Humanity is not going through… what we might say “good times”, in its journey, its trajectory as humanity.

Countless of events that occur on any of the continents could be mentioned.

But... we would highlight -regarding prayer- what happened in Jerusalem, where the "Night of Destiny", the most... the most significant "feast" -in inverted commas- of Islam, had to be settled with, persecutions, beatings... in the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Yes, we know it is a conflict that seems irreversible: Judaism and Islam, with inoperative Catholic indifference. But it is not about judging that fact.

The Praying Sense shows us how significantly necessary it is for this, Sense of Prayer to assume the characteristics of true personal experiences to modify this vertiginous precipice in which humanity claims the right to rule.

Not many days before -also on a prayerful sense, and in this case Jewish occasion- at a major ultra-Orthodox celebration, a number of people lost their lives, crushed, as they fled in disarray in some unknown incident. Now everyone is mourning.

The fact that, in a prayerful occasion pains of despair, anguish and death are generated and produced does not say much about the reason of these prayerful meetings.

They have been stuck in messages that certainly had their meaning at the time, even their sense, but... they were soon structured, classified, ordered, and then became "laws".

Laws that -unlike prayers, right?- they give orders, they reward, the punish... They condemn. And what was -and is- a link between beings, in the bosom of Creation, becomes a legalistic, combative and irreconcilable legislative.

The liberating criterion of praying... supposes a permanent innovation; an unexpected surprise.

And when this does not happen, one is not really praying, it is rambling or perpetuating situations of power -in short-, "in the name of"... The Divine. Unbelievable!

Likewise, it so happens that "in the name of" - and here the situation is even more serious- "in the name of", the government, May 9th... "There is no longer a state of Alarm!".

And everyone -in inverted commas "everyone"- goes out in jubilation -and here we can say "like flocks"- to celebrate... to celebrate what?

Through calendar power, an epidemic, pandemic... or already endemic is managing now. They got it through a calendar! And people respond to that calendar. They were punished, and they accepted the punishment. Few protested. Or rather: there were no protests at all. They were locked up, and they accepted the lockdown. The possibility of rebelling against something "ordered by power", in these latitudes, is almost impossible. We say “almost" because... there is always a trace or there could be one.

So, through calendar, there is a curfew -or not-, decided by a mayor... no; a judge... yes. And just as they decide whether the alarm state continues or not, the new specialists -the pandemic judges- are in charge of our health. Of ensuring our health.  Unbelievable!

Scientists were right when they talked about "herd immunity". Yes, absolutely.

Will, belief, and criteria of each being have been globalised in such a way that it depends exclusively on what is said from the power.

And this, from the Prayerful Sense, must be an incentive for this situation to lead us back, in the bosom of the Universe, under the Creator Mystery.

Recovering the awareness that every dawn we are born out of Creator love... and thinking and feeling in that sense, promulgates us to a relationship, to relationships compatible with... coexistence, collaboration, solidarity... without the usual prejudices.

To discover ourselves in our "fiefdom": yes, as a place where we must realise our ideals through our capacities. And although we have to feel ourselves in the bosom of this incessant Creation, at the same time!... we must bear witness to what we "consciously" feel, love and vibrate.

Sometimes it seems like a contradiction. And in fact, rather than “seem,” contradictions occur. And people are in “half way”... -as the tango used to say: "And everything in half light"-... well, yes, they are ... On the one hand, yes: "I think this is the meaning... I think this is the sense, I think, but... Oh Swiss Alps!,.. Charity towards the poor!, help for the third world, the joy of New York, how nice to have 10 children!, how nice not to have any!..."...

It is an "underlying" complaint -isn't it?-. A subterranean complaint in which universality has not just been combined with individuality. They seem to be at odds.

And there is always an "Oh!" that gives that "bitter touch" to the vocation, to the action... And that detail makes that the prayer, however striking it may be, does not succeed in penetrating... in the consciousness of creation, in the consciousness of creativity, in the consciousness of sincerity... instead, life becomes frayed: "Yes, but... no. No, but... yes".

Fear to commitment, fear of dedication, fear of: "What if…?”

Like someone who swims out to sea, and he does it thinking about what reserves he will have if he has to return. He will never get out to sea.

The culture of security, of half-truth, of broken sincerity, does not listen to the Prayer. The message is interrupted. It is not integrated into the personal work that each one does, which is... no only part of the whole, but the whole is not there, in its authentic version, without the individual contribution.

Many... -let's not say all- but many of the complaints that each one of us makes are the result of personal non-fulfilment. That is to say, if the being is integrated in his vocation, in his dedication, in knowing that he is in a universalization... the complaint, more than a complaint, becomes an even greater emphasis on our role. On the other hand, when the complaint becomes persistent, it is because we no longer fulfil our participation. And that has had an impact; it affects the whole.

Of course, anyone would immediately say:

.- No! Are you telling me now that because I don't do "my duty"... -in inverted commas, without this being an imposition- because I don't do my duty, the Pérez plaster factory is going to do badly?

.-Yes... Yes. You participate in that. Because directly or indirectly, whether you see it or not, your action has an impact there. There and everywhere.

It is like saying that there is no such place because I have not been there. As I have not been there, it does not exist. Because I have not been to Somalia, Somalia does not exist.

Well, it is similar to that, to think that my feeling, my doing, do not affect all aspects of what we call "life".

The Prayerful Sense emphasises this all-important symbiosis between the individual... and the Universal.

It should be easy for us to grasp that concept, because very early on, you study the microcosm and the macrocosm: one is a big scale, and one is a small scale, but it's the same model. Then whatever you do in the small model has an impact on the big model.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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