From the supposed remoteness of the Creator Mystery, to the obvious presence of its action... there are no distances, no speeds and no times.

There is evidence of need of consciousness to tune in…with that Love that recreates and creates us every day.

A claim of Love that implies fidelity. That "fidelity to what is revealed" that, without pause, permanently shows us the Creative Mystery. Its fidelity to our care is the reference of our fidelity towards our action, our project, our hope, our fantasy, our dedication, our ideals.

A... a proposal. A proposal and a bet... for transcendence. "A proposal and a bet for transcendence". And a detachment from voluntary indolence, of easy decision of will, of facility...

       The species walks trusting its own resources!, its abilities...; in its learning and its easy emotions.

And it walks in personal consciousness, feeling safe, as if it were the creator of its destiny. Yes: that free will that wields in every decision, whatever happens; which is almost always the same: confrontation, discussion, tension, discomfort...

To the extent that the being of humanity abandons transcendence and is guided by its indolent freedom, it will enter the circle of decadence, of discomfort and neglect.

And living!... that incredible event from the existential paradises, passing through the suspended terrestrial paradise, continuing through the paradise or Eden... of the amplified consciousness, then diluting in the reproductive... to jump to the Sensitive Spiritual Breath, that transcends and is at the service -without servitude- of the Eternal, that whole project of life, of living, is what is permanently gravitating over us.

The easy kidnapping of free will gives... gives "the bias" to the union of the being with its entire lineage.

And at first, the will, the decision... seem to accompany this apparent freedom, which then gradually becomes dependent, insufficient and enslaving.

And of all that ancestry and transcendence..., all of it is stored in oblivion.

It is the change that humanity has made -in general-: opting for its potential freedoms -all of them conditioned- all of them. Opting for them. Instead, fear unconditional liberation.

It's funny: so much thinking about the great!... and fear of liberating transcendence arises, and one opts for conditional freedom.

It is something to consider... on a daily basis.

This is not a detail applicable to one case, or this one or the other.

"He who has -as it was said- ears to hear, will feel alluded to".

The Prayerful Call is for everyone, and each one hears... to what is his or her own.

Lucks, coincidences, the unpredictable... oh, "the languages of the Eternal"... they are not difficult languages to interpret. No. They require the necessary humility and submission. That is the condition.

On the other hand, if the attitude is challenging, demanding, intelligent..., then no language is seen; you see chance, you see grace or misfortune, the circumstances you need to live or not... Self-interested simplicity.

Is it possible... -asks the Prayer- is it possible, is it possible to ask oneself and to inquire about one's own existence... and discover oneself and to let oneself be discovered by Creation, in its gifts! -that it gives us-?

Is it possible to feel privileged to keep breathing, eating and yearning, and know that it is not due to our ability...?

That to the extent that we feel we are servants of the Eternal, intermediaries of Goodness, it is possible to realise... it is possible to realise that living and passing through is not stumbling! It is to be smoothing, amplifying, softening, re-creating!...

In case there were any doubts... even the Creator Mystery shows us an expansive Universe, generator of continuous spaces, accelerating its greatness.

And we have been able to grasp that... and we have been able to calculate it! But it seems to be something that is out there and does not compromise us.

"It seems to be out there and does not compromise us"... and it is the clear language of evidence.

Faithful rigour of belief, that knows how to elude –that knows how to elude- appearances.

Faithful rigour of evidence, that knows how to elude appearances.

Humanity, as a species, already knows pretty well – right?- how to destroy. Amply.

Every adult individual already knows how to play the key of destruction.

But what about the other keys...? Of restitution, restoration, remedy, resource, redemption…

These keys are rarely used.

So little are they used that they intervene less and less in the scores, in the musicality of each being.

The Praying Sense asks us…:

Is it so difficult to dare... to dare to be a faithful reflection of Creation, and to sing the liberating melody, instead of the one of conditional freedom?

Of course, it's possible! It is there... always. A true "always". An "always possible".

Between servile and self-centred humanities there is no rectification; there is confrontation, flight and despair. And while, all this is going on, there it is, ready and available!... Creation, transcendence, virtue, the claim of our instinct for holiness!...

The complaisant welcome is always ready. At least know it!... and not, cling to the personal destiny of conditional freedoms: those ones that always catch you.

Again!... again a new rhythm is proposed: Believe... Rethink… Project oneself towards... the Infinite, the Eternal, the Immortal.

Entering another dimension. Yes: into another dimension. To leave, to detach oneself from the so-called "reality"...

Entering another dimension, based on believing, that implies faith...; implies complaisant hope.

Rethinking... like replanting a tree that does not feel comfortable in its place and seeks -apparently drying out- other spaces. Not other "realities". Other "dimensions".

The Prayerful Call calls us towards those dimensions of believing in love, of knowing oneself... fruit in continuous renewal.

To re-train ourselves... To amplify our capacities! To unleash... to free our own talents. To be a living expression of new, empowering and enabling projects!

Yes! Another dimension!

"Reality", the one the being has gestated through fear of liberating itself, by, kidnapping itself, that is not the dimension the Prayer demands of us. No.

Being in the dimension of Believing, of Retraining, of Rethinking, of Projections, means detaching ourselves from the enslaving reality of the senses, wills, achievements…

It means not repeating... what has already proved to be out-dated.

Is the Creative investment in each being... made in order to make it stumble...? Or rather, at the first stumble, should one learn to know the full, flat, liberating path? The one that makes any need possible. The one that asks us:

.- What do you want?


.- Fine!

.-That other

.- Fine!

.- The other

.- Fine!

It can be called "magical"; it can be called "fantastic"...

Creative Dimension that enables all projects.

And it is curious. Yes, it is curious, all the effort that the being makes to repeat, to insist, stumble, to get upset!.... And it is curious, indeed, the minimum effort that Creation asks of it to enter towards liberation, believing, believing itself to be recreated and permanently created.

They await us in that "Communion of Lovers". They await us in that "sustained and maintained Orgasm"... that implies being in the liberating sense, without greed of possession, without ambition of individuality...; with a dimensioned awakening... and certainly making any realisation possible.





The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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