We have misinterpreted our presence


For as long as history can remember, the being of humanity has conceived, has been in the consciousness that it was in an inhospitable place: in this place in the Universe, on this planet. Perhaps that is why it developed its sapience: to, through combat, dominate it, control it.

But the most significant thing is that... those starts -to put it lineally in history-... those beginnings of defence, attack, possession, because they considered it an inhospitable place, obeyed to -unknowingly, on man’s behalf- a defence against "the punishments"; the punishments of... of whoever: the sun, moon, stars, gods, goddesses...

As history unfolded, and sapiential consciousness became discoverer, the idea of the "punishment of the gods" was born, for any incidence that was not in accordance with what it "supposed" was not right -"with what it supposed was not right".

Little by little, rules, laws, opinions, etc., were established by the most experienced planetary warriors, in which they established what the strategy of combat should be: either total rebellion, or irremediable acceptance, or knowing how to be a constant repairer of "sins", in order to -probably- reach a state of harmony between the rulings of the gods -which later became "the God"- and our actions.

As might be expected, in different places, punishments, reprimands or the coordinates of "good" or "bad" were different; with which, obviously, another new struggle was created: the preponderance of what came to be called "religions".

And beings began to confront each other over their beliefs, over their concepts of the divine, over their criteria... of vindictive God who rewarded the good and punished the bad.

But the sapience to discover, to dominate and to control became more and more powerful. And it found the reasons for which the god was once said to punish. Now they were understandable, reasonable causes; some of them were controllable, and some others were not.

Certainly -to sum up this introduction- it could be said that human beings have never -ever, eh, except for very personal exceptions- never agreed with God.

There has been a "supremacist" tendency of mankind, and a tendency to describe the deity, or the divine, with natures of power; whereby, in so far as the human being became powerful, he was confronted, at whatever inconvenience he had, with struggle and war, and especially with struggle and war with the divine. Whether he believed in it or not!

It could be said, as a joke, that it was a family that never got along: not with the father, not with the son, not with the project, not with anything.

The divine curses ran at different times, with volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics...; and at the individual level, with madness, with wars…

 A species that has never adapted.

 A species that has rebelled against the destiny that the gods had foreseen for it.

And thus being turned, life, into a daily struggle: one has to fight if we want to progress, we have to fight... An exhausting task against the species itself and against the space that has been allotted to us to live.

And so, in the desert he sets trains.

.- Trains...? In the desert? 

.- Yes!... And motorways and...

 And valleys become pools or any other imaginary creation.

The warmongering progress of the conquest of the world is unstoppable. As if we had been given the worst lot in the universe: the jungle, because it is a jungle, no; the desert, because it is a desert, no; the mountain, because it is a mountain, no; the forest, because it is a forest, no. So, we will have to cut it down, we will have to deforest, we will have to populate the 'uninhabitable'...

And that is an everyday story that is transferred to coexistence, to what one does and what another person does, but already increasingly disconnected from the spiritual, divine, soulful... or whatever you want to call it. We prefer to say "Creative Mystery". Thus, any other denomination has room.

One could say -also simplifying this second space- that each being sees in the other being an opponent. It is as if he sees God himself, and asks him why he is like that, why he does not think like oneself, why he does not obey, why he cannot take it as a slave...

Perhaps... the war between humanities, from the smallest relationships to the largest, is due to the fact that each being sees in the other the divine punisher, and he rebels against that punishment because he considers it a fraud; instead, it attacks its own judgement, because it considers that it has failed the divine.

Curious! A double war: the war against the infidel, who has misinterpreted the designs, and the war against oneself, because he has not been faithful to his own criteria, to the interpretation of the intervention and of divine laws -"divine laws"- which are gravitating over him and his community.

Three wars at the same time: dissatisfaction with one's place in the Universe -with the planet-; dissatisfaction with the one who interprets wrongly -according to each one- the divine designs; and the war against oneself, for not being faithful to what one believes in.

Chasten the mountain, chasten the desert, chasten the jungle, chasten the sea!...

These three wars... we can ignore them, we can say that we have overcome them, we can say... blah, blah, blah, but they are there! And anyone, with any criteria, lives them daily: that disgust with oneself, that confrontation with the other, that disgust with the reactions. It is enough that it rains and..: "Oh, look, it's raining. Yes, it's cold: "Oh, it's freezing". Simple things, right? Although he knows that the seasons come and... "Ok, but... oh, it's so hot".

But for heaven’s sake!, is there anything you like? Please, is there anything you feel good with?... I'm not saying well, I'm saying just a little good? Apparently, it doesn’t. If we then include the personal, individual, liberal, libertarian, history of each one... uff!... we end up being, all beings, enemies.

All this is global, yes, and everyone can disagree, based on their personal experience, but... let's be generous: let's look at things in their universality. And that includes us, even if we are an exception... which proves the rule.

