It is often said colloquially that each being, each person, is "a world". "A world"... perhaps as an unintentional allusion to the fact that each being is a microcosm.

Each being is a world, yes. And in that sense, there are arguably 8 billion human worlds.

But extrapolating in another, more social sense, there are worlds within worlds. For example, the world of the poor, the world of the rich, the world of migrants, the world of artists, the world of vagrants, the world of pilgrims... It is infinite.

And it seems -it would seem, and in practice it is so- that each world has its codes, its rules, its customs, its laws, its dogmas. And well, it has a certain contact with other worlds. And the pilgrim has contact with authorities, and authorities have contact with politicians, and politicians have contact with the bankers. But peasants have no contact with bankers, except when the bankers fleece the peasants. And so on, the points of contact of the different worlds are absolutely... -let's say- fear and accurate; to the extent that they are different worlds, with different rules, with different status.

And so, in each status of worlds, they are born, grow, reproduce and disappear, maintaining -as a group- a minimum of contact.

Globalisation allowed -or rather "managed"- making a big world that encompassed all the little worlds -the infinite worlds or the social worlds. It was the wrapping... or it is the wrapping of the world that practically wraps all worlds. And which does not only remain in the movements, in the activities of each world -in trades, in businesses...- but it also penetrates into consciences: propaganda, information, marketing, opinion…

And a globalisation of opinions is developing, of "uniform" creeds; as if they had really uniformed us, they had put us in the same suit, at least in the most significant things.

Just as you need a passport to travel, and everyone who travels needs to carry a passport.

Yes, there is a group of people who enter through false borders, etc., but it is minimal.

How was this achieved?

Undoubtedly due to the conscious and unconscious transformation of a profit, comfortable, sedentary, competitive way of life.

And that took hold, took deep root into that globalisation, as something necessary. It was the so-called "quality of life": security, work, comfort, well-being, fun... retirement and disappearance. A whole model of evidence.

And put this way, of course, globalisation becomes so forceful that it is difficult to abstract from it. Moreover, there is not much room for other options or possibilities. Everything must be calculated and... profitable.

The Prayerful Call gives us this very synthetic presentation of the state in which we are wrapped by human dynamics.

And we ask ourselves, prayerfully, whether this current step is an obligatory step... -it seems to be- or whether it is a step that must be fought or a step that one must be defended against.

Because that human condition has been created by those who felt privileged, dominant and convincing. And they have established it little by little, but... in a hurry. And they have managed -in this globalisation- to establish the necessary competition so profit, the "excellence" -in inverted commas- of any activity, is beneficial to maintaining the status we are in.

The Praying Sense warns us that this situation is part of the path that the species follows. The Creator Mystery is aware of it all. There are no special powers -but they do stand out from each other- of humanities, which substitute the Creative Consciousness. They may appear to replace it, but it is part of the egomaniac expression -just another one.

That caveat is important, as not to fall just in what is proposed: competition, competitiveness, combats. And to put it -in short- as "the good guys and the bad guys", with the consolation that in the end -in the end, eh?- good guys will beat the bad ones. But meanwhile, the bad guys always win.

The Prayerful Call calls us to rid ourselves of this competitive consciousness, of this "fight against" lies, egotism, idolatry, and impunity... This is precisely what is intended in this globalisation. But each of us, and all of us, belong to humanity: to those who are born, every dawn, thanks to "the Love of the Creative Mystery".

There are not worse ones and better ones. That can be valid for kindergarten. But when the being reaches an expected adulthood, which is before the old age compensation of living -which, it is another conceptualisation, of course-.... so, in this adulthood we must be alert not to fall into this combat, to know that these other worlds that want to conquer and they do, and dominate these other worlds, are part of the dynamics of the species.

It is a new opportunity to learn that it is possible -without "power"- to abandon the strategy of supplanting the Creator Mystery, of supplanting the Divine Providence, of supplanting...

That it is possible. It is possible on the basis of each being waking up and realising it.

Even if on a day-to-day basis it criticises and highlights what it finds disastrous or inadequate. Yes; that is...a peanut.

What is significantly transcendent -the Praying Call demands us- is that we have consciousness; we awaken to the development of the consciousness of the Universe, with the multiple facets of a polyhedron of infinite faces. And that everything that prevents me from this vision of humanity, of my species, without judging it, without criticising it... must be taken into account.

And if I know that I must not supplant, that I must not compete, that I must not become a proprietor, that I must not get too comfortable, that I must not become sedentary, and I exercise… -I exercise- in this sense, it is obvious -for the prayerful person at least- that the situation, the situations, the experiences change.

If every little big damage -that it is like this under our conscience- I try to compensate by fighting and establishing another "better" situation -in inverted commas- I will end up doing something similar.

On the other hand, if as a being of the universe I position myself in that itinerancy, in that passing, in that service, in that humility, in that dedication, in that joy to feel, all that flow, flow of events will have an impact on this globalisation.

