Dawn is insinuated, after a solemn dusk.

And it insinuates itself by manifesting itself in the light that brings, life, to germinate, sprout, grow, bear fruit, seeds...; to manifest ourselves as immortal.

Dawn is insinuated and it is expressed in the light. And with the light, all its goodness is expressed to be able to see, to clarify, to glimpse the sense of going.

And in all these there is goodness, providence, infinite possibilities.

Dawn does not come, to frighten us! It does not come to scare us and show the power of light. It does not come to punish us.

And why, then -in the face of that apparently simple fact of dawn- does the human species frighten, and scare each other, relate to each other in fear…? And comes to consider it "natural", "logical", "rational".

In what prison of conscience does one live in, in what prison of martyrdom? When it turns out that life is given with joy and infinite creativity, at the coming of the light, and becomes solemn at the coming of the night!

What kind of stagnant, unpleasant, boring gratuity... has given rise to the consciousness of the so-called "natural human fear"?

How did it come to this prison of... misery?

And it is often said that it cannot be avoided, as if it were eternal damnation.

Yes. Probably -probably- so much religion of fear, so much warning of punishment, so much hell and purgatory, has had something to do with it and has postponed salvation to "after life".

Such a trap of power! Such bars of security!

And it was told to us as... the supreme truth: "You shall fear the Lord your God and worship Him!”.

A worship to fear... that erases every dawn?, that leaves the night without solemnity...? Is that the consciousness that one wants to create?

Thus passes the daily eagerness of proposals, violence, resolutions and demands.

If fear were in the origin of life, it would never have sprouted.

Yes. But certainly, based on fear to deity, and in the course of "knowledge", the power of the divine was replaced, by the human power of violence, of shooting, of dagger, of stone, of insult, of blow, as a substitute for the punishments of God, as doing him a favour, for him not to get tired. Thinking that there are many punishments, and that they are necessary to seek the truth.

And fears and fears were and are continually being spread, with penalties -if there is no obedience- of punishment.

And humanity accepts them, assumes them. And what is more worrying: it exercises them; to each other, against others.

"No, I have not come to live by accumulations of fear. I have come to live out of Mercy, Kindness, and Generosity.

They have saved a place for me... at the dinner table: LOVE.

But I have certainly come across diners who threaten me, push me around, order me around, boss me around!

And almost without realising it, I become one of them and I start to command, to order, to demand...".


"Prisons of the soul”. Yes, yes. As the mystics used to say: those in which the soul feels guilty, feels deserving of punishment, and accepts the intermediation of other humans as representatives of the Divine.

When it turns out that, with little sensation, with very little sensation one has! of something more than life -"there is something more than life"- one does not perceive it, no, it does not, one does not perceive any prisoner, one does not perceive any sheriff or dominator.

Rather, on the contrary -on the contrary- in those moments, one perceives a facilitating, generous, occasional, opportune flow: the transmitter of luck and coincidences... that does not express itself to punish us, it expresses itself to correct us, to adapt us, to tune us in. And it does it carefully, almost invisibly! It does it softly, gently. So much so, that sometimes it seems as if it were not there. But it is.

It is there, because it calls us to insinuate, to suggest to us, to offer itself to us!...

Unbelievable!: to offer itself to us!

Shouldn't it be the other way around: that we offer ourselves?

Does it perhaps... does "It" need us?

Man as a divine helper -can one show more arrogance?

Life and living is a miraculous, permanent, smiling and generous worship.

It is creativised by Creation, but living does not depend on that creativity.

This terrible, terrible point of man's dependence on man has been reached. The link, in ordinary consciousness, of the being's relationship to the Creator Mystery has been severed.

And with that cut... humanity has seized its destiny.

This is what the human way of proceeding says and expresses. And the majority accepts it: "I am the master of my destiny". "My body belongs to me". "I am free to do as I please"... and sentences like that, which only indicate -in addition to fallacy, arrogance and haughtiness- only indicate, above all, a terrible ignorance!; a disproportionate deafness; a vision without any consideration… incapable of seeing beyond the finger that points out.

Inspiration is given to us to be creative. Thus, to reproduce –“reproduce"- Creation. Following the sense of the invisible.

And all this, not to punish us but to celebrate us; to open us up to imaginations, to fantasies, all of them valid!, because they correspond to the "fan-tastic" Creation, which is so evident... when one comes from the solemn night; it is so evident, when our gaze is capable of outlining and discovering the immensurability of life...

How can we, then, enclose this Creation, bury it in our consciousness, and creativise ourselves and name ourselves "creators"?

Indeed, Divine hope is unfathomable. Indeed, Mercy is unfathomable. Indeed, Goodness of Love is boundless, unfathomable.

Because, evidently, it lets us do without reprimand, it lets us do without punishment, it lets us do so that we may find the living tombstone... of the Divine influx!

But curiously, reason -that fundamental bar, that prison lock- quickly answers us and says: "you see, do you see? It depends on you. Everything depends on you. If infinite Goodness were there, it would have already repressed or punished you".

And then, those incredible arguments: "If the Divine Goodness were there, it would not allow hunger, wars...".

But who has organised famine and wars? Human pride.

And then, of course, comes the question: "And why has the Divine allowed man to become arrogant?”.

For him to be able to discover, and to discover IT in its Infinite Goodness, when he finds himself on the brink of extermination.

Without time, the Creation remains.

Without time, the Creative Mystery influences.

Living, life, has not been conceived as a war without quarter and an endless fear.

It has come into being as exceptionality, a singularity within universality, which we evidently see and discover with our primitive weapons.

"Weapons". If it were with our primitive "Love" it would be very different.

We are witnessing deterioration of human creativity, supplanting Creation.

When this is not the case, the creative becomes Divine, it becomes a reflection, like the moon from the sun that, hidden, courts it.

But when the creative, creativity becomes supplanting... it is based on the power of violence, of fear.

And in doing so, it deteriorates.

And we are, now, in times of... "privilege". Yes; because it is possible to visualise the deterioration of the creative destructive power and generator of endless fears.

And consequently, due of the remoteness it implies from the Creator Mystery, it is possible to babble, in our consciousness, the existence and the permanent assistance of the divine breath.

Our Help is the Name!...

And in doing so, we erase borders, boundaries, bars, punishments and all kinds of fear.

We become wind and sway, and there is no limit to our breath; there is no barrier to keep us from flowing, no box in which we can be enclosed.

One could say as a slogan: God is free... and I with Him!

It is time to come together with the DAWN OF LOVE.

It is -and always has been, but now with special significance- the moment to tune into Higher Goodness.

In truth, put ourselves at his service, similar to the one he offers us, gives us, takes care of us...

Our infinite and very small participation, but in tune: in tune with the liberating, with the shining!, with the adorable, with the UNFATHOMABLE LOVE.

Yes! The moments are now.

Yes. The instant is now.

Before they were impossible. They are now. Later it will be too late.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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