The being fails to see Providence in the activity of others


Providential Goodness of the Creator Mystery are infinite.

Throughout human history, dances, festivals and tributes have been contemplated... for the rains, harvest, for birth... There was a link, let's call it "primitive", but consubstantial with everyday life.

To the extent that the being gives explanations for its "reasonable" way of evolution, it does not celebrate the rain, the dawn, neither the eclipse, nor the birth, nor the harvest. It becomes the protagonist of any achievement.

Little by little he is undoing its communion with Creation, and he is making worship of its capacities, of its resources. And it is becoming a colonial owner of the planet.

And as "human species" takes over and... manipulates its entire environment, in a productive, profitable, winning, accumulative manner.

And as might be expected in this process, the control and domination of the species itself in terms of reproduction, expansion, types of coexistence, ways of thinking, ways of living together... based on a pyramid model in which some self-chosen people, with power at all levels, they gradually spread this same model of power in different layers, so that each one feels arrogant, dominant, self-sufficient.

The power model extends with the "you can" and "you can"...; "where there is a will there is a way"....

And thus, the Creative footprints vanish. Providential Goodness persists!, but... as the saying goes: "None so blind as those who will not see.". The consciousness of humanity becomes umbilical and -like the symbol of the serpent- devours itself.

Because, in this domination towards itself, in this domination of "man over man" as humanity, a continuous displeasure is established, a permanent complaint, a corrosive acidity which -even more so- has an impact on his egomania, on his self-importance.

Except for "warnings", usually envy, lies and prejudice repeatedly hammer coexistence, solidarity and ideals. Every facet is subjected to fierce criticism, typical of "power" -such as the priority model that we have mentioned. And it reaches even the small human communions: school, family, company... They become a hotbed of accusations. Nothing good is seen in others. Everyone, with his hegemony of power, sees himself as good. And the only reference is himself, with respect to the others, so the others are extra for him: they must be acidified. Not a single virtue stands out. And when it is sometimes done, it is done due to some reward.

This is how the contemporary world moves, the world of civilisation, the world of self-sufficiency.

If Goodness is present, if gifts continue to be spilled, how is it that man erases them, manipulates them, resorts to the law of chance, to luck -without knowing what it is-, he explains himself in his own way and manner...?

In his own way and manner... he gives a version. But he fails to see Providence in the activity of others. He fails to see virtue. Or if he does see it, he writes it down and values it as an enemy, and attacks it!

Who... who -apart from his virtues-... who does not have a "dark" version of his own activities? Not because of himself -although sometimes it does as well, of course- but due to his environment. Some defect will be there. Something will not be as it should be.

They behave like vermin, looking for that defect, that mistake. And thus, living together becomes a competition, a game between appreciation and contempt, with a constant predominance of complaints, of discomfort...

And it becomes so –let us allow the inappropriate word- "universal", that it is difficult to reverse it. Very difficult! Very difficult to warn anyone:

.-Hey, but there's something good about this too.

.-Yes, yes, yes, yes, but... it's true that this other thing is not right, it's not correct, it's not adequate.

.-Yes, yes, but let's also look at why, let's look for... a minimum of goodness!

.- No, no, no, no... Well, yes, but... no, no, no, no.


It is obvious that, under these coordinates, the trails -no longer traces-... the trails of the Creator Mystery remain there for human consciousness, although Providential Goodness remains and continues infinitely. But, for the consciousness of today, it is a fine mist that passes... perhaps, from time to time, perhaps!

If in other times it was an integral part of everyday life, today it is an anecdote.

The Prayerful Call invites us to review our positions with regard to daily living, with regard to our hegemonic, complaining and... destructive consciousness!

The Prayerful Sense invites us to take other shots of this "being"; to open the zoom of this vision; as people of prayer who come to pray, be faithful to listening, to this evocation that Creation continually makes.

With the continuous "spite", a curtain is established that prevents us from feeling, from perceiving... the luminosity of Creation, the Goodness spread. And the being prefers -by its dominion and power- to torment itself... putting the crystal of deterioration, the crystal of "hopelessness", as a habit.

What if... what if he changes his suit? Although the habit does not make the monk, it helps.

Furthermore, in this process of permanent complaint and criticism -which clouds any virtuous vision-, this attitude turns against the self, and is self-flagellating enough to say that this is its "quality control"; who knows himself well and recognises his defects; he assumes them as "natural" even if they harm others. Some people contain themselves to that extent. Others become so depressed that they place themselves on the brink of self-destruction.

Their own "war", their own "vision" destroys them. And human environment helps this to happen.

The Prayerful Call suggests to us an attitude of... compassion!...; an attitude of mercy!, to ourselves and to everyone else. A courageous stance, which is committed to projects, ideas, imagery, achievements... That does not bet on the triumph of its opinion or its reason, but on communion.

Do not fall into the vulgar place of the reasonable egomania of "my truth"! “Not to fall into the reasonable egomania of my truth". For God's sake!

It's bizarre! It turns out... vulgar!

But, of course, if the majority moves in that swing... it's hard to see yourself in any other light.

"Undoubtedly, this road to extinction has a lot to do with this posture, with this position of "discrediting" that humanity establishes, of some people over others, of some against others: mobbing, stress, inconveniences, tripping, traps...

All this may be exaggerated. It may be. Blessed if it is.

But if "by their actions and words you will recognize them" does not seem to be much exaggeration. Sometimes it seems as if people, when speaking, have already unsheathed their sabres, in order to reply... by hurting.

And... we are not like that. Our nature is not the path of destruction. Our presence in the Universe is not the path of the explosion, of the privileged, of those who appear in the front line and deteriorate the others...

Our nature throbs or beats in the transcendence of the small, in humility of the everyday, in the affectivity of virtues, in mutual compassion and permanent mercy!

And whoever acts in honesty, and with courage, will discover himself in that nature. Of course, it is not fashionable, it is not the one that triumphs, it is not the one that achieves, it is not the one that establishes law and order, punishment... No, it is not that one.

But this nature of permanent detriment to oneself and to others, is the result of a derangement!...; of a derangement that imitates Creation. A substitution... similar or equal to the famous golden calf of Moses: now it is the statue, now it is triumphalism, now it is discovery, science, technology...; the permanent dependence, that makes us useless and turns us -obviously- into a breeding ground for aggression.

The Prayerful Call demands us the expectations that adorn the being, the moment that seems appropriate not to rush into the abyss, and throw oneself into the light; to congratulate on the virtues of others...; to become "one" with others.

I do not stop being, when I speak of "us". I do not stop being who I am, when I speak of "everyone". I do not abandon -far from it- the Creative guide by which I am in the Universe and in life, but rather, when we are "we", it is when it really becomes clear and precise who I am; what I have come for.

Love, appreciation of our surroundings, is not a weakness.

Respecting the environment that feeds us is not a loss of power.

Because, moreover, in this permanent judgement, the being fears to become anonymous and to not be taken into account... And so, it resorts to any fuss to be valued. The egotism of self-esteem needs external reinforcement. It is not able to feed itself... -because it cannot see-; it is not able to feed itself from its daily being! It is not able to nourish itself with the abilities that Creation gives it, shows it.

Our permanence is evoked towards liberation; it is designed towards eternity...; towards an infinity of resources.

Mercy is poured out towards... our missions. Mercy is poured out towards our missions, so that our intentions may become a seer, generous, complaisant!





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