About Sacrifice


Faced with an incredible Universe… and beneath a mysterious protection, in a place of this, -of this Universe-, arises, transits, arrives, life. Maybe… without having consciousness of it, faced with so much immensity –maybe-, the human being, in awakening to its consciousness of being, saw itself so small!!, so… so insignificant!... that it tried, by all means to be great!

Like the children's song: I want to be as tall as the moon…”

Maybe, it wanted to be great, and its greatness consisted in being powerful; to show to the Infinite Mystery… that it was dignified of “being”, to be, so that the Creation felt proud!... of a “preferred” being like the human. Merits had to be made!


Yes! Merits had to be made to demonstrate that… the effort made for us to be here was not “in vain”. So, as a result, the Earth, the sea, the mountains, had to be conquered… “Man itself”.


Yes!, so that in this way, the power of humanity would feel… similar to this force that takes care of us, in a remote place of the Universe. Remote with respect to we don't know what, but “remote”. It is not on the left, nor on the right… nor “in the extreme of one galaxy”, but… and this galaxy, with respect to what?

Our reference is the Creation itself; the unfathomable Universe itself.

And so!, the power: to be able to navigate, to be able to fly, to be able to scrutinize the force of the wind; to be able to control the reproduction; to be able to generate plantations; to be able to… control productions and viabilities for some, or for others suffering.

“Just as God does”.

Could this –maybe- be an explication faced with so much disproportion… in everything?


And in the best of cases -in the best- this demonstration of power!... needs sacrifices! Sacrifices. No. The human sacrifices in pyramids or in temples to calm the anger… or to look for the pleasure of the divine are not so far away.

And behold the generalised civilised phrase: “sacrifice will not be in vain”.

But, who created this sacrificed consciousness in you, of continuous and permanent sacrifice, as a guarantee of decency, as an endorsement of honour, as an endorsement of experience and of illumination?

Was it the Creative Mystery that brought you to sacrifice yourself? Or was it the power of being able to demonstrate that it was possible to control and manage, manipulate and destroy! -and construct-, but based on sacrifices?

“And we will become a prosperous and powerful nation, but we will have to sacrifice three generations”.

Not so long ago Mao Tse Tung said this. But it was also said by others!...

Even the powerful ones themselves!... are critical concerning the sacrifice that was needed to arrive to power; the sacrifices they have made for their homeland, for their nation, for their continent! They have sacrificed the best years of their lives, to be able to reach a power that is generous and dignified… for everyone!


Are we a species… of sacrifices?

“I sacrifice myself, you sacrifice, he sacrifices, we sacrifice, and they sacrifice”.

The blood running; living skeletons calling for a drop of water; the cry of sorrow, the continuous comparing of sacrifices: “who suffered more?”

Maybe, this inheritance from the story of Abraham, -who is asked by God Yahweh to sacrifice his child on the altar to demonstrate his faith- stayed locked in… in the temperament of humanity, and continually you have to show how much you sacrifice to become dignified of being able to -without sinning- enjoy one minute, one second, one hour...

Behind all power the sacrifice is demanded, “The blood, sweat and tears” that have had to be harvested to reach this powerful privilege. And everyone seems to be content. Everyone sacrifices themselves in a different way: one because he is sacrificed; another, because they sacrifice him; and another one, because you have to sacrifice yourself. The fact is that...

The fact is that there is no… no place to consider –incredible!- no place to consider a pleasant, happy, enjoyable!, placid way to be. No!, and if there is a moment of this type, it has to be in base of the interchanging of suffering.

It seems as if it was said:“I will change 100 years of suffering for one minute of enjoyment. Those interested direct themselves -if they come- to me”.

Yes; because to arrive to 100 years, and to have one-minute of happiness... And what if you forget? Shit!

It is paradoxical, right? 100 years waiting, -of self-sacrifice, inflicted, given, socially accepted and beneficial- so that there is one second of pleasure! And when this happens, we forget. And of course we return once again to suffering! Another hundred years!, for another second.

So, it seems as if the human species says:“well!, well!, well! Given our level of constitution, and our configuration in the Universe, pleasure, must be in another place. And the pleasure should come after living, so, three cheers for death!, because after, the pleasure will be imminent, great, eternal! The reward will be… unfathomable”.

