From the human point of view, through History -a subjective version of events - we are in a moment of... confused expression of the fragments of power that manage, manipulate and act on all the species, and more significantly -from our human point of view- on our own.

It could be said that we are -as conscious humanity, as homo 'sapientis'- in a state of captivity.

The species itself has been "captivated", but... it has done so in a double way: on the one hand, it is captivated enough to admire itself... flatter... show off...

And on the other hand -simultaneously- it becomes captive to its laws, norms, customs... Laws and more laws.

The Prayerful Call places us in the consciousness of this scenario... with the sense that we awaken to another consciousness that does not allow itself to be captivated or remains captive... but rather aspires to consciously contemplate its nature, its presence and its sense as an expression of life in this place in the Universe.

Gripped by individualism, ownership, authoritarianism and... that apparent freedom that generates continuous violence, that justifies laws of repression, of control... all of this is there, and to the extent that we cling to this event, this event happens, it occurs, it takes place. And it... "convinces" us.

The Prayerful Call suggests that we apply a subjective sense to all that constricting confusion... and open ourselves in consciousness to a humble attitude, to a position of belief, to assume -consciously- our reference in the Creator Mystery, in the Fundamental Providence. The one that makes... the appearance of chance, of luck, of opportunity... The one that does not allow fright or fear in the face of the threat of what is to come.

Attitude... an attitude of courage, hope and willingness.

Knowing how to adapt and be configured without generating aversion.

It is easy to fall into the simple and immediate temptation that, in the face of “such and such" difficulty, in the face of "such and such" scarcity, we must face up to it, we must maintain a position of achievement -of "achievement"- of making an effort to achieve....

To give in to this temptation is to become a product; a... "use and discard".

And so, when it comes to manipulating us with prices, with difficulties, with laws -and so on and so forth-... if we think that this or that shortage is "because there is not " -it would be in simple term-, we would eagerly seek to obtain and to achieve. But we know -but sometimes it is easily forgotten-... but we know that there is no shortage. There is speculation. There is profiteering.

(For a while now, a roar of dogs barking has been heard)

It is a situation similar to this moment in which the pack bites the words, tears the silence, and empowers "the master". 

And it is easy... and even perfectly justified to keep quiet, to pay attention to the discomfort. But if, on the contrary, we make the discomfort apparent... "Apparent" in the sense that it is not the obstacle. It becomes obvious and an obstacle when I contemplate that only reality, and it seems to hijack the space of my silence.

In that context, I would end up secluding myself and protecting myself, lest... the pack come and tear us apart.

And it is under that vision that one can contemplate all the scorn that rages around us; and that only... only calmness and serenity in Providence can prevent us from confrontation, concealment, self-abduction, fear, despair!

Throughout the course of human history, the sapiential consciousness of our species has increasingly humanised us.

And we have been losing our transcendent animism. And we have been clinging to our discoveries, to our rules, to our "powers". Captivated by them... and captive!

The Prayerful Call calls us... to remind us that our presence in the miracle of Life is a passing of testimony, of transcendence. It is a journey knowing of Providence. It is a passing that seeks... to keep alive the immanence of our origin!

And so, the human is a step. A step to go beyond the human.

If we stick to our configuration of reasons, logics and understandings, we will be anchored in residue...

Burning fossils.

Now, if we realise -as the Prayerful Call suggests- that the human is a position of transit, of passing; that its meaning is to remain based on a transcended consciousness....

Thus, we can realise that our human condition is a condition of transit.

That prayerfully -under another consciousness of perception- we are transients, nomads who... are on a pilgrimage towards the Eternal, with the Eternal!, passing through.

It is not a place, "there", where I should arrive, but I go with It to culminate in It.

Passers-by, nomads...


Consequently, we could say that all this turbulence in which we find ourselves is a product of this humanised, stratified, convinced humanity... and in a state of captivity.

And the realisation of being in that position, rather than a failure or a pain -which of course occurs- is a source of joy.

Yes: it is the realisation that, to the extent that I am aware that I am in captivity     -because I have been taken captive- I am in a position to initiate a process to free myself.

Because I did not come to life to be a captive!

Because life is not... confinement, drama and permanent terror.

It is rather an awe, a liberation and an... immeasurable sense of greatness!

I cannot allow myself to shrink, diminish and assume myself as a slave. But yes, to the extent that I discover that I am, I can start my liberation... knowing that I was not born for it. No one was born for it!

The birds are already heard, and the pack echoes far away.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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