From the infinite smallness of the being in the Universe, in its residence it becomes big, important, striking, demanding, predatory and... overbearing.

Does one really know -or does the being know- where he is? In what Mystery has he been placed? In what tangled web of coincidences, fortunes, unforeseen and unexpected events... is he?

And so it is that humanity, the human, proceeds... ignoring, unaware -of course- and outside of its infinite smallness in the Universe, fractionally capable of contemplating. And when it does so, it reports it as a feat.

Is this how it “really” proceeds... to live?

Virtually. For it does so behind the back of the Universe in which he is.

He remained anchored in his knowledge of the sun and the moon, in its rains, droughts and storms, and in its devastating, controlling and dominating power... which made it self-sufficient, without being so. 


The Prayerful Call places us today in the expectations that the being could -and can!- develop, if he immerses himself in the idea of a Creator Universe... alive; understanding by "life" that which expresses, moves, changes, remains...

If he opens his consciousness beyond his complaints, his versions and his particular difficulties, his exercise of living would probably be influenced by the Creator Mystery, to such an extent... that, being conscious of his infinite smallness and the exceptionality of his presence, he would modify his responses in his daily life.

It’d stop making worlds and worlds!... of any situation, which hypertrophy realities that, just by calming down, just by applying a minimum of transcendence to them, would cease to be obstacles: "worlds".

And all these worlds happen by living in that virtuality. In that capsule where... believe is uncomfortable, trust is bothering, and faith chills you...

Just trusting one’s version; only accepting oneself, "up to a point".

When we contemplate our being and to be, with the transcendent vision of Creation -that is, if we accommodate ourselves, if we zoom in and reappraise situations- we open ourselves to positions of sighs, longings, fantasies... realisations and coexistence of shelter, consolation and care.

It is a constant note, that the Prayerful Call places us, makes us reconsider our different positions, attitudes, complaints…

The complicit silence allows us to say that all these, all these warnings and notices, man already knows; he is already aware of them! It seems to be a repeating warning, a warning of antiques that are no longer in use. Ahhhhhh! That's it!: "no longer in use"!  They are known! Well!!... knowing is such a broad concept that you never know.

And in fact, when it is a question of smoothing rough edges, of amplifying concepts, not worrying about problems with the resource of prayerful ideas, of creative ideas, of... the mystery of being, the valuation of resources, etc., the response to what is "known" is not... is not exercised. There is not -let's say- a position of recollection, of: "It's true, I am cloistered, encapsulated, and I can open my capsule!".

But the inheritance received is such, the importance of what has been earned or the desire to have it -whatever it is- is such that in this virtuality one goes through severe difficulties. And life becomes an apprenticeship in suffering, in pain, in protest, in complaint, in "that's the way it is".

Re-starting oneself in the process of being and developing is a strategy suggested by the Prayerful Call, in order not to remain cloistered in the required and imposing moments established by oneself or by the environment.

It is necessary a claim of Mercy..., an announcement of clarity..., a sincere staging -"on stage"- of what is felt, what is appreciated, what is understood. Without the fear of rejection, without the discomfort of being frowned upon.

Restarting with the expectation of "what has already failed", of what was inoperative, what was foolish and inadequate, supposes a new level of perception. And with it, a different evaluation of each day, where enthusiasm, courage, simple and heartfelt humility can emerge, with transparent and clear words... that chase away double meanings or deceptions camouflaged of truths.

And it happens that... when a majority –as the environment- sees the bottle as "half empty", there is a contagion of despair, of rage. And life begins to be a repetitive complaint that does not end, but ends up exhausting us.

You have to get out of that place, out of that perspective, because the bottle is not "almost empty". The bottle is full. And it is not "half full". It is full.

But the on-going and evolving manipulation of powers, desires, possessions, possessions, belongings, etc., of very different levels, lies in that "half-empty" or "half-full" range. And it is full. We are full of resources! We are full of possibilities, probabilities, proposals, suggestions.

If each being is an unusual, exceptional, indispensable and necessary unit, it cannot be half empty or half full. It is... full! Because it is the bearer of a Creator's message, because it has been endowed with full talents to practice in that position. But it happens that, when the needs for power... -to be able to prove himself, to be able to prove himself to others, to be able to get, to be able to attend to, to be able to...- in that case, the bottle is almost always "half empty".

Instead of listening to the Eternal Infinite, who calls us -praying, meditating, contemplating- to pay attention to our capacities, resources, means..., to discover what is the demand that Creation makes of us, for which we were brought here...

Without imitation! "Without imitating". Searching for references of Universality that will take us away from the obsessive compulsions that are generated by demands and demands of the environment, and demands that the being itself echoes and incorporates into itself.

Shrunken the ideals are presented. Or twisted and hidden. Or surrounded by prosopopoeia and unnecessary ornaments... And thus, they remain as "relics".

If you don't dream, you don't live.

Is it perhaps not true... that our conscious awakening is preceded by a disconnected dream..., but at the same time intimately linked to, wakefulness?

One can't live without dreams. One walks in the stumbling, in the pain, in the inconvenience, in the prejudice...

It is very expensive to be happy, to be cheerful.

But it exists, perhaps because of this insistence of discouragement, of half empty bottle -"half full”-, it exists as a.... -how to call it?-... as a stubborn eagerness to fall into the hardest, most difficult, uncomfortable things, and to return with the torch of the triumph of having overcome them.

What is this intended to demonstrate? Such an unnecessary virtual reality? -not to introduce any petty insult-.

But it is obvious -not that it seems, it is clear- that everyone tries to succeed in whatever way they can; but they submit -of course- to difficulties.

Not knowing how to appreciate the state of doing, fluid; not knowing how to appreciate the breath and nourishment of a life without contradictions, with the dream of each day, and choosing to suffer of each moment, is deterioration. It is such a disgraceful impudence that it could be said, obviously, that human behaviour is ungrateful!

It seems like an unavoidable opinion to be in suffered events that others have already gone through, and that generations have also experienced, but it has to be repeated.

Where is the complaisant evolution...?

No. It is 'displeasing' involution, from which one hopes to emerge in order to... what for?

It seems to have drunk from a potion of anguish, anxiety and despair. And that it is the food to achieve, to get and to reach. It is useless that generations, people... have achieved or attained an advantageous position. No. It tends to -again- another struggle. One doesn’t jump from platform to platform of... achievement, attainment and the pleasure of sharing in enjoyment.

Humanity is dismembered. Each individual tends to exercise his position, and in general, others are an obstacle; when, really, life would be... "would be". And others are indispensable, necessary, fundamental. There is no such thing as an absolute individual self and "the others". We are an intertwined, combined, ensembled unit, in very special conditions, in a lost place in the Universe.

 Echoing the need to transcend, to perceive permanent Piety, to assume the fantasy, the dream, as transparent ideals, not as achievements of suffering, battles and wars of any kind.

Going to war, as a reference for a triumph and to feel valuable, does not seem to be the best recourse. It is loaded with lies, false strategies, and survival at any cost.

Let us give, at least, to the consciousness of living, the gratitude, and thanks for being there; that surely, at least, a sip of virtue will have been tasted. Not only gall of acrimony.

That sip of virtue is the reference of transcendence, of virtuous permanence that separates us from the virtual.

The drink is there. It never runs out.




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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