must remember we are water, a source of life that nourishes and nurtures.

And so, in this permanent memory of Prayer, each doing, each execution will be different. And it will have the required quality nuances.

It seems difficult, but it is not. It seems difficult, because we have usually become... "habits"; and repeat over and over again, and have over and over again the same attitude...

So, we "classify" ourselves, and we say: "This one is good-humoured, this one is intelligent, this one is cautious, this one is prudent...". And then the spring stops flowing.

We are a permanent option, and we must prayerfully remember we are ready; we have been arranged and made capable to be the nourishment of life... in changing virtues, in precise attitudes. Hence the quality, which is not customary; but always outlined looking for accuracy, finesse, innovation, surprise.

And each word is a gush of spring. And in each one of them we find the quality... of promoting, caring, helping, respecting, generating, innovating, and creativity.

And in the same way, as we listen, we hear gushes of words, of... life's eagerness.

If speaking, if the word becomes Prayer, living becomes permanent Prayer.

And, as divine expressions, we are constantly praying. Hence, if we discover it in this way, we can refine our word, we can listen to what is being said, we can stop judging, condemning, punishing with words.

And let’s make the spring representing us... always ready and available, adaptable to every situation.

Without losing an iota its identity!...

Just as water can undergo infinite shapes, but it will remain water. But its nature will adapt and it will be... the precise nourishment.

It is not acceptable to say anything.

If, when you speak, you pray, your commitment to the Universe increases. And at the same time, your quality is demanded, discovered and surprised.

Like that.