And deterioration of the species absorbs the consciousness of what has been achieved, of what has been accomplished, of what has been built, of what has been possessed. And based of that possession of the tangible, measurable... material, it hijacks -almost- almost all the activity of the being. It becomes a number: 4, 7, 10... million.

Possession of matter in its most egotistical version: in which each one feels responsible for what has been achieved or not achieved, for what one has or does not have.

Everything that can be counted –of accounting- and saved –of retention-. With this, security is sought: the security of a wall, of a roof, of a... what? But, yes: the security of having.

No, it is not enough to see failures, deterioration, corruption, theft, slavery...: that "modus vivendi" that is increasingly legalised and disguised to make the corrupt appear legal, in the name of this or that law.

And that sense is where this materialistic materialism is situated; in that sense it is situated, under the law of consumption: to consume and consume...

An addiction to what is done and what is not. It doesn't matter. Consumption is perfectly planned for whatever emerges from work, from profit, possession, returns again to the fold of claim. " It returns again to the fold of claim".

And in that plot, where... where and how to handle the sensitive? Where, how... and under what reference to expose the feelings, the attractive, the beautiful, the emotional, the fantastic, the incredible, the beauty...?

Preoccupation of worrying precipitates the consciousness towards what one has; and according to that, what one is worth; and according to that, how secure one is.

So... it is frequent that, when calling to pray, yes, a momentary, emotional parenthesis is established. But... then, when we keep walking again, it returns to rule... it rules again!... the countable, the measurable.

The soul is transformed, turned into a weapon! And thus undoubtedly, power, competition... and violence, are generated, in its infinite versions.

And we are there, in all that!... And at times the soul is a hard bone!... that chokes; that reasons, calculates and imposes.

Breath chokes. Thirsty breathing... -thirsty for love!- it doesn't... doesn't breathe; it barely does.

Armed blockage to the soul is deterministic, limiting.

Verses fall silent... The song falls silent... Emotion falls silent...

 And with a "hello", "excuse me" and "goodbye" -three words-, the emotion is liquidated. "Hello". 

"Hello". "Excuse me." "Goodbye". It has hardly that space.

The desire of intelligence to take control of the rhythms of Creation, making them consistent, measurable, mensurable and possessive... it does not allow -no- it does not allow us to see the subtle announcement of the storm, the fragile presence of dew, the soft announcement of winter. Not even dawn is an event. And dusk... an uncomfortable or profitable opportunity. 

Prayerful Sense re... calls for and emphasizes, with its Call, the urgent need to rescue the soul, from the ¡weapon! 

To make us 'soulful'... and so there will be no opportunity to shoot. To make us 'soulful', and so there will be no opportunity to attack.

And if we just... soulfully contemplate, the offer of matter -which is frozen soul- it will cease to be the seductive lure to the intelligent, skilful, capable soul.

No... the stones did not crystallise, to be picked up and thrown them at each other.

No, the forests and jungles were not created to be razed to the ground... and turn them into animal feed.

Perhaps not so long ago -not so long ago!- all this might have been thought to be exaggerations. Perhaps. But now when shortage is approaching and it is expressed; now that cost is rising and rising, and with no recourse; now that "reasonable doubt" about our safety is vanishing..., now perhaps it is not an exaggeration to warn of the mud that envelops every footprint. And it is necessary to levitate... in consciousness; to dilute the armed and vibrate soulfully! "Levitate in consciousness". Because conviction, reasoning, calculation and logic are... "lurking", they are haunting any hope or fantasy.

To know without knowing, by the mere fact of waking up -to know without knowing, by the mere fact of awakening- to bring to the everyday... being, kindness, respect, contemplation, manoeuvres in doing in searching impeccability, quality; admiring what has been achieved with a spirit of impression, impressed, without desires of possession... -ay! ay!- it is possible.

It is possible because, whomever more or less, has a weapon piercing them, and the sigh of the soul groans. Yes: it groans with... pain!... Because love has become consumption, interest, profit, benefit!...

What is more serious: all this has been stamped under the heading of "normal".

And thus, coexistence becomes war. Sharing becomes confrontation. The common project becomes distortion.

Oh!... Living becomes like this... a torment.

 And the gesture is twisted; wrinkle appears; grimace is constant; desperate haste is permanent.


Oh!, of longing.

Oh!... of  having.

Oh!, of sighing.

I am not something to consume.

I am not something to be taken advantage of, neither to take advantage.

I am not a thing to... be possessed.

I am a subtle wager of the Creator Mystery.

I am the soulful… presence, of an animating spirit!

The fact of being... is due to the Creator Mystery!

The fact of still sensitising me and... promoting me as a bird that flies, as a fish that swims, as a plant that grows…

And to them it doesn't seem to matter whether or not they will have, if they will surely reach…

And in the face of so much secure possession, and so much desire for control... the soul is petrified; it becomes hard and... breakable. Being unbreakable in its essence, it becomes breakable due to its petrification. And when fracturing and breaking, it hurts, one suffers, and the "normal" disease is established.

And remedies of materiality appear... without being conscious that it has been brought and petrified what didn’t correspond to us, and is not contracted, but relieved, lightened, diffused, amplified, generously enamoured.

It is necessary to re-make oneself. To be made according to what happens, becomes waste, residue.

It is necessary to re-make oneself...; to reinvent oneself in soul. And remove the crust from the weapon.

And to re-make oneself is... in each doing -in each doing-, to feel... -"to feel", in a soulful, animated sense-... in each doing, to feel that we are in an enamoured transit in which service, based on the gifts and capacities of each one, is available; one is willing to be without profit, without possession.

Re-make yourself. Remake oneself in the safety of the wind; in the source, in the spring and in the well.

Re-making yourself, knowing that what is necessary and what is needed will be there; it will come...

Re-making yourself in the virtues of sincerity, clarity, transparency.

Remaking oneself, knowing that the opportunity is permanent, it is constant; that Providence gives us...; that the support is there.

But this is something we need to work on.

Remake oneself, not to stay the same way. Abandoning "the normal". To aspire to what the soul is: exceptional! Without implying egomaniac or idolatry or self-importance, but just a "being and to be" according to our nature, our providence, our maintained and entertained origin: our stellar origin.

Oh!, Creator Mystery... that flashes continuously with every birth of Love, with each starry nightfall, with every breathed and chewed support...

Help is needed, it is there waiting. But for this, humility... submissive humility when feeling clear and transparent must be exercised, must be expressed.

And let worry cease to be the permanent occupation. And stop... picking up in some nook or corner... a furtive kiss of affection, even of love.

Which is rather, by our nature, a maintained and sustained instance of emotion; not of possession!

It is not too late. There is no such thing as "too late, much too late". In the gifts of Creation there is no time. Time is a wedge that man has created to dominate.

As the saying goes: "It's never too late if the outcome is good". And it is a warning to being when it feels discouraged and incapable or impotent, and takes facts for granted, and stays with them. And it thinks it's late, too late, when it turns out... that it's dawning permanently. It is never too late.

But you always have to start. Because living is an eternal spring sprouting. It is not an accidental event!

Because living!... is an eternal enamoured sigh.

Because to live is an... eternal sigh, in love.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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