Storms!, like torments that accompany us, but at the same time pour out water nourishing us, refreshing us, feeding us.

The messages from Life, from this hiding place in the Universe where we dwell, are often presented to us, due to our level of consciousness, as both "good" and "bad" at the same time.

The Praying Call seeks to transcend that duality; to be able to universalise ourselves without losing our particularity, our exceptionality. And by universalising ourselves in our exceptionality, we gradually abandon our eagerness to convince, to win, to force... and thus we can enter into coexistence; a coexistence of care and affection... that loving soulfully souls demand us.

Certainly, posed in this way, it is difficult to refute, yes, but most of the time it remains a proposal. Because the being, in its exceptionality, tries to convince, to win, to impose... And in the history that we can remember with more or less fidelity, we find ourselves immersed in those wars, in those permanent struggles between deities, customs, habits...

All this caused those religious, spiritual wars; And they continue!; with less drama, but with the same insistence on claiming the truth in order to impose it on others.

Perhaps it is the exceptionality of the being what promotes that diva temperament or this idolatrous egomania that, instead of admiring, being amazed and thrilling oneself with the living, tries to accommodate it, fix it, improve it…

Could life be improved, by the human proceeding, without really knowing what life is? Or can it rather be manipulated... for personal, group, accidental or circumstantial benefits?

If we are all unique and unrepeatable exceptions, our resources are not there to boast about; they are there to be shared, to learn from each other, to show solidarity in many different aspects and areas.

And surely that is what the soul feels; but... exceptionality pushes one another and turns it into leadership, transforms it into a banner. And in this way, it is despised, is set aside, it selects itself, it imposes itself..

Life, in its exceptional nature, dwells "in presence" thanks to its symbiotic solidarity, thanks to its solidary sharing.

But it seems that human beings do not understand it that way. Even if universalities can be assumed, particularities become strong, radicalisms become vehement! And there is hardly any room for sharing. There is hardly any answer when a question is asked. And it hurts, yes. And everyone lives in pain in one way or another. Because by asking and wondering, and not getting an answer, the being becomes restless, it imagines, it supposes...

It is what is known in popular slang as “silence as an answer": a devastating rebuff to sincerity.

But life, in its intricate process, comes to help us to and rewards us with the Mystery, rewards us with hope..., which already has its sad tinge, for waiting so long. It seems that we always live behind schedule!

Due to waiting so long for the arrival of water, the thirsty one disconnects, it fables, enters the delirium of thirst.

It is not -no-, it is not of exceptions, of exceptionalities, the treatment that human beings give to themselves and to others of humanity. This indecisive attitude, which anguishes in the expectation of "where will it go, or not...".

And so, humanity struggles with its justifications, its rethinking, its changes of position, to acquire a greater representation, a major role, as language of truth, as language of the authentic. The rest is superfluous.

And if there is one thing we can corroborate about the phenomenon of life, it is that there is no surplus. Everything is, in its exceptionality, essential and necessary.

What would the good do, what would the good do if the bad did not exist? It needs it to justify its goodness. What would the bad do if the good did not exist? It needs it to impose its will.

And in that duality... the quotidian is girded; like a bad dream, like a waste.

Yes, as a waste; because, in the face of so much exceptionality, how is such immense inequality possible, such a contemptuous attitude... that they propose to us with a classified life, ordered according to the mould that is demanded or imposed or sacrificed.

It seems there is never time for resolution. There never seems to be time for clarification. It seems it must be all confusing, all rushed and worried.

Thus, testimony, clarity, evidence, is erased, muddled, and entangled. Temporal justification is... highly recurred. And responsible occupation... -ugh!- is highly appreciated. And so, some take advantage of others, and others take advantage of... some.

No. It is not lawful, being exceptional, such justifiable behaviour. It's a bit of contempt for living. It is a bit of discouragement towards the other... to take advantage and take advantage, as if lack were the essence, when it turns out that the exceptional is the abundant.

And it becomes almost an art to free oneself from doing this or that, other people will come along and patch it up. And it seems as if mankind is happy like that: some people evading; others enslaving themselves and putting on the medal of merit. Like the one who said: "Oh, thank goodness the poor exist! They are very grateful, and they make me feel good". Or those who said and still say -the poor-: "Thank goodness there are the rich, when they are generous they feed us".

The whole thing is a waste of nonsense! Of course, as temporary justifications from a few years ago, "pardons" and "sorry" are used as justifications.

What are you sorry about?... If you were sorry, you would do something else.

Forgiveness is a great argument. It allows any kind of events: bad, not so good, vulgar... Yes. There will always be someone to forgive you. And there will always be a justification to support your position.

And between pardons and justifications... exceptions roam. It is not a way of being exceptional. It is a way of taking advantage of another element that appears permanently, and we do not really know with certainty -with a few exceptions- what it is, such as "Love".

And so, if you look at it, the being oscillates between forgiveness and love: "Oh, I love you so much. I am sorry. Forgive me”. So, what is love?  Justifying? Forgiving? So many things we do for love, don't we?: it is bombarded for love, we raze for love... Yes. "For the love of the country, the group, the cousin, the aunt, the nephew... I sacrifice myself and renounce, and at the same time I ask forgiveness for not...". Ugh!

Perhaps the Praying Sense demands that... we stop justifying; that we stop using time as an alibi; that we stop relying on forgiveness as a way to disorient ourselves; that we stop using -please!- love as... "wonderful", if it is then used as dutiful, as occasional, as circumstantial.

In all this flow of concerns, of confusions!... we must consider the possibility of "resolution" -as the I Ching warns us.

When there is never a moment, when there is never time, when one can’t, one cannot… in that agglomerated and confused instant, the being claims the decided position that leads to his humble, referenced, generous, and non-justifying exceptionality!

How often is it said: "And the time will arrive when... And the time will come   when...".

The laughter of time is immense. Because it does not come.

Meanwhile, the farce of time becomes the queen, the king, of justification.

Yes, one can cry out: “Oh, What a shame of life”. Having everything, everything becomes entangled, obscured...; it detaches itself from the permanent Creation. And it enters into indolent selfhood.

The magical opportunity of living in the exceptionality of resources... should promote us towards a radiant clarity, a permanent readiness, an immediate response!; an expectation of permanent hope that is daily corroborated, that is permanently renewed.

Giving up clarity, transparency, sincerity, response, assumption of our positions... is creating sufferers, it is creating pain. It is to become sufferer to such an extent that... the 'suffers' become loves... where smile is scarce, caress is absent and... appearance is lorded over.

We must not give continuous and permanent truces. Waiting is increasingly unsettling. And the suffering is more hurtful.

Taking the impulse -in the exceptionality of each being- to place oneself in the loving reference of the willing, of the clear, of the given, of the generous, of the shared, of the supportive... the longer it is delayed, the more difficult it will be to assume it, as is already happening. Because the comfortable disposition of doubt, indecision, justification and forgiveness... can still be exercised.

We are called to pray to clear our positions.

We are called to pray to clarify our attitudes.

And the prayer person cannot put his demands first, because he would be praying to a sham; he would be praying to an... idol.

The prayerful caller is the Creator Mystery; It is the Provider of providences, of permanent coincidences, chances and... generosity.

Let us see in each other the Creator Mystery; let us see in each other its reflection, and let us awaken to the complaisant admiration of all living things.

It is a necessity.




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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