And the more the social, communicative and relationship disquiet becomes embroiled, the more reason for the fight, the attitude of going against, the perseverance in dominance..., and more rooted humanity, which does not assume variables other than those imposed by authority.

In that state of... "being", the Call of Prayer is relegated, and... today, it claims of us just when we most need it more and more.

The capability of power that the human species has developed is amazing. Amazing! Its destructive resources are... almost limitless. And its intentions of control, domination and manipulation are widespread. And each one tries, with its own strategy –with some exceptions- to attract attention, to impose its own criteria, to demand charity, to impose attitudes, to walk selfishly with impunity...

And each one adduces its... way: "I am like this"; the "I will change when I have, when I achieve, when I reach...".

The Prayerful Sense, in its perseverance, calls on us to abandon these strategies. It calls for our consciousness of the Universe. It calls for our consenting -with-sense- coexistence. It calls for our capacity for solidarity! It claims from us... our Creator origin, of the thousand and one ways that it could have been made, realised or made concrete. It demands from us that all this is [1]loving-dawn. It is to be born continuously thanks to the force of love!... that man also wants to possess, to have, to control, to dominate... And he institutionalises it through laws, counter-laws... He prostitutes his dreams, his ideals, and turns them into slaves of impunity.

Certainly... the Prayer Call is aware, of its weak vibration. Its intention is enormous! Its Love is infinite! But humanity, distrustful, demanding and imposing!, hardly listens; hardly learns. And it seeks and it finds refuge in its ego-idolatry, camouflaged in a thousand ways... absolutely selfish.

But it seems almost impossible for the being to rethink its form, way and attitude of "being"; of the style of living.

 And envoys, avatars, saints, rites, liturgies, religions, philosophies, humanities, civilizations have passed by... with their messages.

And it seems… –and it is also evident- that none of this has happened. It seems that no prophet spoke or said or wrote anything. It seems that the exceptionality, the unpredictable, the unexpected, the miraculous, never existed.

There... yes, over there, far away from consciousness, lies the claim, before... what cannot be achieved!, of praying to ask, almost to demand, and to blame, of course, Creation, the Divine, the... whatever you want to call it, for all the hardships that the being has. On the one hand, it claims the free will to do what the being considers appropriate! Of course, without consulting the divine shelter -"without consulting the divine shelter"-.

Fickleness of power, vanities of self-sufficiency... that some people are fortunate enough to clarify at once, so that another reality can be seen.

 From infinity... vibrating is the Prayer.

 From infinity... it acts with its subtle prediction.

 Meanwhile from the immediacy of the present day... the being struggles in its setbacks.

The Prayer Call suggests, subtly but rigorously, not to fall into easy repulsion or easy consent. Listening to what the Creator Mystery suggests, says and expresses when it Contemplates us, when it Meditates us, when it prays us.

 Let that nourishment transfigure our presence, configure our perception, encourage our dreams.

We have to dispose ourselves under the greatness of our origin, maintenance and presence, in order to know how to adapt, without giving up!... to projects of ideals suggested by Providence.

And each time –as if it were a fast race- the obstacles become more evident, and the resources to avoid them become more humane and less animistic, and very much less spiritualistic. With which the vulgar mass of "use and throw" is swollen.

 And humanity is used and thrown away with total impunity and frivolity; without any beauty.

And now the Prayer Call is presented to us as a flash warning that aims to dazzle us in order to obtain the best image of us, so that its best version is developed in each being, and to know that it is linked to that Creational... flash from the Infinite.

On the one hand, humanity feels invigorated, supremacist and dominant in life and living. But on the other hand it feels threatened, disconcerted, frightened... by the dominance that man exercises over man; by the constant and persevering attitude of controlling and vulgarizing the everyday, taking away all sense... of encouragement, of spirit, of humour, of love –of course- which tends to become a currency: new, old or medium...

The prayer said: "Our help is the Name...".

But if that changes... and our help becomes the alternative domain according to moment, circumstance and even time, then we will always be sold to the highest bidder, to the most skilful and the most dominant.

The Prayer Sense claims from us, that when resorting to "plasticized" remedies of any kind, the being must first imbue himself with his position of Infinitudes, of Universes...

Nights tried, with dreams, to intrude into the depths of consciousness, to animate the Eternity of life, and to offer the vigil of the dawn... as the best gift of care, of affection, of great reference!

But ordinary consciousness sees the sun as a thermonuclear reaction, sees stars as a result of a big shot: Big Bang. It seems that the ability to imagine has been exhausted, that which made us inspiringly name stars, galaxies and constellations –which still remain "in case that"... but which are in fact already coded with numbers and letters-.

The divisions and divisions established to establish small domains and possessions cause the loss of Unity consciousness, the consciousness of Universality, the consciousness of Creation. And so the being kidnaps itself!... and declares itself self-sufficient. And each one, with the "that’s how I am", devastates its environment, its circumstance... And many times, without realising it. And many other times, without wanting to realise it.

Perhaps it is time, from the Prayer Sense, for each being to assume the subsidiary responsibility for all the disasters that occur in life today! 

Perhaps it is time to assume the participation, the contribution that is made... to the massive destruction of solidarity, of the affective!

The time has come, perhaps, -without feeling guilty, but rather responsible- to assume the evidence of participation in concealment, in secrecy, in... the trap!; in securing... while the others remain far from my possession, from my idea.

Perhaps... it is time to take personal responsibility, as humanity, for what is happening, for what is happening in the immediate, the near, the semi-remote…

Maybe it's time to not run away, not to avoid...

And stop blaming and stop condemning..., to start building on the basis of recognising oneself as a "participant in a lack of love". And, from there, to gather in the Prayer, which calls on us for its unwavering and providential assistance.

And so, to be able to sigh!... for beauty, poetic, smiling, of “the always possible", under the Help of the Creator Mystery.



[1] In Spanish Dawn is Amanacer, which if you break the word Ama- necer, Ama means loving.


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