We already know that we cannot say: "I just can't do anything". False: I can! But it is not about Power. It is about the transfiguration of my positions, to place myself in another sphere of vibration... where I can feel myself as an entity of Creation. And see the created as... something necessary, something essential to be able to establish a way of coexistence that allows us to move forward with hope every day. To remove the grimace of complaint, of disinterest, of apathy, of "this is the way the world is"...; of that dogmatic sense of every word; of that continuous rectification of what this or that or the other says.

More concerned -the species- about disagreeing than about reaching agreements.

And it seems that one is on the hunt for the other: religiously, politically, socially, convivially; it is waiting for the slightest "mistake" -in inverted commas- to notice it, to point it out, to indicate, to correct.

How easy it is to destroy! How easy it is to disrupt! How easy it is to trip it up. How easy it is to speculate, to invent what is not, and to change the story... Because when not knowing and not being aware of what is happening, my actions and my being are guided by those references that, being false or modified, obviously falsify and modify my path.

We have a path as a species, the eight billion, nine billion, ten billion: a multi-dimensional species. We have a "future". And that future of species we must embody under the Praying Sense of the Creative Mystery. And in this future of the species, we will discover, indeed, a great variety of details to correct, to change. But we will not be able to remain in combat and in the permanent siege, because that is not what the Universe shows us -although from here we can interpret it as an old, aged Universe, that is ending, that... it will give rise to something else that we do not know what it is, but that we dare to speculate easily-.

This consciousness of the "species project"... amplifies our daily consciousness and makes us focus on the virtues and capabilities of others, rather than on their faults, mistakes and continuous rectifications.

We could already say that there is enough experience to know that confrontation and competitiveness lead to deterioration. But it seems that we still need more 'deteriorating' incidence to realise that it is not that way.

The prayerful person must be aware of this: "That's not the right way". And to the extent we exercise "that's not the right way ", we ally ourselves, we join together, we live together, we respect each other, we appreciate each other, we admire each other.

Can’t that be done?! It seems that we are condemned to criticise, to persecute, to condemn, to rectify, to impose...!

That much, that much!... we have become accustomed by others like us?

It seems to be a mistake or a sin to exalt and extol the virtues of one or the other; to respect and admire what is well done. It is to live together without competing!

It seems to be embarrassing -"it seems to be shaming"- and that we lose hegemony and authority by not competing, by not commanding, by not ordering…

Is it shameful to be prudent? Is it shameful to respect privacy? Is it shameful not to fight? Is it wrong to know how to cultivate silence? Is it cowardly to shirk combat...?

Regulations are being established with such vigour and force that it is difficult not to fall into them. But the Praying Call is there to warn us, to whisper or shout to us about our nature, about our species consciousness, which is guided by Providence. We are... with all our excesses, the result of envy towards Creation, result of envy towards... the overflow of Creative Love.

The species has not come this far, -the Praying Sense tells us- to give up. It has not come this far, in the living, to exterminate itself. It has come this far to purify itself, to recognise itself, to discover itself, to clarify itself, to "vivify itself": to worship living.

Our conscience as species has not come this far to feel vital exhaustion and request warlike, underhand or masked euthanasia.

No. The Praying Call tells us we have come this far because, following the guidelines that we have maintained as a species, we can realise that they are not the ones that correspond to us; that we must rectify that seized engine, with symptoms of fatigue, weakness and despair: clean it, correct it, polish it... to return rods to flow again naturally, with precision.

A consciousness of new spices.

Yes: a new birth, a transfigured position that begins with each being... and is transmitted to another and another. It does not have to conquer or be conquered, neither convince nor be convinced. It has to know how to remain in the intimate presence of being and in the community action of solidarity, which are not at odds...; which call us to a consensus of universality

And yes, we will highlight transgressions, of course, but without dogmatising, without blaming, by claiming responsibility and facilitating rectifications and corrections.

Don't we perhaps, correct the little one, time and again in his development? And time and time again, the little one "transgresses" -in inverted commas- the rule and he gets dirty again and stumbles again. But... the love we feel for that being allows us to clean it up again, to lift it up again, to play again to not get dirty and not to fall down.

And to see the reward of a smile, of an accomplice 'liking' -"liking": of each other.

We are at the gates of the great opportunity, the great occasion to rethink, to become aware as a species; to assume the path we have travelled so far and to know that we are heirs of transcendental changes... that lead us to other dimensions.

It is now.

And in the Prayerful Call we will always have that echo of other perspectives, but connecting with our understandings, to our knowledge, to our feelings, so we can give that modified transfiguration. Let's get out of that balloon. Let us assume the "liberated" as the true option. And that if we have come this far, it is because that is what the... incredible Providence has wanted.

And in his prayerful gifts he calls us to change... as part of our journey. Because, in consciousness, we are ready for it...


Mercy, mercy, mercy...



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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