Creative Mystery: the only possible filiation


Given the growing importance of the opinions of others, whether in the form of advice, laws, rules, customs, prejudice... –so many are the faces of external opinion… which after all are opinions of humanity!-, when an individual is aware of all these swarming opinions of others, his being retracts, is locked up… Even his own opinion overwhelms him.

He becomes –perhaps unwittingly- radical. And he becomes important. Probably… –probably- when he completes that cycle, he will be added to the general opinion. Meanwhile, before adding to the opinions of others, an isolated nucleus develops; seeks to attract attention, but relatively. The fact is that he is only concerned about his own turn, as if there was only the turn of the planet on its axis. The translation, the galaxy, the universalization… no, no, no. There, there, right there, in his kidnapped personalism, he creates his totems, his popes, his rules. And with those prisms, applied to the senses, he begins to judge all his surroundings. Is it... a selfdefense mechanism?

The general environment, of course, doesn’t change; it follows its chains of disproportion and nonsense… Yet the close, particular vision does move.

In those situations, where... where might be found a small hole for feeling? Beyond oneself. It seems impossible, right? The same phrase "felling beyond oneself" is like being already out of yourself or completely out of it.

Yes. Exactly: out of yourself and out of it; both! This is the state of consciousness that is needed to tune in to the Creator Mystery: the only possible filiation that is infallible for our stay, and it is done through the intermediaries of chance, luck and unforeseen events...

       Oh! But the song already said it: "vanity is a weed, a useless plant that poisons every tread". And of course, as the saying also goes: "Give one’s arm to be twisted”, uffff! It is hard!

       It's curious… but… there are… yes… there are beings who are waiting for God himself to come to their house to have coffee and discuss some things about their own life with him. Yes… And they complain about their bad luck. And they wait… "How unfair is this world!... Here I am with difficulties, with problems and so on, and the archangels don’t come, not even the seraphim or the throned ones or the powers come to visit me to...".

Yes. Perhaps said as such it sounds bizarre, but felt that way… natural!

This kind of vanity leads to the idea of: "I have earnd enough merits… I deserve something better… With all the sacrifices I have made...", and a long etcetera of curricula that are borne… to collect, to have, to possess, to win... a position that, to some extent, is privileged –for the person at least-.

All that is a sovereign deception… All that is scum!.. All that makes those opinions of others grow... that only fix or invent or imagine the worst of the worst of others. But it is in the environment and it is in the propaganda and it is in the advertisements and it is in the father, in the mother, in the son... Everyone seems to think and know so much about you, that it is amazing! It seems that everyone has the collective unconscious of everyone else… Oh yeah!.

Oh, yes: "Julia has the collective unconscious of everyone, and of me in particular... Oh! Julia, you have a way of dancing that fascinates me...". Yes!...

It's amazing –maybe sometimes one don’t realize it-... but it's amazing what others know about you, that you do not know yourself… You really don’t. It is unbelieveble! But watch out!... for the things they know!: the subconscious, the unconscious... Well, well, good! And if they take us to the family constellations and to parallel universes… and I don’t know what else!, then... the best we can do is to die… Yes… because if you get out of the way, and… if taking away a little work off the critics…, or the criticism on duty… we all remain calm…!

"Che!" – (it’d be said better in an Argentinean tone) - "It's incredible! It's amazing, ché, what I know about myself, and above all what I know about others… I believe that there is not a mind as privileged as mine…!"

Yes!, but look!... and you’ll see how that comes to pass. “Pass”, I mean, “happens”. Not that it passes… -I wish it would pass!-, "it happens!”. And of course, outside these walls... but it does happen!

Oh! And how he likes it… him, the omni... omni... omni... - "unidentified flying object", no,! the "omni", from omnipotent …how he likes to show off his judgments , his criticisms, his... Well, well, good! He loves it! He loves it!... He even makes up songs about it!... seriously!…

¿Is that is true?

Yes! He loves it!

¡Oh! And if you happen to say: "Well, I think that here..." Oh oh oh!