Ah!, that is the message of all the religions:

“Pleasure is not possible in these dimensions; the enjoyment, the happiness. No, no, no, no! It is an offence to the Gods. You have to wait for a better moment, to be dignified of Eternal Glory! Meanwhile, to taste what is this glory, you have to suffer! You will have considerations, you will have conjectures, you will have points of view… always based on how we suffer”.

-Eh, lady!, you don't get on with me, no? Let’s see how we can fix it so that it is worse. No, no!, I'm not interested in fixing anything! Absolutely not! I know where the sacrifice is! And this makes me interesting, it makes you interesting and makes us interesting to the rest. Because the rest will look at us with respect because we suffer! We are the ideal couple! We suffer, because it is inevitable and we have earned it, and because we have the firm intention to sacrifice ourselves more each day. That… will be good for our children! it will be beneficial for our community! Of course!

Why… –would it be a sin?- why search for agreement, calmness, the sweet word, the detail, the harmony, if I know what you are!, I know who you are!, and how you treat me!, and how I treat you. No, no, no, no, no, no!... We quickly come to the conclusion that we have no remedy!, that “ours” is useless, that we are incapable. We search for infection. We finish ours and we search for another desperation; another suffering. Yes! We infect ourselves with suffering, and we let it be known to our children, so that they know… what the things are worth”.

And meanwhile, he who more, or he who less tests in their body, and in their soul, to see… up to where the nailed punch hurts!; to see up to where can I cry from my soul; to see up to where I can complain about the project -my project!-; up to where I can see myself supporting!... as a failure, indolent, incapable, insolent!; up to where can I demand and ask of the others… charity, alms and mercy!, so that I can be dignified; up to where can I gesticulate my suffering!, and like that receive the encouragement and affection; up to where can my body go.

It will have to be tried!...


It was said -in the era of the mammals-“he who doesn’t cry, doesn’t suckle”. And to cry signifies to sacrifice yourself. It implies to give an example of sorrow. To give!… the sensation of impotence, of incapability! Ask others to do it for us! Declare ourselves totally useless and incapable!... And like this, vehemently continue suffering, with the rest. Don't let it stop! It's the motive! It is …the sustainment!

-“And if somebody directly doesn't punish me; and if someone isn't the “power” with which to fight; and if someone isn't willing to martyrize me, I will punish myself!, I will martyrize myself!, I will make myself bitter! Because I want to make myself dignified… in front of life; because I want to show that I am capable!”

-Capable, of what…?


If from the smallness, if from the miniature that we are with reference to the Creation, if we hadn’t gestated this eagerness for making better!... through the power to work the land, the power to be able to build a wall, the power to be able to have a balloon, the power to be able to...

All of our love, when it began, converted into, wanting; and all of the wanting we invest… in power! From there: “to want is power!” “If you want, you can”.

We couldn’t say: “to love is to live”, “love is to please”, “love is to enjoy”, and “love is to amplify”, and “to love is to free yourself from any punishment”…

No, that is seen badly. That belongs to the young who don't know what life is; who don't know what is waiting for them!...

They certainly don’t know. If they knew, they would commit suicide. And many, when they discover it, they do.

“Ay! -It seems to be heard from a long way away-. Ay!, enjoy and be happy now, because… what is waiting for you! Not the jungle, or the woods, or the desert, or the mountain. No!, what's waiting for you is the Sacrifice!

If someone told you once that you were a marvellous offering, they lied!; they tricked you! You are the one they sacrificed and who sacrifices. And in the way that they sacrifice you, you sacrifice the other one. And if that isn't enough, you will sacrifice… yourself. That is what is waiting for you”.

The voice of life seems to say: “Come, come to the sacred sacrifice, because from that you will earn the benefit of glory after death”. It seems like an advertisement for a funeral parlour! That is why they triumph so much! A safe business.

Each time more prisons are needed, more hospitals, and more cemeteries. Everything follows on. Before there will be the warriors, the accidents, the illnesses… bah!


