Each being, in its unusual presence as indispensable and necessary..., must assume, by discovering, what its positions are... on the basis of discovering the necessary services that it finds, that it discovers. With the warning, with the advise to beware of egomania, idolatry and self-importance.

The Prayerful Call encourages us to... discover ourselves in what we are, in the gifts with which we have been animated, and to be willing to exercise them according to the discovery of those calls.

Calls of service, in which every being is -by discovering them- attuned, graced, pleased and complacent.

Often –very often - obstacles are discovered in reaching that... "maturity". Most of the time it is due to two usual forces: one, the one we discover when our place and our site is occupied, is invaded. Another, when we step out of our talented positions and aspire to others... which are not our own, but they are those propagated by powers, customs, laws, norms...; the so-called "traditions", which become betrayals when they do not fulfil a need.

Take into account these two situations, which usually are going to be there.

And it appears with them... the being appears, in its realisation. He is overcoming these two obstacles and he is making room for himself in his dimension, due to his worth, his quality, his perseverance...

Little by little, the being positions itself, if he respects these coordinates of difficulties and overcomes his ego-idolatry of self-importance... becoming anonymous among beings and resonating in Creation, in the Creator Mystery.

Being anonymous among beings means to adapt, to bend, to tune in, to dilute the sense of power, of command and order... fleeing from radicalism and immovable positions.

Along this path, we find compliments, prizes, triumphs... ugh!, a cascade of appreciations and contempt, with which we have to relate. But, in this anonymity, not to appreciate what tries to prevent us: to prevent us from doing, from being, from our vision of our personal experience, that, from the point of view of prayer -of the Prayerful Call- is in reference to the Creative Mystery.

We cannot submit to personal tastes that are the result of propaganda and training from the social, cultural and religious environment!

Some people want us to be lawyers, others want us to be pilots, and others want us to be artists... Everyone tries to give his or her opinion on what we should be and what we should do. And it is easy to fall into flattery or the permanent plucking of daisies.

This "habit" the habit of standing out, of individualising, of -in short- being the protagonist in one's environment... Because being a protagonist of one’s own identity, does not exercise a leading role in his environment. He is rather, a reference.

 Undoubtedly, in this process, appears propaganda aimed at what is comfortable, easy... evading responsibilities, avoiding commitments...

Living is integration, it is communion, it is coexistence! And this does not preclude our personal position. And as in an orchestra, everyone has a sound. And if everyone knows how to be in it, a harmony will be produced... useful, helpful to all.

One should not overlook... -since each being is created for a very precise position, according to the vision of the Creator Mystery- the original contribution should not be overlooked. Life becomes life and evolves to the extent that it innovates, renews itself...

The apparent repetitions... they are not so, to the extent that there is perseverance, but they are so, insofar as it is a matter of repeating situations that do not have the subtle contribution of each one: originality. This detail must not be missing. And it should not be questioned.

Usually –due to civilisation that has developed, due to the humanities that are passing by- that "apparently" the meaning, the place to be, is not found. Apparently. And everything is full and bustling, and we are encouraged to think that life is like this.

And in this way, it is easy to fall into incompetence, impossibility of constantly and continuously acid criticism of the whole environment.

Watch out!:

Be careful of the disposition and the attitude... in the face of the conglomerate of interests that surround each one of us.

Falling into the traps of what others expect of us, as if others were the reference. 

And whoever is a reference does not complain. It acts. It remains.

The Sense and the Prayerful Call shelters us in our development. It gives us the providentially... necessary… accessories. 

But in order to perceive them we must "clear" ourselves of our personal properties: i.e. our characteristics -that we have defined ourselves as such.

Otherwise, we are as a raincoat! And it can be said whatever you want and the very Holy Spirit himself could come and tell us what we have to do, and we will still carry on with "our own business".

For God's sake!

And the tendency to "feel" indispensable is easy... -and that is very grateful- even if one is essential. Feeling as leading role oneself is, on the one hand, to curb the capacities and possibilities of others, and also, at the same time, making others comfortable, by assuming one all the holes in the sieve.

Yes, "those in need" can be very gratifying, but this is how we give fish and do not teach how to fish.

Gratification, arising from the full and personal consciousness of knowing that... you are doing, being and going in the right direction.

Take especial care analysing errors, failures, and blame... Because between errors, failures and blames, we can succumb. Literally.

Because there will always be "someone" to throw the first stone, and then we will be stoned.

The coordinates that mark the forms and actions... delimit and restrict our creativity, and make us look like "failures", "errors" and useless.

They are destructive mechanisms that become self-destructive. Those systems of comparison, as the saying goes: "Comparisons are hateful". Indeed, they are. Because each being, in its unusual being, in its presence, is indispensable and necessary and incomparable.

"It looks a lot like...". "It looks just like...". No.

It's like putting a puzzle together:

.- This piece looks very similar to the one that should be here, but it doesn't fit.

.- Well, that's not it.

.- But it is very similar.

.- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....

Let us tune in to our Prayerful Call, which allows us to enter into the frequencies that we are beings created towards a meaning, that we have the Creator Mystery as our reference point... and in this lies the flow of a new and renewed life, which is committed to innovation, to creativity, to art, to beauty, to permanent service... in our vocation.

Flowing... unhindered... knowing that you are assisted.

May the light of dawn give us the constancy that we are newly born, by the instance of the Love of the Eternal.

And so, let's take on the work of living together, with the enthusiasm, humour and grace of each one of us...

Without fear!



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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