Threats, possible martyrdoms, misfortunes are shown incisively.

Threatening potential dangers are proclaimed.

There is no truce for smiling, for singing, for dancing; town squares are not in the mood for celebrations.

In any direction there are obstacles, difficulties... adorned with lies, deceit, monstrous appearances or weak and poor appearances.

Figures and figures adorn projects, proposals, forecasts; and statistics fly over our heads, making climber's peaks: reaching incredible heights –that we even believe we have reached them!- or falling into deep, unexpected abysses.

At the same time, one day what was covered up is discovered, and a possible hope is created that... we'll have to see, we'll have to wait!, and we'll have to keep on looking...

Most of the time it will be lost in oblivion, in the bureaucracy of paperwork or in the extinction of money.

Oh!... A progressive life, a progressive and intensely cornered life, in which the law takes care of you -punishing you, of course-; in which the law protects you              -punishing you, of course-; in which the law watches over your rights -twisting you, of course-.

The money tinkles at the same time at every step. And they claim their rights.

Taxes are imposed without the slightest kindness: it is for common progress!... which will never be seen.

And the awakening of each day is marked by governments. And today it is night, in a dawn that yesterday was day. But it is for our own good, they assure to us. So that we have savings for the future, when old age overwhelms us.

Lying is a natural code: it is the progressive advances that humans had in ancient times, to deceive their prey, to subdue them, to control them, to dominate them, to hunt them. It is natural.

And the constrained character is becoming natural to us. The collapsed sincerity is becoming natural to us. The hidden moment becomes natural to us: that of inspiration or encouragement.

The Universe cries out! Yes; the Universe cries out to this insignificant -but evident- point that sets itself up as protagonist; destructive protagonist, deified protector.

Creation cries out at the sight of a Universe that, despite having the kind resource, the call of encouragement, the kindness of help, the evident service, the constancy of being loved and cared for... claims to Creation!

The Creator Mystery claims the being, staggering it, to regain its position. For it to make of its consciousness a true purification. Enough of waste and splattered inconsistencies! That it is a "call to consciousness", so that it becomes enthusiastic about living, passionate about being, excited about every instant.

Be transparent like glass... and let the light pass through, and let your light pass through!

Is it time to tear down mental walls, reinforced concrete blocks... that protect us? Is it time to lose the property that grips us? Is it time to really feel cared for, for the fact of being consistent with what we think...?

Is it time to sigh for the longed-for and to promote oneself in care...?

Could it be that the moments come when any presentation of pain, drama or tragedy can be seen as a warning to rescue resources, and expose them and give them and offer them and perform them, so that it can all be a comedy, a laugh...?

Let joy not be so expensive, so expensive!

May the mouth that is full of love and in love be sparing in the word, in that word, and when it expresses it, may it be truly forceful, solvent, faithful, and projected without -small, medium or large- difficulties, or fears .

Enough! Enough of waiting for the world to change... so that, as the world changes, we change...

What is the world?

Is the world really the power of the proxies...? And that will not change, because it is their nature, to take over, to empower themselves and to achieve maximum pressure.

Let us wait for ourselves. Let us wait to exercise ourselves in our projects, in our fantasies, in our day-to-day experiences: the testimony of what is ours.

That is a wait.

A wait of hope indeed, because we can see, every second, the arrival of the "new world"; of the "new world" of... repairing what has been damaged, of recovering what has been forgotten, of catching up on what is pending matters, of adjusting to demand.

The "new world" is in us.

And when we draw on our resources, as beings of life, and exercise them with purity, conviction, respect and clarity of doing, saying, thinking, feeling... there will be no insurmountable obstacle, none!...

Because we are being faithful testimonial reflections of our origin.

We are being the travelling light of the Creator Mystery.

Stop, stop confronting oneself, and start exercising oneself in what one knows one needs from oneself, and what others need from you. Enough complaining about what I am and how I am, knowing how I should be!

Wouldn't it be easier to show what I am than to strive for the model we are told we should be?

"Determined learners of living..., humble receivers of feeling..., submissive captors of events... and creative replicators of Creation".

There is no mistake.

And so, we come closer to dissolving discord; to stop being frightened by surrounding fear; to find the smile and the humour... in the face of difficulty or inconvenience.

Thus, knowing that the seed will germinate... because it is its vocation to "sprout".

In the same way, our consciousness will also become green. Not only in spring, but also in autumn, in winter, in summer and in dry season. It will shade its greens, modulate its hopes, but it will continually be a testimony of love for living!...

For living that indescribable, indefinable, unknown event... but which is maintained. It is maintained!... It is maintained by that Creative Mystery that provokes us when we pray, that shakes us at dawn!... so that we make our vigil a true surprise before the coming of the light.

May we feel light and be a project of it and project ourselves with it!

May they know us, without trying to do so, and that they see us without having to contemplate us.

Oh, that this “doing without wanting having to" proves to be... indefatigable! Exultant!

Exultant about what's about to happen!...

Novel about what is about to be discovered.

Without the burden of prevention, care... of "what's going to happen? Removing the parapet of the constant rear guard.

To open, yes; to open -yes- our consciences, to be able to assume, not only our passing and the passing of our surroundings, but to assume the passing of life: of the woodpecker that incessantly knocks on the trunk to make its nest; of the forest that covers the skies and becomes hidden.

To take on and become aware of the unequal and unbridled dispersion of possibilities, which torments, pursues and overwhelms!... But, all of this, assumed... as our own! Yes! Because in us there are also bombs, wars, famine, barriers, walls!...

Of course! We have the equivalents. That's why we can, in consciousness, "feel" what happens in others. And we can learn in other people's heads!...

Each one has all the equivalents that each being has, in the most hidden and recondite part of this place of life.

And so it is that we take on a character of the Universe, a character of Creation, a decision to evolve, to change, to transform, to rethink.

This is how we are able to re-train ourselves... and acquire skills that enable us for new and continuing processes.

We are not alien to any slave, because we also have our slaveries.

We must dare to exclaim that "Our Help is the Name", to feel that we are the vehicle, link or intermediary of the Creator Mystery, and to see its imprint in every casual, circumstantial, occasional, imaginary event.

It is continuously writing all around us! In our dreams, in our fantasies, in the details that happen every day!

Let us not look the other way.

Let us heed the demand of Creation, which constantly reminds us of our position.

That encourages us.

Open ourselves to seeing it. To be open to see it, and not to look in another direction: that other direction that leads to egomaniac, idolatry and... self-importance; that claims its rights, its positions, its possessions, its...

Rather, accommodating, adapting and... transfiguring into beings that truly serve, that truly liberate, that truly participate!


An "Oh"... an "Oh" that... tells us that "there is". There is whatever we need.

An Oh! that tells us where we can find it.

An Oh!... that recreates itself.

An Oh! that feels.

And by feeling, it makes itself known... and offers itself.

It becomes an offering of life!...




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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