And, beneath this point of view, it is adequate to ask oneself -although it is difficult to make the question, in this state of consciousness of sacrificed, sacrifiers, self-sacrifices-. It could be asked:

Is the arising of life is so cruel… that we live to suffer? Do we live to be a constant and continuous sacrifice!? Or has it been -and it is- that the conceptualization up till now has been an error? And maybe, when assuming our humble position and submissive dedication towards what we love!, to what awakes in us admiration, could that be… a different path?, Could we live, share, live-together, get along… without sacrifice!? Could we adapt, offering the best of each one and cooperating in diluting the worst of everybody?

It could be!...

It's a possibility right?

Maybe we don't end up being so important! Maybe we don't manage to dominate the moon, or mars or Jupiter. Maybe we will manage to reach Immortality, rocking in a hammock… while we contemplate the comings and goings of the stars.

Maybe! –Without calling it “effort”- all of our dedication is directed to the exercising of beauty; to its cultivation and its contemplation. And that it stays, as a “relic of history”, the history of a life of sacrifices… that almost finished with life itself! But now it is history; now our inheritance doesn't remember it.

But, yes, yes. Now we have experienced that one or the other depraved one opted for enjoyment! But at the cost of… the sacrifice of others! They enjoyed sacrificing others! They enjoyed seeing the gasping, tears, the pain and the desperation of others.

Ah!... that is not the idea we wanted to propose. No, no, no.  

What is proposed is a different disposition!, in which, from the humbleness, and submission, our privileged position is recognised… and we declare ourselves lovers of illusion, fantasy and imagination, without having to sacrifice “anyone”; to be able to confirm that my mood and configuration are pleased… with the enjoyment.


-Could it be… could it be -this is also a question- could it be that the Creation is also like that?

-Hey, hey, hey…! Let’s see, ask again…

-Could it be that the Creation is like that: it’s pleased, to see the living creatures, and they are given means and resources so that they can be permanently and eternally idyllic?

This was also told!... But not a lot of notice was taken. It was postponed for after death; and this one was installed -when it wasn't there-. But maybe it was also told, that for the eagerness of not being less than anybody!, they ate from the undue -of the “science of good and bad”-… and this brought us to these confines in which now, it is difficult to consider, a pleasant life, dedicated, devoted to… the enjoyable doing!, to the generous service, to the grand sharing!

Yes! Maybe, -maybe-, looking at it beneath this other optic, -maybe-, we can live in a different way! Respecting the sacrifice -of course-, but without that it is the main actor of our passing through; of our speech. That we could also say:


“Thanks to… those enjoyable days; and thanks to that generous meeting; thanks for that enjoyable walk; thanks for that shared dream; thanks to the loving help; thanks for knowing how to listen; thanks for pleasing me… I grew in Universes, I made myself star dust, I went gestating… one Creation after another. With the unique creative inheritance that gravitated over me. I didn’t leave a crippled inheritance!, the spitting image of my sufferings. I didn't transmit sacrifices, and I didn't sacrifice anyone. I looked at the talents of each day that I felt, and with those I enjoyed and made others enjoy. I didn’t mind being a clown or ridiculous… or totally useless! I generated smiles. I promoted… tastes!”


Maybe… like this, I won't go down in history. Maybe later it's not even mentioned. But there is the praying sense that calls of us… to be anonymous lovers!, to be anonymous devotion!, to be anonymous perfection!...

Not to be the sacrificed main actor, examples of pain!! But examples of enjoyment, proud like the tree presenting its loaded branches of fruit… or the blanket of spring flowers, that nobody ordered to come out!; nobody told them to come! But suddenly the poppies presented themselves!, smiling!, advising to our blood… that we are “children of the wind”… and in all of that we enjoy ourselves!


Don't wait too long… to see another version. Don’t wait too long, not that maybe the sacrifice ends our sacrificed moment, and although we are given a headstone and a street and the history -that soon will be forgotten- we won’t be able to arrive on time to give testimony… of another story!!: the story that life is an unbelievable unusual event, unfathomable, mysterious, and pleasurable!... expression of an infinite Universe… and of clamouring beauty!

Let nobody… arrive late!...

Let nobody arrive late.



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