And everything might have seemed to indicate that, after that landing in Normandy, barely 80 years ago -with still survivors-... it would seem to indicate that the festive arrangements that are commemorated in this triumph... put an end -put an end- to the wars.

It was a huge sacrifice! They couldn't find any other way to end the fight.

But soon the distributions came. “After” the war? –with question mark-. And the victors ‘distributions became racist, slavers, dominant... The most suitable thing to prepare for the next wars.

The fact is that... -and here the warning of the Prayer Call-... is that such a contest did not develop -and it is not foreseeable that it will either- but rather a spread of partial contests following the original model, and that the only solution is final destruction.

Well! It could be that this was the trajectory of humanity: to systematically arm itself to control its population and display its different domains.

That goes on; plus, plus, plus... that personal development, which -at the beginning of the beginning- in the First World War, was so group-based that... you had to go to war and that's it! –name and surname were not necessary-, now, thanks to the combative, powerful, violent development –“combative, powerful, violent”-, in addition to the generalized partiality of established wars, and following past models, it is trying that each one –now with first and last name- stand out in one’s own personal war.

If before it was “know yourself”, now it is “end with yourself”.

You will discover a multitude of defects that you will have to fight; that, together with the bacteria that become resistant, little will be left of you. Of course –needless to say!- everyone around you is worse than you; whom you will have to fight in one way or another, to guarantee your personal hegemony, your importance.

And so it is that each one can become a leader, winner, victor, loser, defeated, scared, fleeing, resentful, and vengeful... With the particularity, furthermore, that they can take turns: the one who today was defeat and despair, tomorrow can be successful and... even financial.

The pattern is repeated at different scales. It seems as if there were a genetic triplet or a huge epigenome, which is now definitively transmitted from one to another.

And during all this, a child was passing by... who asked into the air: "And God... where is he?".

It could be a coincidence, but there was a thick, dense silence. Like not wanting to look.

The birds stopped flying. They landed hesitantly.

The clouds looked surprised. The wind did not move.

The water remained suspended, as if not wanting to continue... quenching the thirst.

The leaves of the plants looked at each other in surprise.

"Where is it!?" –shouted a stone; it wasn't very big.

Everyone looked to find where the sound was coming from.

"Over there!" –said the earth-.

And they all looked towards their land... and they only saw land.

"Over there!"...

Nobody knew where to look.

"Here!" –said the moon-.

But as soon as it was gone...

"Here!" –said the sun... as soon as it appeared-.

“Heeere” -said the cry, with three tears-.

“Ha ha here” –said the laughter, with a guffaw-.

"Over there!" -said... who?-.

No direction. "Over there!".

Everything continued... still.




And like a murmur that began to move the clouds, the water, the feathers of the birds...; like a sigh... before a new desperate sound:


It is not known who answered, whether it was a fish or a heron... a lion, an elephant... a pedestrian... But it was heard clearly, "by everyone", without knowing where the voice, the sound, the word came from: 

“In you!".

Everything began to move restlessly. Everything began to rush. The wind accelerated... The dawn increased... Rain appeared. The river ran...

The boy... –ah!, the boy!- smiled... and continued.

Everyone remained restless, as if something had risen up inside them. Everyone was... surprised!... seeing that they were not what they thought they were.

Suddenly, they didn't know. Knowledge... was diluted.

And what was there, it was a... clamour.

.- A clamour?...

.- Yes! A clamour.


.- A clamour?

.- A clamour!!


.- In you?

.- Yes!

.- God!!…


.- “Am I clamour?” –said one-.

And soon they were heard saying to each other:

.- “Are we clamour?”

A strange... melody: “Clamour”

A surprising call!... that resonated in each one: “Clamour!!”.

Someone... someone began to touch his body, and search for envy, rage, obsession, revenge, martyrdom, pain. He couldn't find it anywhere. And every time he touched any place, it sounded: “Clamour!!”.

He did not dare to continue touching himself.

He searched for his self-importance and… “Clamour!!”…

He never found it.

Cla-mour!” was expressed... as if a flower had decided to open its petals and... exhale its perfume.

Everything could seem like an immense garden or infinity of seas.

The body was not needed to live.


Like a leaf trembling to express itself, was there... unable to sound... in the face of so much noise of permanent warfare.

But that careless child asked..., and the leaf expressed itself: “Clamour!!”.

And the Clamour... showed itself.




La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


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