In a New World does incomplete trustworthiness fit?


 To discover and discover… seems to be an inclination of life…

 It seems as if we are situated in a Universe that keeps surprises for us, that houses mysteries…

 We discover and discover secrets… And, sometimes, we could have the sensation that a mystery reveals itself. But, at the same time, also comes the sensation that “they have let that”… we reveal it. That is to say, they have revealed it for us.


 Our humanity has had to resort to secrets… to safeguard discoveries; because previously some constants had been established that could not be changed…

 Like when the Earth was the centre of the Creation, and the Sun revolved around our planet.

 A lot of time had to pass so that this, that constant, would change.

 Nowadays it seems to be less. “Seems to be”. But, at the same time, nowadays it seems like that the secrets are… unfathomable. And the mysteries turn out to be absolutely overwhelming.



 And as “constants” with the aim of perpetuating or assuring a certainty, the stories of dates and celebrations are given.

 And in this week, curiously, the discovery of… America! is celebrated. And, in this remembrance, some celebrate with protests, with rage, with disdain… for what the conquest of America supposed, more than to “discover it”, and everything that a conquest brings with it, meanwhile others celebrate it with processions, boasting, with pride and passion, because they brought the culture, they brought the religion, they brought the writing, they brought the renovation. Although… one or another error occurred.

 Everyone looks after their own interests.

 Also, it is not by chance that, at the same time “the day of the great pardon” is celebrated: [1]Yom Kippur. And the Hebrews throw their sins into the sea so that they are purified.

 With so many pardons that have been solicited!, now there should not be any imperfections left.

 But there is something that we are not doing well… when the pardon does not renovate, does not extol, does not claim, does not recycle, does not rectify.


 Yes! A “New World” opened; like in the previous example, when we discovered that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and that we were… one more planet; different to the others; and the others, different to us.

 But, yes. A spinal column showed up in front of the wise men. Maybe before it was seen, but not, recognised.

 Surely it was an opportunity to… modify the constants, so that the principles were re-evaluated. But it was not like this. The constants were exported, the killings were exported, the laws where exported, the customs…

 In reality… nothing was discovered.

 Simply the possibility was seen… to amplify the same anxieties, fascinations, robberies, thefts, power and gains.

 But it was an opportunity!...

 “A New World”. Because this one was becoming corrupt, broken, deteriorated. But it has continued…; it has continued, basically, with the same constants. With some modifications, of course! Inevitable.


Our community had to sign up in some place of the constants… to also have its festive moment.

Knowing that “the new!” throbs and pulses. Because we are new. There are no precedencies. There are errors yes. There are difficulties yes. Things are insufficient yes. However, there is a continuous and constant eagerness for novelty, for inquiry, surprise!… As if simulating the discovery of the new. “A new world”.

 Yes. And we are in -we are “in”- the way of contributing… elements for a new consciousness, for a new and different contemplation… that is no ruled by the imposed constants; that knows how to be amongst them!, and by persevering, it shows itself as an authentic novelty… that bets! on a celestial humanity. Yes! A humanity in where kindness is available!, the service is willing, the collaboration is attentive, the affection is sincere… and the friendliness is the ‘everyday’.


 The praying sense guides us, orientates us, suggest to us… towards this new dimension, towards this new consciousness, towards this new world. That now is not a concrete place!, but now is… an idea, and an exercising oneself in whatever place!: North, South, East, West…

 The praying sense of today, as well as situating us in perspective, orientates us towards the correction, the rectification, the renovation of our intentions.


 It is always a good moment… to evaluate the surroundings, and to evaluate oneself!...

 And, in this way, discover oneself in that which is necessary to rectify, is necessary to change.

 We have to -the praying sense of the day indicates this- to see… the capacity of trustworthiness!

 Am I trustworthy…? or am I still ‘untrustworthy’? I am trustworthy for A, B or C, but not for the rest of the letters…?


 In the new world, does incomplete trustworthiness fit…? Or this implies to continue clinging to the constants?

To what point are you trustworthy? Up to what point does the being, have to ask itself, what is trustworthy?


 This would be the praying sense that is equivalent to the Great Pardon -the Yom Kippur-, but with an apparent operative sense. Not, waiting that the Divine arrives and converts us. Before we have to be trustworthy! Before we ought to be trustworthy… to ourselves and to our environment.


 When the being feels trustworthy in front of the praying, it is in the disposition to open itself, without reserves, to the Mystery of the new!

 Yes! Because the Mystery is not something that is secret and hidden. It is something that renovates us, that surprises us, that speaks… with the language of the events.

The fact of giving it the sound of “mystery” is because of its unmeasurable grandness; it is to equate it to what we call “Creation”, and that sustains not only in where we are, but in all of the universality of the little that we know.


 Let each one discover itself in its trustworthiness. And, consequently, in its viability towards a new position… in which already it is, but that, without doubt, needs trustworthy consciences. Knowing that… the Mystery that until now has cared for us, watched over us, transported, is the reference which promotes us. And, in this promotion, warns us. And today advises us of “the trust worthy”.

[1]Yom Kippur 2016 is observed from sunset of Tuesday, October 11, 2016 through nightfall of Wednesday, October 12, 2016.




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