Obsessions, insecurities and prejudices become widespread.

Animosities, sectarianisms and personal radicalisms advance... as if everything were the obverse of the true meaning of living.

Yes. There are also flickering -“flickering”- virtues and proposals and projects, but they do so in an... underground, careful and fearful way; although they undoubtedly contain courage for betting on... the innate goodness of the being, inherited from the Superior Goodness.

And perhaps the worrying thing -the Prayer Call warns us- is that, with increasing ease and with less effort, the being expresses itself vainly, rudely, vulgarly...

As if the currency has been changed, and now the current one is different. And it is the one that it is valid: insulting, criticizing, spreading false events...; egocentric predominance and detachment from solidarity and attentiveness. The kindness remains there, is left behind.

It seems –doesn’t it?- That there is always a reason to complain. Thus, judging; and to condemn; and thus, to shoot.

It seems that violent latency is there!... waiting for any moment to attack.

And it becomes... like a predominant gene that is passed on. Contagious!

And what is most striking: it serves as a reference pattern.

And the more you attack, criticize, condemn... it seems -socially- that you have more value, right...

From a prayerful point of view, we can certainly also fall into discrediting our life transit, and blaming it in the name of… God!

But the Creative Mystery does not condemn, it does not persecute, it has no prejudices, no...

It is not human... Although, mysteriously, the living emanates from its infinite decision.

“Prayer Call” warns, alerts, suggests, promotes, develops... But all this emanates from a Mercy, from a Kindness; from a mysterious impulse... that does not pursue us!; that it likes to see us fly, that it likes to see us smile, that it likes to see us idealize, that it likes to see us reconcile.

Yes. Bold is the Prayerful Call that dares to bet... -another bet- dares to bet on a conversion, on a transfiguration of the journey that this human living matter takes.

But not because it trusts... us. No. Because it knows itself. 

The prominence of human consciousness goes so far as to ask the Divine to trust it.

The Divine trusting us? Is it a joke or...?

A disturbed consciousness, the one that set itself up as the centre of Creation.

The Creative Mystery is a… or is “the” reference of living.

And, under that criterion, we do not have any... -underlined- any ancestry over the divine plans, the designs of Creation. None.

Therefore, that popular expression that simply says: “May it be what God wills”, no. It should have been improved: “It will be what God wills. It will be what God wills”.

It is similar –differences aside- to the new born child, which “inevitably” requires the mother's attention.

It will be what the mother decides. If she feeds it and takes care of it, it will get ahead; otherwise…

And what does she usually do...? –well, to continue with the same example- and what does the mother usually do?: take care of it, feed it, clean it, talk to it...

Does she insult it? Does she consider it ugly? Does she demand more intellectuality? Does she punish it when it doesn't sleep?...

No, right? No.

There are aberrations, yes. But what is pressing and what comes out of innate need is care, shelter, comfort, nourishment... And that constitutes a pleasing motive.

Now, let's transfer this tiny example to Creation and the created, and their relationship.

How much more will it emanate from the Creative Mystery towards its creatures...!

It is not something that is there to punish us. It is what It Be which Is... to be expressed in all creatures. In all of them!: in the ant, in the elephant, in the hippopotamus, in the eagle, in the human being.

“Be-Is”, as a reference to bring us a little closer. Because it is neither is nor stays. It goes beyond the parameters that we defend as absolute truths. But, well, for now, knowing that they are not, they are used to... get by.

Well yes. It is the one who is, the one who exists and... the one who produces, the one who engenders, the one who shows, the one who regulates, the one who knows... every second of what happened, what happens and what will happen.

And in a corner!... -surely, surely- in a corner of that spirited consciousness of being, is the vector that makes us wake up, to go on, to continue.

And sometimes we think it's ours, and it's not. No. It's like a battery that recharges us or it's already charged or... who knows!, but it's not ours. We move and act and exercise because the battery is there, otherwise...

Well then. In that corner, if we refer to that constant promotion, we will have the... -let's allow the word- the clairvoyance to stop judging, condemning, criticizing... and start wondering, discovering. Because it is leaving –it is leaving- signs, signals, that guide us to... where to.

And that other popular saying that “Every cloud has a silver lining” could be used in our conscience to ask ourselves:

“This iniquity that prevails as the true position, that attacks, that sells, that deceives, does it have the endorsement of goodness behind it?”.

Difficult to see it. Very difficult.

But what is difficult is not impossible.

In fact, we are impossibles that remain in one place in Creation, in the Universe.

Anybody -presumably-, looking at us from other dimensions, would say:

“What... what's the point of all that happening in that little blue ball...?

Why this singular exceptionality, next to the luminous, dark, unfathomable and unapproachable grandeur of Creation? Has it been a creational failure?”.

There are no failures.

We could say, more commonly and vulgarly: “God does not make mistakes. How could he?!...".

And we do?

If we are –as they say- “children of God”, is it that the son does not make mistakes regarding the father's position? To follow the family plot. I was going to say the family “trap”, but the plot came out to... I don't know.

Introducing the mistake as a failure, as an error, no! No. The singular arrival that we experience, by the fact of living, is exceptionally impeccable.

Yes. And we could say, in a righteous way:

.- Yes, but... and what about what it does?, and what it kills?, and what it pursues...?

.- Yes…so what?

The “so what?” seems... that transgression and outbursts of human living do not matter.

Yes! Of course it matters! But it is part; it is an expression of a Mystery that happens. And if we realize this, that corner of redemption, of mercy, of kindness, of understanding, of listening will emanate from our attitude.

Love cannot be a dagger that is stabbed!... for revenge, for reasons or... That is not love...

That is wanting to impose, control and dominate. And remain in the limited, partial consciousness of condemnation or applause of an event.

If, for a moment, the being looks at the effort involved in assaulting, pursuing, defending and attacking, and realized -and it is not particularly difficult- how easy, effortless!, it is to talk, to be, to help, to collaborate, to relieve, to console...

What if instead of condemning, I redeem?

What if instead of attacking, I converse?

What if instead of condemning and executing, I forgive?

And I lighten my hard and weathered skins, and turn them into light and fragile feathers, the kind that gather together and take flight.

In that effortless ease, when we discover that from that corner emanates an ellipse, a flying serpentine that “effortlessly” shows itself, gives itself...

It is Loving, like the sea, the resource; as it does when it evaporates... and gives us the rewarding rain that allows us to nourish and fertilize.

It is the intrinsic Love of our consciousness, which made us survive when we arrived; the one who took care of us and pushed us to... jump.

It is the Love, as a philosopher's stone: the one that converts and transforms -like an alchemist- everything it touches, into immortal, brilliant, appreciated, generous.

Prepare ourselves... to dispose ourselves towards an inevitable redemption.

To place ourselves towards everyday kindness.

Open ourselves to a being without condemnations, without judgement or punishments...; to be worshipers of loving to Love, expressed in respect, in admiration for others and in the willingness to serve each other.

Mercy fosters us in every folly. It is there to compensate us, to place us in the brilliance, in the permanent hope of the unforeseen, the unexpected, the amazing, the discovered.




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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