Providence induces us to a confabulated communion


It is impressive to experience the moon, with its light scrutinizing our darkness.

It is impressive… the language, the words, the attitudes that show... something!, that want to say... something!, but that do not get to complete their message.

It is impressive as well the reception of what is said, of what is understood. They tend to be, more and more often, distortions of what was shown.

 Moreover, as if this were not enough, the feeling of each one demands, asks... the feeling of others to be like this and like that. When it is not so... it is already known: the discontent, the discomfort...

Perhaps that reference to the fall of Tower of Babel... and everyone begins to express themselves in other languages, it is a sign of how each human group, each human unit has a particular way of expressing themselves.


 The "but" is for the receiver to interpret properly. The "but" is that, in the expression, it is shown part -"part"- of what one wants or –rather- of what one would like to say. And the "but" is to be demanding with those who are supposed to listen.

"We assume that they are listening”, because usually when one has to listen one is thinking about what one is going to answer, so we do not know what has been said.

That is a little -a little- the panorama that we are living now. It is not entirely new but it has become more acute, it has increased. The so-called “media” have broken down, they have broken from the words to the letters.

And in the age of... communication?, it seems that, before any message, it is always engaged; it has the signal of "busy".

And if you are not alert -yes, attention- if you are not alert, a fine and tenuous welt of this, that, the other... envelops you, and makes you servile. It makes you... yes, it makes you responsible; not as an evolution, but it makes you responsible for what happens, for what is going on. As we are now living on a large scale with this pandemic.

The result is that information and communication, the media -the big and the small- envelop the being, and make it finally responsible for what happens.

And of course, when one is responsible for what happens, one has to be punished.

It is the language of man: "You have been responsible... -not to say "the guilty one"-. You should be punished".

Since it is difficult to lock everyone up at once, we lock them down in their homes.

And what does he do -not in this specific case, but in the case of everyday life- what does he do?

He is entangled between languages, data, and signs... And, "helpless", he demands and asks for more than just help. And, of course, he interprets others as responsible for his situation.

As we can see, it's a real mess.

 It's not a fine flirtation between what I think, what I tell you and listen to, and consequently I play with intentions, desires and proposals, knowing that we are going to combine, to come together! No, no. The general attitude is ALARM. Between fear and aggression.

The one who feels fear can be aggressive -he is!- to defend himself from the aggression that fear produces.

The Call to Prayer places us at an aspect of the crossroads that requires special attention. 

And it demands that each being, in what he feels, shows himself as such... without attacking, without demanding, without blaming!...

Give the opportunity for answers. Give the opportunity to listen!... before the stern, punishing and indifferent analysis that condemns, that punishes, that despises the environment, the close one...; even the intimate.

It is... -under the usual ego-idolatry- it is "natural", in quotes, that the being has everything perfectly structured. But not based on the true intentions or inclinations of the environment. No! But based on one's own... -that's why one belongs to oneself, isn't it?- based on one's own conclusions, elaborated in details or in signs that... one has to interpret, but one doesn't dare to check; and even less does one dare to show, in action, based on what one feels.

Demand constantly gravitates. And it gravitates as full of justice... right?. Thus, everyone becomes guilty. Even if, inside everyone feels true. At least in most cases.

The Call to Prayer calls us, through these "twisting" combinations, to call upon our manifestations, our communications, our signs.

 To give them authenticity!...

 To drive away that "demand" that implies giving orders to others, that implies denouncing others, that implies demanding others.

Providence, from the place of the Creator Mystery, promotes us and induces us to a confabulated communion.

 It shows us how the waters of the sea are in agreement. It shows us how the waters of the rivers are also in agreement. It shows us how fertile and supportive the earth is. It shows us that biodiversity in love in which each element is shown as it is and, what it is.

It asks us, for every sense -sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch- to show ourselves in our need, in our situation, as one. But without blaming anything or anyone! Because in blaming, a battle and defence is established.

 It is already known: every culprit has the right to a defence.

If we avoid that repetitive demanding, exigent and guilty attitude, probably, very probably!… we could -while expressing our situations- receivegather...

When the seed is good, it knows how to wait for the right moment to grow... And surely the earth discovers it, and gives it shelter to germinate.

Consequently, being clear and transparent when showing oneself, when discovering oneself... is a necessity, one could say "urgent".

The Prayerful Call, moreover, reminds us of -What, The One who is always there: that Creative Mystery- reminds us of that contribution that inspires our signs, our words, our intentions.

Trusting this implies that we are truly transparent, lucid!...

Lucid, to find the way, the words and the situation in which the example we offer is placid, serene... and loaded with joyful necessity, without being demanding, exigent or blaming.

Let the expression be... luminous, like the moon that accompanies us, that gives way immediately to the dawn that creates us.

Let’s stop needing the protection of justifications, always so opportune. Let’s stop needing the anticipated or culminated forgiveness, to show our positions... but rather be like the water of the sea that approaches the shore: it has no shame, it does not repent, it has nothing to justify, it does not ask for forgiveness for its arrival.

 It is and is there.

To become aware that Divine Providence is there to supply us with the attitudes, words, and ways…

And that assortment of possibilities is there, and it appears and fills us when it is invoked, when it is recognised, when it is called. On the other hand, when one claims oneself for one's reason and memory, one camouflages, hides, makes a strategy, seeks the profit.

In Providence, everything is provision. Everything is enlightening and giving.

And to the extent that we invoke and feel, we will make our testimonial attitude something truly referenceable.

Clarify our luminosity...

 Showing our colour and our providential shade...

 Putting aside the "natural" -in quotes- demand.

 Promises of clarity... and attitude of genuine listening can be the best sign of evaporating demands, requirements and blames.

 With them it is not built up... They destroy. 




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