Surely more than one of you have seen a scorpion in an attack position…Well, something like that happens…it raises its sting and attacks in any way it can!.. And apart from knowing your collective unconscious, your personal life and everything you don’t know about yourself,.. at that moment a sentence or a phrase is promulgated: "Because we need!...because we don’t have what...!". Wow!...And then... the explosion!... the explosion.!

Yes… in that period of subterranean, hedonist drunkenness... when the subject finaly explodes, and already becomes part of... the opinion of others…in that moment of explosion... one neither thinks nor evaluates nor values what has happened, what is going on, what is occurring… No! he deesn’t… as the saying goes: "It is better to follow the middle way”… Hala!

And thus, you have alread become part of that vigilant, corrective, critical environment, etc., which is gaining followers through fear, based on a whole series of anxieties and anguish…That’s why we see that, at the human level, with all our progress (we’re going to call it "progress") and all our achievements (we are going to call them "achievements"), if we set our standards… “ like this”… “ like that” “this way” or in “that way”… we mould the last… If I want to sell a medicine for osteoporosis, then I lower the normal level… and all women will be osteoporotic… it is very simple!... and then, all women will get the necessary hormone to retain calcium, for example. These are things that happen according to the parameters that are established, because this is how things are, in one way or another.

The Prayerful Sense warns us of all this… Of course, of course! Everyone knows and believes, yes!.. But the practice... It seems that theoretically everything is known, but when it comes to exercising oneself humanly, as an evolved, amplified and universally conscious being... that is something else.

Hence, it is worth remembering the different mechanisms and different processes through which the human being passes, to move away more and more from the feelings of Creation, of illumination, of ascension, of creativity.

Each one is so hung up on his things, (according to where he is at), and the things of others, that he doesn’t realize...even if he goes to pray and meditate and contemplate… that is a more or less dutiful moment of "fulfilling" but... but then you have to go back "to"...

Ah yeah sure! This is another important detail to take into account, which we have just said but which should be amplified.

Of course, of course, of course! Usually, it turns out that when a being goes in for some activity... apparently without profit… well, really without any profit... it is a useless job. That is what usually happens, yes… and what happens?... what, well... then the everyday… the daily comes…

Look carefully, please… there is a separation, a totally brutal cut! Therefore, after a few minutes of prayer, meditation, contemplation and so on…, after a few moments there is forgetfulness, a lacuna sometimes…! because it is not considered a labour (we are going to call it labour), not a job… Watch out, be careful… It is not a job, but at the lowest level we are going to consider it as a labor of necessity!..If it's not a necessity then, it's part of custom, habit, circumstance,… it's easy to be... one thing, right? But then comes life…What I have felt in Qi Gong or what I have perceived in contemplation or what I have discovered in meditation or what they whisper to me with brazenness in prayer,.. well, that is... well, yes! But then comes the day to day…

But wait, wait, wait!... A moment!... The day to day is condensed… It is that mini space-time in which you meditate or pray, or contemplate or immerse yourself in the movement of a feeling. That is the day.

You have changed the terms…you have cheated once again. The human being is a cheating being, enormously cheating!... We've included everyone, so nobody need feel cheated!... Yes. It's a trap... And the trap consists of something simple, very simple: outside of that meditative, prayeful etc, space-time... aside from that, everyone is what they think, what they feel, what they believe, what they fear... Ahhh! It is the conglomerate of operations… "Conglomerate of operations".

You already know that concrete conglomerates, for example, are hard, strong... Of couse!... And that everyone exerts their blows, as they like… of course... of course!

That's why, when one is in another stage, there is nothing to be done there, one cannot operate, one cannot comment, you cannot say: "Well, it seems to me that this should be otherwise" . One can’t, among other things, because one has no arguments, no resources, because one is in another state of consciousness!... one has been enveloped in another state of consciousness in which one can’t think, feel, elaborate, or say anything, at the speed at which this sentence is developed, for example.

And that's why one makes a cut… makes a cut and from this cut one begins to be the mace, the mass... with some encouragement, of course, otherwise one couldn’t move.

