Human community -perhaps due to the evolutionary and "complex" trajectory, and due to its cognitive capacity- has, until now, sought the development of comfort.

The road to it has not been without its difficulties. But what could have been an essential adaptation became a necessary and demanding acquisition: comfort. And with it, the whole orbit of cognitive, affective, rational, logical, spiritual, economic, social consciousness... and a long etcetera, was "accommodated"... -not adapted- but accommodated; and accommodated according to the taste and need of groups, communities, individuals, etc.

And the 'inventive' capacity was put at the service of "the least effort". Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! If you used to rethink this or that difficult, complex situation, now it is simply cut off. It starts to be un-comfortable. It doesn't suit my... tastes -yes, deep down it is like this-.

Ah! But where is the evolutionary, adaptive, regenerative capability of new capacities? No! It is gradually being abolished. A reasonable time is given: 15 days, 20 days, a month...; sometimes it takes two or three years...

But, after a certain period of time, daily progress is denied, creativity and resolutive ability and repairing capacity are denied... and we opt for "apparent novelty", comfortable, easy.

This species position creates permanently side effects that bounce off each other, that disorient any project... and moreover, the most significant thing is that they establish priorities of comforts, even -this is not the worst, but...- the example of parents who adopt children, right? And then they don't like them and give them back.


-Yes, they send them back because they've been a bit naughty or...

It happens. It is an example. I insist: it is not the worst. The worst is the everydayness of comfort, and missing the opportunity to discover oneself with the capacity to resolve, to revive, to repair... a process, whatever it may be.

In this area, of course, the relationship... -and this is the consideration that the Prayerful Call makes to us, with this introduction- in this aspect, obviously, prayerful listening becomes frankly uncomfortable: "I don't like being spoken ill of in public". Everyone takes it as an affront, and I it is not likable.

This generates a type of relationship in human community with the Creator Mystery, as the saying goes: "Only remember Saint Rita when it thunders"; that is, when things are very difficult, and comfort is no longer useful, nor are resources available because they have been abolished. Then it is asked for help, for a miracle, for divine intervention....

Just for the sake of convenience, the Divine has been placed on the plane of urgent need. In the meantime, I don't need you. It is, in short, idolatry... a product of convenience.

The divine language of the Creator Mystery is written daily.

What happens is written daily! And what happens, it does through the direct intervention of Creation, of the Creator Mystery. Which gives us a series of situations, difficulties, discomforts, etc., so that we know, we learn how to solve them. It does not give us the possibility of stealing to see if we are good thieves, but it gives us the possibility of stealing "to see" -to see, in inverted commas- that we are capable of being honest.

It doesn't give us the possibility of a holiday or a retreat to escape discomfort or stress. No. It gives us the chance to rethink our resources.

Comfort generates that intention of pleasure... which globally becomes "holiday" pleasure -for example- or "an evasive” pleasure: "I avoid this situation that is uncomfortable for me".

But with an evasive… pleasure. Like drugs, right? Some will be with hashish, others with marijuana, others with alcohol, and others with sex...

Well! There are a variety of pleasures. They are there; there, ready. We have been creating them, as a species. They are there, available.

And when it comes to proposing how to resolve situations, the subject immediately takes the path of pleasure. That pleasure. Which requires, of course, a comfortable maintenance. When the pleasure of comfortable maintenance ceases to produce pleasure, he immediately switches to another situation. It does at very personal rhythms. Very personal.

The Prayerful Call warns us of this position, since the experiential exercise of it limits the regenerative capacity, it disables daily creativity, impedes the cognitive capacity to know. And, consequently, it makes living a pleasurable leap, always unsatisfied and always stuck in its "goods and rights".

Prayerfully, this is a sad and desolating result. And even more so when the Prayerful Call proposes an 'effort', and people are frightened by the 'effort' that the prayer proposes, as if they were going to break; as if they were going to climb Everest.

Effort is the inspiration of the Creative Force.

It implies “willingness to" -please!-... a willingness to be a server of Creation, a promoter of life, a rescuer of the impossible!...

How can we continue to insist on the same models that petrify us!

But it is... but it is so. And if there is no 'dis-position' to listening -we would say at the level of the I Ching: to "obedient listening"-, any action or activity that is developed will always be gestated by the preamble of holiday pleasure, of instant pleasure; like coffee, instant: evasion. But it is not an evasion like "The Great Evasion", which escapes from dictatorialism, from imposition. No! It is the evasion of any dis-comfort -we are back to the word, of course-.

And a sign of all this is that every time -as can be seen socially in the most advanced communities- there is a return to the past: fashions, types, styles... What a horror! -from the prayer point of view-. It is said again "any time in the past was better". And challenge of what is coming, what is happening, makes us, to postpone; to put aside.

.-No, no. This is a problem...


 Problem means: solution.

Solution involves: estimate, study, introspection, evaluation of intimacies...

Poor Sigmund Freud! What happened to all his analyses...?

In apparent skeletons for verbal formulas... and nothing more. The unconscious, the subconscious, the Ego, the Superego… all that is fine, but... only for chatting. And except for its initial boom, it then remained in the comfortable position of the couch and the chatter of "la gauche divine" -or "the divine left"-. But not at the level of the consciousness of the Universe, of Creation, of true Love!, no. There was a point where a leap from the libertine to the liberating was implied.


Yes, yes, it implied... it implied a leap in the exercise of loving: from the libertine, amusing, pleasurable, complaisant, to a leap towards the liberating. That moves to another level that solves, that faces the problem -like a mathematician- and solves it... by Love, with Love.

