A communion, a communication, a community of life


Different humanities... pass with very unequal perspectives.

And all this is due to the will... intelligent? -the word should be defined- of those who seize power, establish what glory is... and of those who assume that position and obey out of obligation, suffer without devotion, get used to it by fate... and gravitate     -as humanities- between complaints, fears and, achievements? -with a question mark about "achievements"-.

Fear of blows, fear of criticism, fear of losing, fear of not achieving, fear of punishment, fear of...

In response: complaints to some, complaints to others... and sustained violence by some and others.

All an entertaining panorama... of unfair sentences, of a systematic "seeing the mote in your brother’s eye, and not seeing the beam in one's own eye". But impunity protects us and allows all this to happen. And so, coexistence becomes unsettled, promises are weakened and... support, collaboration and solidarity become so scarce!...

And despite of knowing -"knowing"- that... we all depend on each other, in the broad sense of life, each one establishes his or her operational consciousness of "I command, I order, I decide, I act, I impose...".

It seems to be an achievement that eachone, with their own criteria and conscience, establishes what is good, what is bad, what is normal, what is not…

Consensus is taken such a long time!...; there is so little condescension...; so little transcendence is aspired to!... that it seems to be a humanity that shouts: "every man for himself", which is like saying "every man for himself who has power".

Those who believe, have hope, cultivate faith, persevere... -that's good!- they  are few enough to "disturb"... the established dominion of each one's power.

The Prayerful Call calls us to be aware of all these situations that -in principle- are known, seen, understood, but not incorporated... into the daily vigil of the dawn, of the "good morning", of collaborating, of admiring...

While life goes on, man -as humanity- considers it limited, considers it finished, considers it completed, considers it retired.

And to that extent, it spends it, consumes it, manipulates it...; it fills it with pain, anguish, anxiety and despair.

He forgets that the meaning of life is to live!... And he forgets, because he makes life his own. And it does not belong to him. And he forgets because he thinks he owns it and can manage it as he pleases: his body is his, his activity is his, his achievements are his...

The permanent legacy of life in this part of the Universe, within its inexhaustible biodiversity, should teach us that everything is done based of consensus... in which help or contribution of one is essential for another, and vice versa.

A communion, a communication, a community of life.

When the mental structure moves in these dimensions... and we need each other and we require each other, and we abandon the easy critical main role, which usually does not provide exemplarity, testimony, dedication, creativity, innovation... Yes, it may be words!, but before opening our mouths to criticise and complain, we must speak silently inside, to see if we meet the minimum requirements that consensus, community, life, requires of us.

It is not acceptable to remain in the personal complaint, protected by personal character. It is just that, a lust for power, a need to command, and an imposition.

And life "does not admit it".

And in that sense, when behaviour is like that, everything occurs in clashes, in friction, in discomfort, in crowds that live based on fights, of successes and failures, of an established war...; that forgets.

Yes, that it forgets its progressive essence, that forgets its endless evolution, that rejects belief and obedience of life... that implies solidarity, that implies realising our true heritage, our true origin, the need for an impeccable transit.

The Prayerful Call is a beacon that illuminates the dark greys of dispute, vanity, pride, and arrogance…

Our transit position, in this place of the Universe, is carried out thanks to the reference of the Creative Force, of the Creative Mystery, wherever you want to place it: in paradises, in bursts, in... it doesn't matter!

And that is the reference that marks the possibility of life. And that reference must be kept alive because it is the one that allows us to establish the route and the path we must follow. It is the one that gives us the language of the footprints, of the earth, the plant, the animal, of our words, and our dreams...

The reference, in fact, overwhelms us with... its signs. And instead of paying attention, one is in an introspective navel-gazing.

And that's not the way to transit. This is not the way to live.

Grant our senses the ability to interpret, when it comes to seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, touching.

May the empire of the senses become transcendent.

May we, based on the reference, be able to refine, to see and to transform the destructive into a creative and constructive one.

Transforming complaint, in a renovation project.

Transforming individuality, in sharing admiration.

May the being correspond to liberating... being, not as a word but as a daily exercise of disposition, of an attitude!... that does not judge, that does not condemn, but listens, approves, supports, clarifies.

Knowing that Piety is there, that Mercy is poured out, that possibilities become infinite and eternal, and that they await us and take care of us.

To correspond with it is to place oneself in the true Life of Eternity.




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