The activity of our dreams, fantasies and emotions has been marking the sense of our doing. Probably these are the connections that the Creator Mystery establishes with our... creatures, with us.

The aids of reasons, logics, demonstrations, and discoveries... should amaze us. Because it is not something directly achieved by man. It is something that "allows itself to be discovered" by Creation.

The Prayerful Sense reminds us... that our position in living is not the leading role. It is intermediation: to be vehicles between heaven and earth, to create communion among humanity. Imagination and feeling are what will provide us with the intuition and clairvoyance for the right decision.

Being an "intermediary" implies a spiritual nomadism; an acceptance of our condition, in humility and perseverance; knowing how to look at each other with respect, since the existence and living of each being is indispensable and necessary.

And in that sense, there are no functions more important than others, although, in our state of consciousness, we assess some as "better" than others, due to interest, due to productivity, benefit and profit. They are not the right allies for the life of the anima.

Feeling and living in service of what... we sense our capabilities are, is the way of decision; it is the way that allows us to know that we are on the right course.

From the Creative Mystery... our souls are filled, because we are LOVED and the creative art is breathed into us: that willingness to discover... the most elegant and beautiful way of being, of acting.

And in that being and doing... we must be vigilant not to generate any oppression, obligation, punishment or reward. Thus, knowing that our position eases the free expression of others; it helps generate the importance of detail; it promotes to solidarity... and the ability to admire others, leaving behind our hedonism and self-importance.

Living together -today- and sharing is not an easy task. And it is not so, because the being forgets his spiritual inheritance with respect to the Creator Mystery. And it is not so because each being sets himself as a reference and despises his surroundings. And it is a priority and fundamental for man to recover his associative capacity, his collaborative resources, his complaisant attention to needs.

A "communion of services" that satisfies everyone... and that creates a community of goodness! There is no mistake there.

But being vigilant and alert to know our intermediary, pilgrim, anonymous and ignorant position…

Yes, ignorant because... we have been provided.., we have been enabled, we have been prepared, even if we have the personal idea that it is  due to us.

If we assume our microcosm, if we assume our image and likeness with the Creator Mystery, we will take care of our words, we will know how to keep a serene listening, we will act with generosity, without unfair comparisons.

Life is given and does not stop. And under that reference, we must adjust our consciousness... and to fit ourselves to that rhythm of what is given and does not stop, which is living... But living without reproaches, without claims, without complaints; with joyful and shared responsibility.

Everyone has his or her own cultivation plot... And when you put them all together, you create the most incredible garden.

Under this image, every responsible and joyful action has a great meaning: "the infinite garden". Knowing that I am an indispensable part of this Creation. To know that infinite trust is poured over me.

I am help, remedy and a resource at the same time. "Help, remedy and resource at the same time".

 And thus, we shall not lack anything.

In the times in which we live, there is often a loss of enthusiasm, sadness, depression, anguish, anxiety, despair... All this takes us away from our reference to Creation. We must remain in a permanent memory of our filiation, knowing that our Help is the Name of the Creator Mystery. And that it is there!...

That becomes present and internal when we invoke it!...

That becomes relief, consolation and rigour at the same time...

That is committed to mercy, not punishment.

Mercy, caress of the Eternal, is always nearby.

Its consolation is sweet.

Its breath is... smooth.

Its tenderness is... a continuous sigh of Love.

Knowing that from the infinity of the Eternal we are loved, enables us to express our loving resources with fidelity, with devotion, with passion, with tenderness.

This is urgently needed.

Because man has become the main enemy of man. The lust for power... has unleashed an unprecedented violence that makes us stand in resistance, in endurance.

It is a course towards despair.

The Prayerful Call alerts us to be living prayers... to permanently remember the help we have, and not to fall into the temptation of power, of claiming... but to opt for service, for exchange, for solidarity.

Being attentive and alert so to not replace other’s people actions, not to enter into the service spaces of others. But at the same time being -in this attention- to serve if necessary. The exception must always be present.

It is an impulse -it is an impulse- to offer ourselves in everything, to be in everything; meaning by "everything"... to want to span it. But that is not our function. Our availability must know how to discover our own plot. And to the extent that the experience of one another is shared, thus we are in communion with the Whole. But if each one keeps his experience, his knowledge, his discovery to himself... the dispute is established; the combat of knowledge is established.

Feeling the "effort", as an expression of our capacity, of our resource of strength, is necessary to experience it. Also, our willingness to make a dose of sacrifice... with kindness...; with no demand for applause.

And as some humanities live with this attitude of sacrifice, it's not... no, -it's not- it's not the right position. They don't know the joy of pleasure, the discovery of passion...

Sacrifice is that extra bit of service... that goes beyond what is fair, to become "extraordinary".

And that "small extraordinary detail" is a seed of millions of flowers, of infinite surprises... gratifying! This is how the Creator Mystery now demands of us, because of the situation in which we are living.

Maintaining the positions that have led us to this corrosive coexistence... is not in the nature of life. It is the cultivation of death. Death that, although it does not exist, is proposed as a sign of domination and of... beginning and end.

To fall into that dimension, which has led us to this time of destruction, toxic, is to stop recognizing our communion with the Eternal; to feel "independent"; not to assume and accept interdependence.

Human evolution has gradually indoctrinated us... with fear! "Fearfully". And that is not the true version of our soul, which, as a soul, is cultivated in love. And Love... "is not afraid".

And to the extent that one loves... limitless, without space, timeless!, with permanent actuality, fear has no presence.

However, if loving means compartmentalising spaces, delimit actions, sectorize emotions -in short, parcelling and dividing emotion- then we will enter into partisan selfishness, into "necessary “profit”... and into the "security", thus increasing fear and distancing ourselves from the instance of Love.

To move away from being prototypes of styles of what is going to happen, what happens, of what will happen… If we are a rare, unique and unrepeatable, indispensable and necessary entity, we are not subject to any "usual" plan.

That continuous reference: "Because the majority...; because in most cases...", is a reference to thoughts, attitudes, that have no libertarian sense!; which are slaver; which are already condemned by their ethnic group or by their cultural, social or religious position. "Because the majority"… Every being is rare, unforeseen and unexpected, indispensable and necessary! One should not frame, nor frame anyone in that current of "the majority".

“Solidary communion", with respect for the uniqueness of each being, is the position of strength... that does not allow to be dragged down by majorities or minorities.

Imploring... is not a weakness.

Begging... is not a defect.

Imploring and begging to the reference of the Creator Mystery... is a necessity, as long as we do not attain full contemplative consciousness.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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