Obviously, in this sense of comfort, of well-being... obviously, to encourage the emergence of prostitution, the only thing left to do was to identify love, with sex. And this was achieved. Evasion-easy pleasure-money... Such vulgarity! But there it is, widespread.


The comfort in Love brings with it a boring acclimatisation... And it immediately seeks a 'fasil' complacency -'fàsil' is easy, pronounced in Catalan-.


That American saying: "It's not my problem". It's not my problem.

And if my problem comes, I will find a way out of it: with life insurance, with burial insurance, with a holiday at the sea side, with a love affair…

There is a multitude of offers: masochistic, sadomasochistic, with colours, without colours, with bulbs, without bulbs, with gizmos, without gizmos...


It is true that, in this evolution, it is not difficult that propagandistic load of this comfort, of this well-being, is tremendous. Tremendous! And it starts from the earliest childhood, when "all the children in France knew how to speak French". It is a poem that almost everyone will know:

A Portuguese man was amazed

seeing that, in their tender childhood,

all the children in France

could speak French.

"It is a diabolical art,"

he said, twisting his moustache,

to speak in gabacho...".

And so it goes on, we won't finish it.

But, yes, the Portuguese admired the fact that little children in France could speak French. Of course, Spanish doesn't count.


The demand for comfort is amazing. You know? –a fact that surely almost everyone knows-: the inclusion of the remote control has meant -and means- an increase of one kilo of weight per year, for those who regularly watch television -that is the majority of human beings.

In Spain, 4.5 to 5 hours a day are spent on television in a population of 47 million inhabitants. It is not enough to say: "But I don't watch television". You won't watch it, but the majority does.

And it's certainly so strong that... with that pressure, it's easy for the person not to notice it. Between not realising it and not wanting to realise it, they get comfortable; they get rid of the problem or... of whatever the discomfort is. And, "holiday at sea side".

The result is the societies we see, the rulers we have, the laws that are created. And we all have to take hint before this suggestion of reflection that prayer makes to us. We all take the hint, at different levels and in different ways. And if we don't take notice, it means that we haven't listened to the prayer, or we don't want to listen to it, or we find it uncomfortable!

Oh, by the way! God has never been comfortable. Never! But it has never been the punisher, the one with a sharp eye to shoot us. No.

It's fine what they said about "God is Love". That's fine. But they didn't specify a little bit more... and they immediately brought out the devil to create that duality, and they invented the temptations to create another... another comfort!


But, yes: within the regime of "comfort", the human community has made a Creator Mystery "in its own image and likeness": comfortable. It counts on him for some things; but not for others. It is a prêt à porter.

So barbaric!...


Prayer is presented gritty today. Gritty, like opening the hearts of beings, taking away their greed, their will, their accommodating libertarianism, "it's my body", "it's my life", "it's my, my, my...". Yes; prayer is presented uncomfortable. Because it wields the art of Love like the capacity of prana to permanently generate miraculous magic.

And it strips us stark so that we see, feel and wonder about the soul of our loves... our care, our dedication, our services, our capabilities, our... projects! As if to warn us that, without this extraordinary, exceptional Love, it is not possible to recreate ourselves, it is not possible to be creative. It is only possible to settle in.

And, evidently, in that world of accommodation, any attitude of effort to keep the flame of starkness alive implies a renunciation of this complacent, 'facile' comfort.

But certainly, or indeed, when the being of hope, when the being of fidelity keeps its resources and its trust in the Creator Mystery, it certainly ceases to be a problem, it ceases to be a needy comfort, and begins to be an innovative novelty, a creative discomfort.


And notice -today's gritty Prayerful Sense also tells us- how easily it has resolved, comfort, the side effects it produces: "Sorry; I'm sorry". "Sorry; I'm sorry". "Pardon; sorry". What, what are you sorry for? What-what-what-what do you feel?

Of course, those religious currents that came forgiving sins: "Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis, in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen”. And that's it! Then: "Pardon. Forgive me. Forgive me”.

Did he just hit you? "I'm sorry. Sorry."

Or not!... Because, sometimes, "or not!" Not even that word. But it's the usual one. It's the facile catchphrase of immediate worldly pleasure, to get out of any trouble... or any liberating movement that prevents me from my debauchery: "Excuse me, sorry. Excuse me, sorry".

No... no. It can't be admitted, can it? Because, as you can see, it is another facilitation, another comfort that has sought the same comfort in order to continue in the empire of tastes, sensations...


The examples of these situations -of this situation that the human community is experiencing- are very obvious. And as was said: it concerns all of us, each one in his or her own position.


And, of course, it is not about entering into sacrifice, suffering...

No, no, no, no, no! The fact that the Creator Mystery is never comfortable does not mean it leads to permanent ailment. That is fine for martyrdom. But the Creator Mystery does not seek martyrdom, no! It promotes liberation. But for this, given our cognitive capacity, we need efforts, dedication!...; giving up comforts... and easy evasion. And all this is done through the raw material of LOVE.


There are no formulas. There is dedication, there are proposals, there are intentions.


What the human community has been able to achieve has not been based on evasions, it has not been based on facilitations, no! It has been based on vocations, loving vocations, which have taken years, intentions!

And you have it very close, because you are here. And this is a sample.


Prayer is stripped stark in order to make us participants in the Creative Love that is poured out upon us to alert us; so that each one, in his situation, abandons the comfortable libertarianism of well-being and comfort and assumes the Liberating sense... that supposes cognitive and conscious and sensitive surrender towards creative projects, of beauty, of art!


May Piety adorn the gritty Prayerful Message.

And may generous Providence protect us in its Mercy.



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