Navigators of Universe


Throughout the course of many changes, in each of them, the human species sails through different seas.

Their passage through them can be short or long, fast or slow.

 Now, we are sailing in the imposing ocean of Power... whose daily ramifications, manifest socially in the economy...; Power, in the force; Power in violence; Power in the impressive challenges of persecution, of punishment, of reason.

And so we could diversify the different waters in which we sail. 

Yes, there are moments of... calmness? Yes. But almost always, those moments herald the arrival of new –new?-  powerful events.

 We can ask ourselves, from the Prayerful Sense, whether sailing those seas is something inevitable, or we can flee to other more beatific seas, calmer, more generous, more peaceful, more serene...

The fact is that when you run away in a circular space, you always return to the same place. 

You have to ask yourself: 

Those ocean waters that allow us to navigate, are they by nature violent, powerful? Or are they rather generative, regenerative, nutritious, kind, beautiful...? 

How is it that they became –as life- so… imposing? Could they have been the sailors who infected it with their arguing?


And this allows us –under the Prayerful Sense- to harbour the idea that the origin is... vitally serene, generously supportive, smilingly complaisant... 

That it is the breeding ground in which beings appear; in which the species sail...; where our species is.

And it happens that each one, in his own ship, on his own pilgrimage, feels... he is the best navigator; the most important one; the most cultured; the most powerful. And yet here, each one, whilst navigating, inevitably has to meet others. And here large ships are made that are able to come together and to get more Power. And, as everyone came along with their magnificent reason, imposing, reasonable... the best!, conflict is created.

Conflict of... competition, of command and power.

There only –with this resources- remained "the war of purification".

The ships became unbearable. They become incompetent.

 Death appears as a good solution; even as: an inevitable situation!

 All this contaminates the waters and does not allow the reasonable, intelligent and cultured navigator to realize... ”where he is”; "what are his whereabouts”.

He gets lost in his near and next troubles; in his personal wars with himself and with the environment... And so, little by little he is drowning…; sinking.

 No... –logically- the help of other reasonable minds does not appear because it is the law of life to reach decrepitude, deterioration and decomposition. So drifting, deterioration and break down... are ignored, and the new sailor pays them no special attention... unless there is something profitable, such as a funeral parlour with a flower shop nearby.


Oh! Some people –but few... few... few-… realize they are sailing!, that they are on something truly overwhelming... about which proper attention has not been paid.

 Yes! The sea, at [1]sea... with Love in its core which allows... –without it, it would not be possible-... which allows life, and its navigation.

A sea and a Love... that transcends the ocean.

 Here, in the place where our species lives, three quarters of it is ocean, it is an example, an equivalent of the overwhelming, strange, spectacular Universe! 

All that is ocean.

And “some” –a few- are aware of this situation… and make of their reason a feeling; of their power a caress; of their violence a consolation; of their combat a solidarity.

Few. Very few.

And why so very few? Because they have been alerted, they have been touched... by the Creation of that unfathomable ocean. 

And "touched" implies feeling loved by Creation. To give continual thanks for living... And in being practically surrounded by another way of living, to have even clearer –“to have even clearer”- that the peculiarity of seeing and feeling loved in the Creator Ocean, is the true dimension of our species. 

And in that true dimension of our species, the prayer is gestated: the link that allows us... a different navigation; that gives us the opportunity to gestate, to generate, to act, produce... in a different way, with the conviction that we are assisted by that Great Source, by that Mystery.

 If you are on that frequency, you do not need proof or reasoning or explanations.    Actions. Realizations. It has already been said: "By their acts they will be known”.And on hearing all this, it is possible that those who sail in waste, in the cult of their own wilfulness, the flight from permanent conflict... –of the usual ways of winning- when hearing all this, they may think: "Ah! Is there another way?". Yes. Most of the time, on most occasions they will say it, they will observe it and, because of their small minority, they will despise it.

 There will be exceptions, yes, true... but few. Very few.

And those few will not miss "the majority". And the few will not envy grandiloquence. The few will not be able to be tempted, because their nature has changed. It has been fused with Creation. 

And to some extent, it is a valid intermediary... from which they can take notice, in which they can be contemplated by those who start searching, those who are not convinced by the majority and their supremacy. 

Through those few, few, few... some many, some of the many can live –thanks to prayer- the experience of feeling like navigators of Universe; navigators living in the immensity, without getting caught up in particularity.

Navigators of Universe.

We can set out as Life Navigators, whatever the position –thanks to prayer-, towards a state where we can be aware of that ocean of Love... that actually sustains us, maintains us and entertains us. 

And so... enable the possibility for that change of dimension.  



[1]Sea in spanish is “Mar”. Love in spanish is “Amar”. He is making here a word relation between sea and love.



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