Each Dawn -"the one born out of Love"- gives us the timely opportunity to correct, to change, to follow, to return, to jump, to fly... and a long list of possible... opportune ones.

Before the Prayerful Call, the attitude of believing sways searching of what is opportune, what is adequate. Making of its being, a servant of the Eternal; not a slave to its own likes.

And while we stammer searching for the opportune... of each passing, it will surely find us!...

And we can perceive that the confidence we harboured as sapient, as human nature... was not capable, by itself, of being opportune; it was rather inopportune.

But when we are in tune with the new Loving Dawn, opportunity finds us.

It is about knowing one's reference to the Creator Mystery.

It is about putting the senses "at the disposal of".

That's how they find us, and they show us clearly what the opportunity is.

While the being obfuscates in its capacities... it does not find!

It is its duty to search, but if its confidence is in its abilities... it cannot be found.

It is not difficult to realise that the species is immersed in this process: blind... with its senses, searching without seeing, without hearing, without tasting...; without perceiving the perfume or seeing the transcendence of the caress.

Everyone, with their demands, with their needs, with their complaints, with their impositions, with their determinism... "terminate". And they begin again to end the same way. And they begin and end.

And having wings, they can't fly.

And having fins, they can't swim.

And having a conscience, they do not know how to transcend.

It is precise -from "precision"; of "opportune"- to pay attention to the language of chance, to the language of the unforeseen, to the language of the unexpected that wants to correct, warn, teach, show us.

In the Prayerful Sense of reference, to begin in order to end is not a consciousness of being of humanity.

Eternity does not contemplate the end; it is not in its guide. Infinity does not plan to become finite.

And when they find us and give us the opportunity, we must take care of it, preserve it, develop it, amplify it. To be amazed and... to believe more.

But this is certainly not usually the case. With alacrity, the... "precision"? of the being corrects the one who finds us. It corrects the Creator Mystery and rectifies it.

And so being becomes more and more blind and deaf. And it begins and it ends, and it begins and it ends...

Thus, when being is lost in its speculations, it moves away and avoids being found.

It takes shelter in what is known and disdains what is yet to be known.

It is necessary -from the Prayerful Call- that the being, in its projects, decisions... in its journey, tries at least to see -although in reality, it has to be seen)-, tries at least to see -because this is how they will find it- its coordinates, to see its paths, its attitude...

Its journeys and its attitude in reference to... the Unnameable; in reference to knowing if one is at the opportune moment.

Thus, the Prayer places us in the opportunity to tell us, that if we turn to its Help, the Growing Clarity will be present.

If we attend Its Help... internal controversies and permanent doubts will be dissolved.

If we attend its Help... our Help is the Name of the Creator Mystery.

The transcendence of feeling opportune... dissolves the endless questions, the going back-and-forth from one place to another or the inoperative stillness.

It makes of our being a permanently nascent doing.

Do not let us be manipulated by our egomaniacal conscience in which we have been brought up.

Do not let be duped by free will we have demanded to set up our will, our tastes, our desires.

Let us not make terminal what is Eternal.

We are brought to fulfil a service in the face of a need... And we are shaped by opportunities… thus we can see the hand of the Eternal and know how to evaluate, correct, rethink, rectify, rehabilitate.

We are like a gemstone, but covered with impurities. We are carved so that we shine... and we can give the light, the testimony and the example that we continue to allow ourselves to be purified.

That cut, that bevelling, this carving that Providence exercises over us, we must let it happen. We must assume -of course!- the difficulties: that they are rather theoretical; they are obstacles set up to… to be able to avoid them, if we are on the right track; if we feel referentially accompanied by the transcendence of what we are doing.

An opportunity is made, from a structured freedom to the taste of the consumer. And the opportunity for liberation is scorned, that is not offered to the highest bidder; which is not due to the best advertising, flattery, admiration or... self-importance.

The opportune liberating consciousness... does not require the "personal freedom" that you are given or you take. That is a personal trial of a beginning and end.

It is a wilful supremacy that... soon declines... and needs to be repeated, like an obstinacy to prove its validity.

And in that entire din, what is liberated is forgotten. It becomes something... sighing, chimerical.

And with great ease, being goes from the Transcendent to the personal, to the preceding. It needs its abilities and ignores the ones given to it.

If we have listened and felt, we all feel alluded to in the opportune "Loving Dawn".

And by allusions, we must proceed... with the referenced soul in the opportune being.

Prayerful Call: an opportune call to correct, to discover, to let oneself be found, to be referenced...; to see the message that, in each situation, indicates to us the carving that Eternal Love makes on our gemstone.

It shows us the carving on our gemstone made by the Love... of the Infinite and Mysterious Creator.

Amen, Amen, Amen.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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