We inhabit a Universe of infinite proportions. We do not know its limits, because perhaps... it does not have them. Probably, more Universes coexist with the Universe we are in.

In Infinity... the finite cannot remain.

In the Eternal... the ending cannot reside.

Light needs darkness. Without it, it does not become evident.

And from the Creator Mystery -Mystery... darkness...- emanates, as from a source, a continuous Creation that, according to our perspective, moves. At the same time it is transformed. And in its transformation, it progressively becomes Creative... and Liberating.

Today's Prayer Call places us, reminds us, and asks us with what attitude… times are assumed. "No time". Because infinity doesn’t need it. "Permanent". Because the Eternal remains. And in its infinity, a transfigured, transformed and creative attitude.

If in our "senti-mental" conscience of feelings and intelligences, these are combined towards a being of Universe... -a being of Universe... a being of Universe-, surely, the events that we have to live -and life is an elemental particle in that Eternal Infinite-... surely we will give them another value -to what happens, to what is going on, to what is happening-.

…Lowering and lowering and lowering our personal prominence, meanwhile the Providential Presence increases and increases and increases.

We are not adrift, forgotten -as they say- "by the hand of God". Not a... not a single gesture of colour, of movement, of expression!... escapes the Creator Mystery.

He embodies!... all processes.

Knowing, in consciousness, of His Presence -the Only Presence-... projects us towards a disposition, towards an attitude that we are discovering as we become aware of where we are.

 The saying –or rather the saying goes-: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

Ah! Where have they brought me? Who has brought me? What do I see? And, consequently, what do I do...? 

If I slowly raise my senses to the darkness of the night, I feel so small!...

If, in the brightness of day, I look at the biodiversity that surrounds me, and that I barely glimpse a fringe... 

What do I see? -"When in Rome, do as Romans do"-: the infinite, the unfathomable, the dazzling!

So what should I do? If what I see is infinite, unfathomable!, I will allow myself to be impregnated by what I see and, consequently, I will do and act in the key of Eternity, in the key of Infinity!... 

Even if I cannot assume all the Infinite Mystery that it comes with it.

To become entangled in everyday life, without noticing the presence of the stars, is devastating. It is euthanasia. It is a position that seeks -again and again- to dominate, to control, to possess. And again and again it escapes him.

And so extermination arises...; the extermination of ideas, projects, sensations, experiences... It's a bit embarrassing -isn't it?- to be in the magma of Eternal Infinity, and to become entangled in the obsessive compulsion of everyday power.

The water that gushes from a spring inevitably rushes in search of unpredictable paths. That reference can be an image -worth a thousand words- in which we can see ourselves reflected as springs that gushes and pass, but they do not settle down, they do not belong, do not possess. Slopes always appear that keep it going, because the spring is UNEXHAUSTABLE. There may be a moment of stagnant circumstance, but the continuous arrival of the spring water will overflow the dam, and will inevitably continue to pursue the SEA of LOVE. 

The spring would be the instant in love with an inexplicable sensation that precipitates us towards communion. Towards the loving communion with Creation, expressed in the Sea, in Love.

Any incidence that takes place in that route is "incidental", but not... transcendental; not... of impediment.

If we know that we are springs that gush and gush, at no time will we be in the same place. An incessant flow, in love!... that can take on an infinite number of forms: from the meticulous stream, to the mighty river that overflows; that, like an inexorable tide without waves, goes to "the embrace of the Sea" -of Love-.

We are not ponds. We are not... quiet waters of polluted effects.

It is necessary to revive the consciousness of the being, in that panorama in which it is. It does not require any speculation! Not a single word that has been mentioned can be doubted, as little evidence that being contemplates.

Therefore, the Praying Sense that calls us today to that attitude of Infinite Eternity. It does so with the evidence that our senses!, our feelings!, must become converted, transfigured, in the instant of every consciousness.

When life became a gushing spring... surprisingly it felt like dawn of Love: being born into Love. And an irrepressible attraction demanded that spring to come to its meeting of fusion in love.

And that happens all the time! We're not in a part of the route! We're not a halfway “to”. No! It's all fused! But it happens that, in its Creator Mystery, we do not carry the consciousness that everything is fulfilled, which does not mean that it is finished but that it is in an abundant process of creation and infinite recreation. But, in our limited training, we see it as... at 15, at 20, at 30, at 50, at 70, at 80 years...


The image of the spring makes us feel, simultaneously –simultaneously- a dawning bud and a fiery fusion. And the day-to-day goes by -yes, yes- but there are the two possibilities vibrating at the same time.

And so, my consciousness is a loving spring that embraces the Eternal Mystery.

AND THAT'S ME! And with it I flow! And thus, each word, each game, each activity, acquires another dimension!

I have nothing to claim. I have nothing to complain about. I have no power. All that is diluted!...

One lives in a wrong consciousness of the Water of Life, that swirls around a stone and does not flow, it stagnates. And even if that is not the real evidence, the being is attached to it as... as a need for... "importance".

And so, it wanders round and about in a whirlpool that does not find a channel.

It does not jump into its consciousness of simultaneous spring and Divine embrace.

Let us look for that simultaneity that leads us to an awareness of evidences... that is not in a retained pond.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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