The circumstances, as an “environment”, can always be used as justifiable.

And this means that 'doings', attitudes and ideas of vocation, of a project, are delayed, blocked, slowed down... and become something that "could have been", something that "maybe sometime... ”.

The Prayer Call warns us about justifications.

It seems –“it seems”- that any action or activity is conditioned; it needs to be justified, as if it required legality, permission: permission to live, permission to coexist, permission to speak, permission to express oneself.

The conditioning shown in cultures, societies, communities, etc., is justified; that, if we get a little closer to what this implies, we discover a judge, a justice. Which is what a justification is: a judge who allows, admits, judges, condemns, punishes...

Under the Prayerful Sense, life, the species life, does not need judges, does not need conditioners, does not live on apparent freedoms or prohibitions.

And that event –“life”- linked, guarded, helped, assisted, cared for... by the Creative Mystery, does not receive justice from it. It is not necessary.

The demand for any justice is a consequence of the inability to listen and the loss of respect.

And we realize that the being expresses itself, shows itself, according to its need at the moment of its action. And to the environment, which usually serves as an alibi, other times is not taken into account at all.

This constitutes a 'carelessness' regarding the custody that the being must do around the activity of living matter, so that each function is carried out without friction, without discomfort, without kidnappings, without stops.

The human community passes with stumbling, inconvenience and arrogance; all of which increase progressively. And it requires justification and comparative grievances to continue with that attitude.

The Prayer Call clarifies for us. It makes it clear to us that this attitude, carried into all daily activity, involves the prominence of each being, as an obstacle or difficulty for the development of others; when, in reality, as living matter of the species life, it should be quite the opposite.

And this is not an opinion. It is evidence that is confirmed by the behaviour of life: that, in order for life to be full, it needs understanding, adaptation, respect, care, help; permanent mutual help.

And in a more global way, we could say that it requires an attitude of love towards the act of living.

And, with this, triggering a sequence of supportive exchange between what one contributes and what others contribute, in the generic term of life: that exchange of help, not slavery, not obligation.

When the Prayerful Call takes us through these twists and turns, we discover ourselves as infants and incapable ignorants. But this is not the idea; it is rather that we realize the depth that the words imply, that reveal to us the positions we take. But at the same time, they give us that feeling of depth in which we feel incapable – at first- to address the entire suggestion of each word.

And overwhelm can arise... and the feeling of failing to comply and of being incapable. That is not the message. It is quite the opposite: starting from our position of ignorance and humility and curious innocence, discovering, in the depth of each word, a discovery that is –that is- in our being.

That what the Prayer Call shows us is not something foreign or imposing or behavioural. No. It shows us the depth of our nature, our link with the Creative Mystery, our infinite possibilities, our capacity for understanding.

But, to do this, the prayerful message is positioned in such a way that it places us in that infinity. And obviously we feel –like this, at first- as very small and almost useless.

But it is just the opposite, what the Prayer Call aims to do: is to magnify our position as an unusual fact, as a surprising event; but, certainly, in its reference to the Mystery of Creation, is negligible.

From infinity and extreme smallness... the greatness of our existence is contemplated.

From the smallness of extreme greatness, the magnificence of our existence is contemplated.

Being aware of our presence and feeling like liberating messengers, bearers of an eternal message, if we assume that, we will be in a position to place ourselves in the right place, to promote ourselves in the precise way, to be a testimony!... in the smallness of our greatness.

The importance, that self-importance that is claimed, that justice, that normality, that -in short- daily demand, is a burden.

The Prayerful Call makes us see that our pretensions, if they are not an expression of a loving, transparent, clean feeling, become... –if they are not- they become righteous positions of offers and demands, of agreements or disagreements, of likes and dislikes, of reproaches and demands.

And all of this, mixed together, ends up being the phrase: “That's just how life is”. No! Life is not like that.

The signs of a life “like that” have been unleashed by arrogance, egomania and haughtiness, when one discovers the incomparable greatness of Love, which one wants to possess. And each one, from his different position and place.

And that experience of Love is not possessive. Each being experiences its greatness, and, like Water, the Love of the Eternal does not despise any position. It doesn't choose this one or that one. It pours into all living things.

And the being of humanity, in its ego-idolatry, claims... jealously claims its possession. And so “my dog” appears, “my cat”, “my partner”, “my husband”, “my table”, “my wife”, “my”, “my”… Possession is already made.

And with that it becomes institutionalized... and it becomes again: “It’s just that life is like that”.

The species life… claims!, in the being of humanity, an identity that corresponds to our extraordinary, exceptional, unusual nature.

We cannot let the tide of the vulgar drag us... and make us justifying members of comparative grievances and continuous demands.

And as on other occasions, the Prayer Call warns us that, precisely because we find ourselves in that tense wave of living, it is time to realize that this living and living together is not tension, it is not demand, it is not a claim, it is not obligation, it is not a reward or punishment. It is liberation... through that Love that springs forth without having been sought or without having been produced by our interested disposition.

At these levels, at times it seems impossible to change the direction of continuous supply and demand. It seems impossible. But just the fact of saying it –and we return to the words: “it seems impossible”- shows us that what is possible is within us, the enabling is within. The 'im-possible' is a demand that promotes us to infinite possibilities.

We do not know with certainty how much effort would have been required in the Neolithic or in the Middle Ages to modify this or that behaviour. And now, in this passing, we cannot say whether our efforts are more demanding than in the past. Each course has its own happening and, with it, its own virtue... and its own way of discovering how to transcend. And this is how we discover different moments of our journey.

Now it may seem almost –“almost”- an impossible mission. Almost. But certainly, there are strategies, within the Creative Mystery, that place us on the edge of the precipice. And as the Scriptures said: “Throw yourself over the cliff, and the angels will come to rescue you and pick you up. It's written”.

And it is true, at the same time, that one should not provoke, in the sense of “tempting” to see if that is true or not. But we can almost guess that we are put in positions of vertigo. And it might seem to us like a punishment or a curse or some other insult on the part of the Creative Mystery, when it turns out to be the opposite again. It is just what was needed to bring out our ability the resource to dissolve... dissolve the obstacle, dissolve the slander...; to make a permanent discovery of continuing. “To make of continuing a permanent discovery”.

Do not demand from others what you are not willing to testify.

In that precipitate abyss, the saving angels always express one word:

“Blessed” “Blessed” “Blessed”



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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