And in each progressive and evolutionary?... position that human communities adopt, individuals who form them become more radical, more aware of their own truths, deafer to listening to others, more imposing of the influences they have.

Thus, the being kidnaps its communions, communions that are essential for life.

Human communions with all living things.

And even if connection, and need for others is obvious, some in others -or of others- personal conviction, the true reason, the intransigence is stronger and becomes more "imposing".

But at the same time -curiously- this position extends and becomes interventionist... and gives its opinion, influences, bets, approaches and distances itself from different positions. With its truth in tow, of course.

The Prayerful Call warns us of those dispositions... which, despite evidence of the chronicity and deterioration they entail, continue with a degree of acceptance, because -in short- it is a way of substituting a Creator Mystery. It is self-proclaimed... "The truth". It is to self-define oneself as "authentic". And, therefore, it kidnaps itself, but at the same time it intervenes in everything.

And so, as the saying goes: "neither lives nor lets live".

One cohabits with a chronic malaise, with a lurking anxiety, with a permanent distrust...

And all of this is reflected and shown in everyday life, in social, in community. It is not something... "debatable", that happens or not, maybe, maybe... No. It is just there.

Radical individualism is certainly not a consequence of our nature.

It is rather, a renunciation of it.

Could it be... could it be... could it be that the Creator Mystery is so prudent that it passes apparently unnoticed, and makes us believe that our proposals, our supremacist positions, are the only ones and the best?

Could it be that, by giving us -Creation- the best of lives, we turn them into "the suffering lives", due to urgent need to dominate, to control… with decadent attitudes of "irremissible", of "impossible"...?

From this sea of badness in the background... of resignation and complaining!

It's like saying: "It's good that I'm free, but such despair that I can't change anything".

It is not difficult to see that everything goes ravenously scorching.

But, even if it seems deterministic and exterminating... and is exercised as such, our essences of humanity are there.

And at the time we are called to pray, we find them there:

Those essences of infinity, of eternity, of immortality...

Those instruments of flexibility, adaptation, hope...

Those continuous options and possibilities... that involve an "apparent" effort, but which is the representation of seeing ourselves amplified, in our consciousness, by an impeccable doing.

The determination to bend the close one, the determination to impose the debatable, the insistence on... framing oneself, and the refusal to circulate...

The accumulation of bricks -without any cloud-... closes the space and encapsulates the builder, who, he himself brick by brick, encloses himself... under the certainty of his reason and searching for his security.

Clouds... they're not even close.

The Prayerful Call reclaims our significant transcendence, our permanent clouds, which make us transcend our senses... beyond what is reasonable.

Under the motto that "everyone can do what they want", wanting absorbs and phagocytes its possessions, and despises what it does not appreciate; it is betraying its proposals; it is failing to fulfil its promises. And the more it exercises itself, the more applause it receives because it seems to be freer.

And so, there is a tendency to value the vulgar, the customary, the repetitive, the safe, the... "legal".

And even if legality seems barbaric, obedience to it seems inexorable. It is like recognising, in this legalism, the stamp of power, the equivalent of the Divine.

 Whoever truly believes in life, believes in its universality, in its creator offspring, creative, which makes its presence possible, that gives us the encouragement to search, that gives us the surprise of discovery, that makes it possible for us to experience Love. And with it, the experience of discovering that we are loved.

"Knowingly", sincerity is put off again and again. Projects are put off again and again. Ideals are put off again and again.

Despairs are approved… over and over again. And, protected by 'deteriorating' samples, the certainties that "life is like that" are argued. But few bets are made... for a conversion towards what is truly liberating, which means being an instrument of Creation, an intermediary of achievements, a promoter of projects, a cultivator... of gifts; which are awaited, and we all await as recipients.

We are all lacking. And our communion with what we need is held by that one, the other, those... And to the extent that we exercise ourselves in this way, horizons open up, possibilities are revealed...

Creative intervention is seen and felt.

Each being, in its intimacy -and let's look at it with honest sincerity- claims a position of... exceptionality; as is each being in its unrepeatable model. And as such, it implies the certainty of feeling oriented, alerted, called to be.

To dispose ourselves in serving, as a sign of being served... is an excellent attitude for us to see each other as... eager to free ourselves from the punctuations, comments and determinisms... that codify, classify and condemn us.

May the MERCY that is poured over us, allow us to generate goodness for others, with others.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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