Perseverance, trust and hope


Humanity is passing... between tolerances and intolerances... rigidities and softness. And it does with permanent impunity.

Tolerant people will take any answer for granted. Intolerant people only listen to themselves. Rigid people impose their criteria, and the soft ones do not. All this with impunity, that is, without any of the actions of rigidity, softness, etc. being punishable…

This impunity arises from extremism, and from the permissive processes that allow any response.

Flexibility is absent. And consequently, adaptation to events, and to the environment in general, is done awkwardly: either with rigidities or with softness, or with tolerances or with intolerances.

That flexible nature that adapts, that oscillates gradually disappears... and extreme attitudes are adopted; thus, the lack of communication and confrontation are inevitable.

The Praying Sense presents us with this magma, this vibration in which our species is moving. It calls us to that flexibility that contemplates exceptions, that does not assume impunity that claims responsibility.

"Flexibility", "adaptation", "responsibility"...

 And all this is shown when the being is exemplified through "austerity". 

Yes, that is the touch that allows that flexible exceptionality.

And in this austerity of "the essential and the necessary”... demand, productivity, imposition should not vibrate.

Without a doubt, an effort is needed, but adapted to the nature of each being and contemplating the exceptions.

Thus, consciousness develops with resources to see intuition..., to feel the language of Providence, to discover oneself in the Creator Universe, to feel permanent creativity, to listen to who speaks, to dispel prejudice, to favour imagination, to clarify senses, feelings, and to make daily life together an emotion; an emotion that leads us to see the different languages that are presented to us every day.

The effort must be neither exhausting, nor demanding, nor imposing, nor comparative!

Each being must adjust to its resources, its means, its capacities, without renouncing its evolution!, its new acquisitions, its amplifications of consciousness. Not attributing immobility to acceptance and complaisant adaptation, but rather realise that this adaptation, this modulation in the face of the environment, what it does is recognise each being for what it is... and promote it towards new perspectives.

The Call to Prayer "resonates" to us in service, in fulfilment, in knowing how to be in accordance with needs, which in no case should be constituted as dependencies, because this cancels out the relationship and encapsulates communication.

The Prayerful Sense, with its call, announces the need to be "willing", "available"... to correct, to rectify, to remodel, to restore... both oneself and the environment or the situation in which one finds oneself.

Extremisms and tolerances, which are increased by impunity, lead the being to mistrust. At any moment blows up like a short circuit, and leaves us without light...

.- But didn't you trust? And you, didn't you trust

.- Yes, but....

Trust does not keep "buts". It just trusts.

And that "trust" produces in the other, in others, trusting answers. Even if we have to go through uncomfortable transits... in which little trusty situations arise or very unreliable. Even so, trust is essential, because we are beings of communion, beings of communication, beings of solidarity. Because thanks to this we can achieve, manage, and reach...

It is true. It is true that, in this impunity, people who trust are deceived. It is true. And...?

The cheaters will get some advantage. But if we assume bellicose or rejection attitudes, we will not favour the sense of solidarity. Let us rather announce, let us announce from trust, to the one who deceives us, that we are aware of that! Just as we realise, when we do any work together, who is participating and who is not participating.

But perseverance, trust and hope can give us a sense of ignorance, of not realizing it. It could give us the impression that one is easily abused.

It is a very serious error. Because excess of abuse, excess of deception, when the trusting person perseveres in trusting, that excess can run into the rigour.

Was it thought perhaps that trust, perseverance and hope were weak, insensitive and stupid crests!, that they were not noticed because they did not fight, because they did not attract attention, because they did not demand...? Serious mistake.

Perseverance, trust and hope are based on the rigour that the being assumes as an intermediary, as a being inspired by the nature of the Creative Mystery. It is a kind, loving, but rigorous rigor. It would seem to be a contradiction, but it is not... Because it has multitude positions. Because it guides us like a lighthouse to a navigator. It is not deceived. It is rigorous in its light. As rigorous as dawn, as dusk and the permanence of the stars.

But they do not attack us, they do not confuse us. They guide us, help us, clarify us.

Perhaps is there not perseverance, trust and hope in each of us, through Creation, through chances, through luck?

Do they not give us royalties that don't match our contributions, our capabilities? That the dignified thing would be to say: "I am not worthy". But rigour implies that we accept it, and thus admire it. And necessarily one becomes humble.

Let no one prevail over anyone, for it will be like a boot on its neck. Rather, let the one who is best endowed with any ability give its gifts and enable others.

Let the biodiversity of our natures share their capabilities. Not to be equal, no! Each being has its personal universe..., which one must account for permanently. But any arrogance of knowledge, of erudition, of position, of character... is a serious offence against trust, perseverance and hope.

Serious offence.

For woe to those who, taking advantage of their erudition, behold and listen to the ignorant who express their feelings, and despise them, and do not bring their erudite position to bear. They listen to him in order to feel superior.

Certainly, acting in this way will lead to fear and weakness.

The Prayer Calls’ warning contains an infinite generosity. They lead to unlimited horizons. They gather each being in his identity, and at the same time they place it in tune with other beings.

In this way, personal importance, egocentricity and habitual idolatry have no place... because it is the Creator Mystery the one who holds everything, that expands everything, that does not limit itself.

No creature can reach that magnitude. But we can tune in to it, because we come from it... and we are with it, because IT IS.

 Without its presence, there is no life.




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