And in living... and in living successfully, the lack of power is a heavy bundle; a heavy burden.

The movement of Humanity... winds its way through profit. Gain in knowing, in having, in attaining, in possessing...

When this does not happen to the taste of the being, there is a consciousness of failure, of loss, of decrease, of lack of power. Of not being able, in two senses: of "not being able", for not having the power to achieve or to attain, and of "not being able", in the sense of not feeling capable of reaching those winning, triumphant levels.

It is a model imposed by the hunter man, the conqueror man, the colonial man... under the sign of the "successful species"; that, then, when its environment decides to act differently, it is seen as a very... very... disabled species.

The point is that beneath this triumphalism lies the guidance that the species has its reference in itself. And being "the yardstick", each one with its own, triumphalism    -which are then compared- become a failure. And that is the source of sadness, anguish, anxiety, and grief...

"That is not the attitude”.

Because it is an attitude that leads to... the mighty and the loser; the winner and the incapable: the dualism of "good" and "bad", leading to a rust of failures, and a few  -alternating- of "reached"; "achieved".

Dependencies, domestication, fears... appear.

The system is very, very well established. And as it also has very different levels of graduation, each one can find his or her triumph, profit, from a counter, from an office, planting, from a bar or... or abusing someone.

Everyone seems to have their "triumph quota". And so, rebellion becomes impossible. Envy certainly is installed as a referential; a model to follow: this one, that one, the other... And then, the model is cut down... and it is adjusted to the potential of each one. But it is the same.

The arrogant attitude of the one who knows how to chop better than another, is the same as the arrogant one who aspires to a new yacht, a new house, and who will work and work until he gets the contract he wants...

All this configuration, which starts from the model of the reference of "the stick"   -the rod, the stick, the cane- of oneself, is constituted and generates failures... which are accumulated, kept, hidden, silenced...

Symptoms of despair and dead end... appear on the basis that the self-reference is not fulfilled; the self-model does not work. At first it was a spirited and superb horse. Soon he discovers that he cannot jump what he wants.

Indeed! We wake up at dawn; we fall asleep at dusk; we eat, because we are hungry; we rest, because we are tired; we run, due to haste... And thus, a long list of references in which we are not the measure.

The reference of being is not in itself.

The being is an unusual, extraordinary, "singular" entity... that is referenced by Creation..., by the Universe in which it is… due to the beauty that surrounds it..., due to the Mystery that embraces it... due to the Providence that supplies it..., due to the encouragement that comes to it..., due to the Mercy that envelops it...

If one is in that dimension in referential attitude, there is no triumph, there is no profit; there is no winner, and there is no loser. That is a trap. A trap of accumulated arrogance...; of overestimated capacities.

The self-definition of "sapiens sapiens" is like a sign... apparently curious, but it implies a preponderance of non-existent wisdom. But, as the saying goes: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the king".

And so, it is able to perform with supremacy, which means that it is able to finish off everything it needs to.

Of course! That style of taking a stance on one's own barometer... ends up withered and without measure, because it relies on achievement, on acquisition.

He doesn't give a chance to the unforeseen, to the unexpected, to discoveries, to coincidences, to luck... No! He wants to have everything under control.

It becomes a wreck. It becomes disquiet. But it is neither a wreck nor disquiet. It is the attitude with which it has approached its being and it is the attitude it has learned. Nor has it had the opportunity to glimpse other leanings... or those that, in another dimension, religions have attempted. They have been so fraudulent that even they have made of the spirit a failure. 

And they have created violent gods, punishers, rewarders, 'achievers', acquirers....

Once again, a deity in man’s taste, image and likeness.

The opposite was said: "And God created man in his own image and likeness". But... man, to the extent that he discovered and learned, discovered that it was the other way round: that he created his totems, his dolmens, his images, "in his own image and likeness".

He moved so far away... from the image –who knows how it was!- and likeness of its Creative reference, that now he wanders, and in the face of any uneasiness of the environment he breaks down, becomes disquieted, he... melts 

It was said -and rightly so- “Our Help is the Name of”! It was said, and rightly so. But little was heard, very little. Because the practice is: our help is... our capacity, our resources, our will, our effort, our dedication, our...

 Ehhhh!, ehhhhh!... So much possession!...

"I will do, be and exercise according to what Creative Inspiration suggests to me".        

This is a different attitude.

"I will be vigilant and take care not to fall into the temptation of waiting for the permanent Divine inspiration -because I deserve it- nor in the reference to "my own selfhood" as a sovereign power.

I will know my capacities, my resources; I will discover my endowments and I will look for my places. But oriented and referenced by a Creation. Oriented and referenced according to living, without the heavy and unbearable burden of being the king of my kingdom.

I am the servant of the Eternal!..., and with that, I rejoice.

I am the servant who seeks to serve, because that is what he has come to, that is what he has come for: to fulfil missions, to discover objectives; those foreseen by Creation, not those achieved by my ambition. Those will have an expiry date”.

But... -oh, the "but"- but, of course, "our daily bread", in different ways, the being considers it as "something to be conquered". And yes, it is the protagonist -yes, yes- but it is not the director, it is not the one who wrote the script.

And that is forgotten.

And instead of finding faith and hope in the doing of what is known, what is understood, that "our daily bread" will be created... magically, by chance...

Which is, no doubt, the most adventurous attitude there can be, since I do not know the plans of the Eternal, of the Creator Mystery.

It's the best position to feel liberated!

The burden of power does not liberate; it enslaves! The burden of "where there is a will there is a way" does not liberate; it suffocates!

Knowing that one is immersed in an infinite Creation, in a permanent Eternity, is the best libertarian and liberating guarantee that we can find.

And we have said "that we can find", as if it were something we can -as a "power"- achieve.

No. It is not something that emanates from our wilful power... It is something that is discovered, that we are allowed to discover, in praying, in meditating, in contemplating.

And we are allowed to do so, insofar as we exercise with belief, with "I believe". But not with "I think..." No! With believing!... Which is not to want; which is to believe, which makes us creative, which gives us the guideline of improvisation, of the loving spontaneity that we receive, thanks to which we live!

Life was not given by our wills and abilities. Life is not there... and is not maintained in the being, by its achievements.

It is not difficult to realise that.

We were gestated... from The Infinites. We didn't know we were there. "We didn't know we were."

We remained in the unheard-of Creation. We did not know we were.

And it was being made... in infinite spaces. And we didn't know we were there, but we were.

And when -little by little, and suddenly at the same time- we arrived, we did so without remembering... that we had always been. Not knowing what "always" means!

And wandering around with the knowledge and powers, it was not difficult to discover that the Universe was not ours. It was not difficult to realise that it is not my will that attains and achieves, but what allows me to achieve and attain is that Mysterious Creation in which I was, and did not know it; in which I was and I am, and do not know it.

But now I can quiver in the Mystery, without the anguish of wanting to reveal it, of wanting to manage or manipulate it. Discover myself as an expression... of that magical and mysterious Creation.

Rather than petitioners, and exclaimers of... being servants.

That would be the position for real growth. That would be the real baggage for the journey.

We could exclaim: Ohhh… Mercy!...

Oh!, of a sigh.

Oh!, of joy.

Oh!, of grief.

Oh!, of "having"... Mercy: that step, that foot that is given, to be given. That position that does not ask, that is offered.

That Mercy, that does not end...; that is perceived... in every moment of our vanities.

Oh Mercy!

HAVE, have, have… Mercy!



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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