Repairs are too late in coming. Difficulties and obstacles that mortify life often seek... momentary solutions.

And so, consciousness becomes chronic. Our soul, our soul is tortured and... cannot find its place.

The Prayerful Call proposes to us conversion.

Repairing is late, momentary and partial.

When -on the other hand- we convert -that is, we become another version of ourselves, we become in a new rebirth-..., we place ourselves in a version -Con-Version- in a version that... relates, aligns with our universal project.

It may sound like a fantasy, talking about a "universal" project... but let's not forget that we are inhabitants of the Universe, so our whole happening is a "universal project".

When we centre this project on our feet, it becomes an "earthly" project, and heaven disappears. When we place it in our hands raised to heaven, our project becomes celestial.

It is a necessity of Creation, of the Universe, that every being appears in a place in this space. The Creator Mystery decides so.

If we feel that we are this necessary project for the course of life, we will see ourselves as a universal project.

Every living being is a piece of the puzzle, necessary for the flow of life. There is no surplus; rather, abundance surrounds us.

But when the being closes in on its consciousness and submits its soul to the daily achievements of power, knowledge, having, reaching, dominating... it imprisons its soul in a narrow place. And so, it becomes imprisoned and ceases to see the light... and submits to the darkness of dominance, power, success and failure.

In the con-version, ideals are exalted; burden of reasons is left behind. The being is ready to be and to fulfil the need of "why it has arrived".

Every being comes to fulfil. And it comes equipped with resources.

But it usually gets caught up in its "values"... and wars with the environment, without realising that it has a specific place that corresponds to it, where it can develop what it is.

Thus, conversion gives us the authentic version of our nature.

In the prisons of the soul, only needs are claimed. Conversion without bars, on the other hand, only seeks to fulfil and soothe other needs.

The converted being puts itself at the service of demands. And it must discern which are the real demands that correspond to it... and not be carried away by the demands of selfish flattery, which only seek to appropriate our faculties.

And in our converted service, we will never override the capabilities of the needy; on the contrary: we will try to make him see what his service is, what his duties are.

In conversion, we discover ourselves as intermediaries of the will of the Creator Mystery, of the divine instances.

That gives us the vision of the Universe.

And so, every action will be intentional under the guidance of Providence.

Providence: that force of the Creator Mystery that provides us; that gives us the chances, the fortunes, the opportunities... That "touch" that places us beyond our possibilities. That "touch" that shows us that we are carried by.

And in that conversion... it is also possible to listen to the chirping of birds and interpret their language. To give us the opportunity to poeticise our consciousness: to be living poems that... move the soul. And move it in enjoyment, in joy, in clarity.

Yes, repairs are late. Conversion calls for us

Thus, the Prayerful Call warns us, woos us, prevents us...; it suggests us to assume the true version of our presence.

May we turn away from the error of profit, may we turn away from the error of possession, may we turn away from the error of power, may we turn away from the error of violence, may we turn away from the error of "wanting" -a disguised possession- and assume the mystery of Loving -an unexpected position that refers to the Creator Mystery.

Convers attitude suggested to us by the Prayerful Call... is the urgency to get out of the prison of the soul. It is that version of oneself, of one's despairs, of one's vital disobedience...; of one's "feeling outside" the space in which the anima claims.

The being of humanity has wanted to take charge of life, but has shown that it is not capable of doing so, because it is not its own, it does not belong to it.

And by taking "charge of life", it controls it, manipulates it, punishes it, fights it... What we experience today on a daily basis...

A pity.

Life aspires to concord, to harmony, to splendour, to exception, to the extraordinary, to the singular! It does not admit vulgarity, obligation, and customs!

Life is a permanent and continuous innovation! And as living beings, we have to bear witness to this... and not remain stuck in cultural, social, family obligations... and so on!

We are liberated beings of the Creator Mystery, and under that conviction, we can convert!

And today, life calls for this conversion, this permanent idyll of the being with Creation.

That which makes it possible for us to be creative!, innovative!, generators of hope!

Too late for reparations. "Now", Conversion.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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