And that's why, through all religions, philosophies… (it's terrible to see)… he returns home for Christmas, he goes on vacation, he returns with dad... And you say: .  

Well, and... listen, hear, hear! Listen!

He is deaf!.

.- Hey, but... and everything you discovered, learned...?

.- It's just that I don’t remember.

.- Oh, he doesn’t remember!

. No. It's better to have the party in peace! and do what others do. No. It isn’t that ,..I've convinced myself that, ..of course... If it's not so bad, no! No, no!... It's not that bad at all.

.- Ah! no? ok.

.- We will have to forgive him!

.- Oh, ok, of course! but... for him to change, nooooo! But just to make sense of his evil actions. And so everything is dragged out.

The famous Christian forgiveness does not remember Christ at all. But everyone does as suits them.

Oh! What terror, right? What terror to renunce so much dedicated effort ! What terror, to renounce such a strong force involved in one individual..! What terror, so much… invested in!... almost for nothing!.

"Terror". It's good word. When we talk about terrorism this process is not included. What a pity! It would be good. Maybe people would reconsider, rethink their positions.

Isn’t terrorism, perhaps, to be aware… for one who is aware, is not difficult is it? be awere of everything that has been implemented, all the circustances, doings, events and experiences that have been developed and created specifically for you! Yes, and for that one also, other things, different…but for you!!!... and what have you done with it?

He has abandoned them. He has taken what has interested him the most. Of course, he has abandoned those aspects that compromised, that implied an intention, a vocation…

Oh! Of course, of course! no! It's not terrorism at all , no, no! It is not terrorism. How clumsy we are! It's only that he’s grown up! Oh yes! he's grown up!

.- You will see. While he was training and all the universes and all the best things were dedicated to him for performance, to transform, to grow... of course, while... But, of course, when he or she got older,… when they became a woman, or a man, then, of course,…they have their own criteria...Ok! but why do those criteria have nothing to do...? "Nothing, nothing, nothing", but... practically nothing to do with...

Well, because he has grown up!

.- But adult... or is he already old?

.- No... He has returned home for Christmas.

.- Ahhhhhh!...

.- You will see. During that previous period, he left his orbit, yes. A higher energy

.- Higher?

.- Yes. A higher energy took him out of his orbit and showed him other orbits, other orbitals. When he began to know them, from his orbit they claimed him and claimed him and claimed him. And one day he could even specify when in some cases, he returned to his orbital… And he lost all the energy that had taken him out of his orbit, and returned to the orbit of country, of place, of…. As they would say... now that Venezuela is fashionable – “returned to the same ´pod”.

.- What a horror! Again?

.- Yes. Again, the scarf, the little tie, the earrings... just to say something, right? .- But that is going back to horror again!

.- Yes Yes Yes. But you come back more polished… you're older… you already know that horror is the consubstantial part of living with envy and high pride… By the way, now is a very propitious time, because ”gay pride” is going to be celebrated by a million people... and another million more, that won’t be going out!

-. Evidently, human beings don’t know themselves very well. They are better known by others, by the ones who caress them… and convert them…

.- Ehhh... Fffff! It would be to going from terror to horror.

.- Yaaaa! But “better the devil you know.”

.- Ah! It is true. So that everything remains the same. ¡It is true!

And everything began with a moment of relationship with the environment, in which the opinion of other began to matter a lot. The subject was locked up until he exploded, and when he exploded he faded... and became that opinion of others.

In spite of everything that was invested in him… without encouragement of profit, of course… but, despite all that, terror appeared, and that terror made him go to his caste - which is like saying go home, to live the horror. But everything is forgiven, everything is excused.

In the name of humanity, a severe and dramatic process of destruction, (terror, horror, dragging, seducing, convincing) is being committed… even victims are being offered.

All this process has an excessive force... that is not usually seen because you already belong to it.

Assuming any work of the soul as fundamental, important, transcendent,... as the true bread and the true essence of each day, it can preserve us from the swing between terror and horror... and can make us see clearly the powerful tide that, like a nuclear wind, sweeps through where it passes.

Be merciful!




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