The species life leads us, we do not go


The drums of strife appear incessant and powerful.

There is no song to quench them...

There are no words to rhythm or calm them...

And strife becomes wars, confrontations, insults, offenses, lies, and contra...

And so, little by little, the social solidarity complex... becomes timid, reluctant, suspicious, doubtful, indecisive, distrustful.

Words that continually fluctuate in everyday consciousness, as the best defence!... since more and more, any manifestation is interpreted as an attack.

And so, the solutions –solutions?- go through the victors and the defeated, the winners and the losers, the radical dualism between rich and poor; a thick and dense inheritance... that does not correspond to being. That it has been its vanity and arrogance that, based on its abilities, has developed as powerful and, decidedly, “truths.”

And the best truth is an attack; if it is preventive, the better.

And the best truth is a defence; if it is with dissuasive attitudes, the better.

And the best position is security; if it is with intimidation, so much the better.

And so, each one feels attacked and is an attacker.

Interests predominate... and become indispensable.

And needs are tricked and converted into consumption.

And the ruin of not achieving them becomes despair.

Murmur and envy are confused.

Intimacy is wearing down... and silence is a bustle.

At times, we can lower all of these positions somewhat. At times, in some places... lesser universal offenses are made.

But the powerful force that develops the prevailing style of imposition, although it may recognize itself as unfair, inadequate, inadmissible... But -but: the big "but"- but necessary, "because if not, we would be worse off"...

The alibi thus becomes perfect.

Any transgression is justified, blamed and apologized at the same time..., and acquires in the end in the sentence that "that's how life is."

But it is not a time... –without time- for pessimism. No. Describing these evidences should place us –the Prayer Call tells us- as contemplators of intransigence, but not in emergency courts.

If we are images of Superior Goodness -and that goodness does not need to be superior, it is "The Goodness": that which is gestated in the creation of the species life by the Creative Mystery-, although disquiet, despair may weigh heavily..., the kindly relief of piety, of faith, hope, unconditional love, are as well! –let's leave it there, in “as well”- vibrations of life. They are as well!... -without aspiring to be truths- they are as well exceptional evidence.

And we can be presented with the possibility of being merciful or merciless judges of what usually happens, or being an “as well.” If we promote the “as well” – “so well”[1]; such a word -if we promote the “so well”, it will be another drumbeat, it will be another melody, it will be another fragrance.

Because “so well” is the expression that promotes us in our achievements, even if it appears timid or arrogant.

Because as well, besides being protagonists, we can be... anonymous ignorant people who give smiles.

Because we can as well... be joyful in the face of love, and celebrate hopeful futures.

Because as well, believing... becomes magnificent dew that quenches thirst.

Because as well, feeling loved... is the unmistakable sign of our true state: to love and be loved.

The Prayer Call promotes us towards Him “so well”, without renouncing everything described: suffering evidence.

The life of the being cannot be a renunciation...; it is a praise.

“The life of the being cannot be a renunciation. It is praise”.

Therefore, when we usually say: “Ah! I gave up this and that and the other, for this other. And then, I don't know...", is a sign that there is no praise for what has been discovered, for what is new, but rather there is fear for renunciation; for losing what has been achieved.

Life is not a renunciation. Living is not a calamity.

It's a... flowery celebration. It is a sample of an unknown distillate, of that unfathomable Mystery.

“So well,” might seem like a last-minute offer. It may seem like an addition or a remote possibility, when it turns out to be quite the opposite: it is the genuine instance of our being.

When the prospects are that “we go”…, we stumble.

When the prospects are that “they lead us”…, we transit.

And we make of every moment, every situation, a discovery. Because they lead us to see it, to feel it, to live it, to assimilate it.

And it is often said: “Because life has led me to…”. But it is said without conscience, or it is said with the conscience that others have been guilty or responsible, or the guides...

Yes. The species life leads us. We do not go.

And this does not take away our responsibility, passion, shock...; on the contrary, it allows us to discover, learn...; feeling like perpetually ignorant people who are surprised.

And surprises are goodness!..., even if they may seem like punishments.

And they seem so when we decide to think that “we go”, and no, that “they are leading us”.

From our sublime ignorance, the subtle sigh of innocence leads us to be astonishment, an awakener of lights.

To be “the lighthouses” that guide and allow themselves to be guided.

Thus, we won't get lost: knowing that they are leading us.


[1] In Spanish the Word “Tambien” means “as well”, but when you separate it: “Tan Bien”, it means “so well”. From here, the prayer alternates between these two meanings.




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