And, when they call us, they do not demand profits from us for listening.

And, yes: it is often the case that listening is about knowing, learning...; obtaining some profit.

And that is how prayer is known: as prayers that seek help, profit, achievements, which become difficult in everyday life.

Surely, it could be said that it is one of the worst scourges of prayers, because it is based on the human principle of... someone who has, who can and who gives.

And by calling it a “scourge”, which might seem to be an insult, it is not with that intention. It is with the motivation of realizing that, when we are called to pray, when we prepare to pray, we do not do it before an equal, we do not do it before a mighty, great and powerful one –qualities that, throughout history, man has been attributing to the unknown-.

And [1]scourge as “sealing wax”: it is said of that seal that closes, which ensures that the content of the message, of the letter, is secured.

By “dehumanizing” the Creative Mystery, any request, any search for profit, is a clumsiness that distances us from the true dimension of an amplified experience of our presence in the Universe.

And we can certainly see, on a daily basis, how each being in difficulty asks, inquires, claims... divine justice about its actions, about its experience, about its ailments, about...

Thus, the feeling tends to oscillate between admiration and anger. When events are favourable, they are admired; when they are not, they are repudiated.

The idea to claim to the divine brings fruits and a benefit is still maintained and remains.

Yes. It is someone who is wandering around confused and who, if you ask him properly, will come to you and give you the benefits you need.

That is there –although intellectually it is not assumed- it is there as a necessary activity of life.

One might even say: “Do you really, really want more than you already are? More? Do you want to excel over others? Do you want to prevail in power and dominion?”.

We are not yet aware of the gifts that the fact of existing represents in Creation. And each one, in their own way, asks for more and for better.

By going to the Prayer Call –consequently- our listening is not a claim. It is a discovery. It involves attentiveness. It involves becoming aware of the details of every circumstance of living.

In attitude, the prayerful disposition must be empty, clear, transparent; in an attitude of becoming sensitive... without knowing to what.

Knowing divine plans is absolutely useless; although, to the extent that the being divinises itself, it becomes egotistical, it is capable of describing its own and other people's events, of which it is said “they are written.”

Today, even the best scribes of our genetic code know that changeable, mutable variables... -and other "kind" surprises- are unapproachable. Just, to see a part that is given the value of “the code!”.

But yes. The being has permanently tempted Creation. And it dares to read the designs, the futures and the plans that the divine has foreseen for this one, that one, the other...

And of course! Of course, with “X” frequency is often right! Of course! It's like saying:

.- At the end of the day... –I don't know, I foresee- I foresee that at the end of the day you will be tired and sleepy.

.- Okay thanks.

 Something like this.

And curiously –to round off this section- the idea of ​​the Creator Mystery is always as someone whipping, punishing, threatening, judging, condemning you. Not the provider, the generator, the kind, the clement, the merciful. No, that one is not the one that is told by coffee grounds, nor by palmistry, nor by cartomancy... No. Destiny is usually tinged with terror, horror, drama, tragedy.

And since all that is as a collective unconscious there, yes, we could... if it is said so much that God is Love! –and the Beatles already said it, that all we need is love-, well there is, there is a lot of it. What happens is that a lot of substitutes are used.

But, let go back to the point. When you evoke… –because it does happen, doesn’t it?; yes, it does happen to 'premonition'-, just remember: “life is wonderful”. And that's it. Everything that is going to happen to you is good. Everything!

Higher Goodness is not intransigent. Everything that is going to happen to you is good.

.- But anything in particular, like...?

.- No. Maybe you will never win the lottery. No. Maybe you'll never have millions, right? But whatever happens to you, it is goodness.

.- And how will love go for me?

.- If you love and do not expect gain or profit, will go fine!

.- Are you sure?

.- Sure.

.- But, where do you see that?

.- Everywhere! The clouds, coffee...

But you don't normally hear this, do you? We are warned of divorce, separation, illness, tumour, accident... And a little bit of attention, a little bit of alert is good. Good. That is as far as it goes.

But if the prayer point is... that New Goodness which we are discovering in the times in which we are living...

And we say “New”, not because the Creator Mystery has changed its Goodness, but because we are becoming aware of it. "And we call it 'New', not because the Creator Mystery has changed its goodness, but because, given the circumstances, we are becoming aware of it, and that is why we say 'New'".

And immediately, of course, the question arises:

.- And what to do when “the bad” comes?

.- "The bad"? What is that?

Is there something “bad” with prayer? Is there anything “bad” in life?

Just because we do something that disturbs the stay does not mean that that particularity exists. Even in the worst circumstances.

It is true that we have to... –of course!- limit ourselves, for matters of stay, coexistence...! Yes. But, above and beyond that -and this is the meaning of the Prayer Call now- is that any event -and it is difficult to assume it- is Goodness.

The reasonable, logical and sensible protest immediately arises...

Oh! What ugly words! –well, there are no ugly words; but they are ugly, aren’t they?-. And they say: “Well, but what if this happens, and what if that happens, and what if the other thing happens?”.

The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” is not a bad one. Not bad. Because it opens a small window for us to what we may consider negative, bad, pernicious, dangerous.

And if we are in the magma of Goodness, and if we do not go for rent and profit, if we do not demand privileges, if we do not demand guarantees, but rather we prepare ourselves to please others... the pleasure of goodness of live, we will develop the nature of complaisant adaptation, the nature of that New Higher Goodness, the nature of that unconditional dedication, the nature of that gratifying service, the nature of that willingness -of the available-, the nature of knowing that we are permanently created, daily different.

To renounce, as a demand, to understand, comprehend, know, control, dominate. That is usually required.

.- I just don't understand why this happens to me!

.- Oh don’t you?

When the sentence is that, the beginning is... lousy!: “I don't understand why that happens to me”.

"Happens". “To me” it is unnecessary.

Ah! Voilà, voilà, voilà!... When personal importance, when experiences are restricted to mastery, to knowledge, to knowing, the level of flexibility, the level of adaptation, the level of coexistence is very deficient. And it will always clash; always dissatisfied; will always protest.

And life is not a protest or a permanent complaint.

It is a continuous surprise.

A discovery... an itinerant discovery that, with a clear attitude, without prejudices and without conditions, allows us to discover... and realize that we are being taken, and where we are being taken. And enter into that permanent and grateful being.

Pray without profit, with the certainty of Permanent Goodness.

Pray without understanding, with open consciousness... in transparency.

When love, when loving awakens!, become an echo of its tides, its currents, its inexhaustible resources.


[1] In Spanish the words scourge and sealing wax have almost the same letters: Lacra and lacre.



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