And the invocation of the Prayerful Call transports us into our natures of Universe, which are expressed in our doing of goodness, in our mission of redemption, in our expression of strength... in conviction.

It is not a simple call. It is a requirement. And, to the extent that we take responsibility for it, our being assumes balance, harmony, willingness, and help.

Usually, in everyday life, when facing very different circumstances, we often hear people say: "But what can I do? I can't do anything... That will have to be done by that one, the other person, or the one beyond".

Doing of life is a solidarity commitment that does not exclude any possibility. The mere fact of adopting a position of availability, of knowing that we are in the intention of searching, and of being found, enables us to have a... not just a response, but a responsible attitude... that helps.

The [1]"Help" -like "fasting"- is that willingness to detach oneself from the possessive and to give oneself to solidarity.

And whatever the need that appears, if we know we are in solidarity as beings, and inevitable as life, in solidarity, an attitude, a word, a gesture..., will be enough to imply help. That is often not to our liking, but it is a position that enables us to seek our own answers.

Feeling helped and feeling that I am being helped... is a position of awareness, really on the path to liberation. Not only because "I am not alone", but because I am aware of the need for help and I am aware of the need for my help in other situations.

Every... every Prayerful Call that is involved in the Creative Mystery, has a representation, a realisation, a configuration in our forms. It is not a separate world.

When we separate our connective consciousness from Creation, and we are left with our assertive consciousness of our reason, we are imprisoned; limited; in constant dependence; with built-in fear, that we take it as a resource of care.

Educated in fear of the insults we can receive, without discovering the goodness we can offer... and the help -as we said- that we are, when we are educated in this disposition, our achievements are always limited.

And to fall into limitation, within the infinite Universe we inhabit, is despair.

And hence rushing, consumption, acceleration, the "immediate"...

It must always be kept in mind... that we are a trifle equivalent to the Creator Mystery: we are a Mystery too.

And we are here to bear witness to the greatness of this Mystery, by positioning ourselves in permanent generosity, in constant awareness of not losing the reference...; that our messaging is there because it is necessary, and does not allow our presence to be substituted. And in this way, each consciousness assumes the responsibility, permanently assisted, of being able to fulfil... with the enthusiasm of knowing that Creation lovingly courts us.

Our single, single presence... of a dawn, the consciousness of discovering ourselves upon awakening, is already evidence of the loving courtship of the Creator Mystery.

We do not awaken to lonely darkness. We awaken to the bustling light, to the sound of living expression.

The buzz of the vigil puts us in tune with our role: the one we live in.

In these days of desperate chronicity, the solutions applied are ephemeral and profitable. Preventive measures are almost a chimera.

And it turns out that we are... we are the transport; we are the testimony of expressing the cessation of suffering. But it is held there as... as something... unheard of, impossible.

So impossible, that with the constant threat of death, and the limiting sense of existence, it prevented us from seeing the permanent dawn.

We carry, by the fact of living, a sustained and maintained existence, without the need for sacrifice, suffering and pain.

Therefore, we must get out of chronicity, get into prevention... and continually aspire to resolution, that liberating one... That liberating one that is the great help, the great redemption.

They may sound like grandiloquent words or unapproachable projects. But if they were so, they would not be heard; there would be no words to mention them. If they are heard and said, it is because they are.

Word creates. And in the Beginning it was it. It is it.

We are not a transitory foolishness that sways in the swings of chance, luck or... contempt.

In this sense of conversion, we must rehabilitate the conscience of humanity:  stop feeling permanently guilty... and responsible for all disasters.

It is urgent to regain dignity. This is something we must certainly work on.

We certainly will not deny the atrocities and disasters that are chronically established as if they were part of our nature. But that is where we have to make the point: it is not our nature. It is the path that our abilities have followed, consented to by the Creator Mystery, in that Mystery. And that, in that despair and in that undoing, is the claim for kindness, for caress, for comfort.

That... evil is actually claiming a position of goodness, because we come from it and we are of it. We cannot remain in the circumstantial analysis of rational evidences! We have to go beyond, and assume ourselves as revelatory inspiration... that is ready to serve and to polish, every moment, its exercise of doing.

To polish!...  making every word, every attitude shine!

Make memory be a relief, not a desperate movement that condemns us; rather, an inspired instant of redemption. Notice what an infinite difference.

We have not come to be condemned!... We have come to testify that we are liberated. And we exercise ourselves in that liberation, by the testimony of resources with which we have been endowed. And so, we are an on-going service... that eludes conflict, controversy, prejudice and punishment.

The spring flower is no coincidence. It is a transparent display of warm beauty.

The soft breeze that caresses us... is an expression of company, of feeling accompanied.

The sound of our footsteps... is the drum of the beat; that beat that seeks the rhythms of joy.

Yes, we are delicate exceptions... and dedicated to showing signs of perennial duration.

Making a symphony of beauty out of our collection of samples.

Call on the help of the bird's song...

And the fantastic yearnings, supported by the fluttering of flying birds.

Every moment of life is a transcendent experience of beauty, of the consciousness of Love.

It is the scent of sighing... in permanent relief

"It is the perfume of the sigh, in permanent relief".



[1] Help: in Spanish is ayuda; Fasting: in Spanish is ayuno, they are very similar words.


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