But the passage of the repeated exercise of the same attitude has made the beings, to decidedly, contemplate life as a permanent struggle, as a fight to arrive, to have, to reach, to achieve, to attain, to obtain.

The complaisant, generous, communicative, supportive actions... are the exceptions -which tend to be short-lived-.

And that is how the species is going. This is what today's Prayerful Call transmits instils to us.

And seen it like this -and trying not to be the permanent warrior-... the picture is bleak.

Extinction is the least of it. The question is how it comes to be: it is terrible.

 And the question is: "Was it not by chance that it arrived at this part of the Universe? Was it not by chance that one was born in this place, with this language, with this habit?”.

But at the same time, due to the spread of the species to all places, it seems that there is disagreement about the design that falls on each one of us. And not to confuse it with adventure, searching, discovery, which is healthy, innate in the being.

Consequently, going back to the question that I was brought to a place, and it was not calculated... It is a mystery. Why Abdul came to Kuala Lumpur, or Andrés came to Cádiz...; why one will make of his life a carnival, and the other will make of his life a drama...

We could suggest the possibility of the being chasing the complaint away from the place of its presence... and thus stop fighting with its space, stop trying to conquer it, to dominate it, to control it.

       Conceiving the conception and birth and stay, in this place called "life", as an astonishment... spectacular!

And consequently, there is no room for complaint, since we also have the capacity to admire snow, sweat of the heat, and shelter from wind...

Have mercy!

The second war is... the war of the interpreters! One interprets "that"..., the other one interprets "which"... "That" and "which" fight and confront each other as if to warn that the world is as each one sees it, and the other is the enemy. Could we get along? Could we dialogue, consensus... seemingly contradictory situations, but which are not so insofar as we are in the attitude of getting along...?

And so, the interpreters of Creation -whatever their nature- can contemplate each other without... prejudice! -such as those that exist generically between believers and non-believers.

Can we assume non-believers...?, believers of another nature...? Can we assume  -even much simpler- the colour of the complexion of some people, and the colour of the complexion of others...?

Look how far we are still from that. Immigrants drown in unbelievable boats. The receivers enslave them; when they send them back, they are punished... "Atrocious".

But at least in our innermost... very inner self -which sometimes is not only the colour of our skin, but also the place of provenance- is it not true that this competition between regions is... is... is even promoted? And even languages become violent, and they try to condition those who are starting out to speak, to think and feel according to a code of power. Terrible!

There is a kind of refusal to feel Universe. There is like a compelling refusal to share.

Have mercy!

And in the third stage... of struggle and war that the being establishes against his laziness, against his tiredness, against his discomfort, against his "lack of...", against his "need for...", against... Phew!... Is anyone happy with himself or herself? Difficult, eh?

Yes, you can be happy one day or several days, but another day, well... you fail! And not only will you reproach yourself, but the environment will also reproach you. "Atrocious".

Could we be a little more flexible in our demands, could we refine our proposals further... and stop seeing them as an all-out fight?

Have mercy!

And all in all, we could ask ourselves: "But is it possible that I... – everyone can ask- is it possible that I could get along with Creation? Is it that I shouldn’t necessarily get along? Have I been created in order to destroy myself?

Yes. That is the almost culminating conclusion: "I have been created to destroy myself! I have been created to destroy myself in my own land! I have been created to destroy anyone who does not think like me! I have been created to destroy myself!”.

The conclusion is that this Creative Force, God -or whatever we want to call him- is cruel, he is merciless!

Is it possible to think otherwise...?

What if this were not so? What if we have been created -Creation, in whatever form- to "get more complex": to be ever more complex, but ever more exact, ever more flexible, more cooperative, more supportive, more libertarian, more... -a little bit- more loving.

And if -consequently- we have misinterpreted our presence... -and (hence) we have come to the agreement that I have been created to destroy myself, or to be destroyed, it doesn’t matter- could I say: "I have been created in a breath of Love, in an “loving dawn”?

Could I say that I have been created so that my senses are illuminated in each function, and they come together to establish a project, an ideal...? And to be able to conjugate it with others, to be able to share it with others, that everyone’s desire is consensus... and stop considering myself an enemy of myself.

Have mercy!

It could be terrible to think that everything that has been said so far has been a serious mistake. 

And to reintroduce other trends -which are there, but which are so inoperative-… is it a chimera?

What if, thanks to the Prayerful Call, we listen to the situation and discover our own virtue, and admire the virtue of others!, we are able to reach a communion of development, a communion of complacencies... where judgements, rules, customs and laws are dissolved for the benefit of a consensus of Love...?

Is crazy to think of it? Or is it an adventure -"venture" and "adventure"- daring to live it this way? 


Creation delights in life. 





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