And so for a time… and then another, and another time, the order was composed, fixed, institutionalised, moralised, winning and other epithets.

The "fair reason" -in quotation marks- needed an ordered world, so as to be able to monitor and manage, manipulate and… and make it productive and profitable. 

What today is ventured with the robotics era … is already an old scheme of different orders.

With the phrase "the new order" the Second World War was started -for example-.

But also the "new order" gave way to Christianity.

And the "new order" marked the arrival of Islam.

And general orders introduced the dictatorship of the proletariat; and then were developed new orders, of popular democracies … And like this were managed habits, customs, criteria…; consciousness!! -in short-. And what was good… -ay!-, ceased to be this with another order! And returned to be bad, and returned to be good, more and new ordinations, plus other constants… 

Aaaay!! Until… until recently -only a few years ago- a lucky man was the one who had a good stack of banknotes -for example-; now you can only carry one thousand -not a thousand notes, but a "thousand"-.

Aaahhh!! Those times of… "prohibited to speak, forbidden to meet, prohibited…". 

.- Now,  is it not prohibited? But if before it was bad… 

.-The other way around. Now they meet, and gather…

The strikes were a sin; and, now, one has to strike as soon as you can, if you see that you can get a profit and benefit.

Ay! These poor women who got on an aircraft to London, to abort. Now have a comforting abortion law, which allows them to go in the morning and rest in the afternoon. 

But was that not bad? But was that not good? Was it good was it bad…? It Dawned, and it was seen… that no. No.

Is, the being of humanity, a being of order? 

Ah! Quickly the military and airtight societies took it, to establish a ladder, a pyramid of power from where orders and orders were emanated. Like this were developed brilliant lawyers who… turned the orders into laws; and today they matter, but tomorrow they will be removed and another will come. Bah! It depends!

It was like this that a homogeneous human community was kneaded, a defender of its orders. It was… it is!, the motive, the reason, the guide. 

But, in reply to the previous question: Is the man -as humanity- an orderly species? Or is it, the order, a manoeuvre to collect better yields?

The little that you look, it is easy to discover that due to the slow development - of individualization, training, obtaining of one’s own resources, independence, etc.- it does not seem that the human being, biologically, is a being of order. 

Rather it is chaotic, dispersed, indecisive, doubtful, changeful… 

If it were of "order", the different orders that have been imposed… would have already achieved a final order. And no. And no. One has to order and reorder, legislate and legislate again and return to… 

That is why there is the Official Bulletin of the State; to establish an orderly disorder. Because when you know that the thing is white, probably within three weeks it will be grey.

Or, if you observe -this is interesting-… if you observe any order, the order that we could have now, we see that this order is a disorder, if we compare it with the previous order; and it will be a disorder in the future.  

In short, each order that is established, of any nature, disables the previous. With which, it demonstrates that we are not ordered; because if we were, at this stage, we would have already struck with some kind of order.

Yes. The Praying Sense claims its call, to warn the being about its consciousness of order; so that it does not rot in orders that… are set, established, imposed…; that it be able to realize that the Creation does not obey any order.

Everything seems, depending on how you look at it, that is very ordered; until a volcano explodes or an earthquake appears or a cyclone… -for example-.


The order has to yield its preponderance to an "organization". The being organizes and tends to adapt and to be in continuous chaos. 

Yes. In fact, there exists the Theory of Chaos. But it is not the chaos that we can imagine from the consciousness of order. This is a destructive chaos!! 

We have to imagine the chaos from the consciousness of the chaos. Then we shall see the variables, the different possibilities, positions… and we will not stay in a version!, because of custom, for convenience, by apathy, for depression.

Ay! How much, how much bitterness is distilled daily!, because things "do not have the order that I want, that I would like"

We are full of bile, bitterness!… Bile is bitter. And as soon as you neglect and step into a place, you slip and you fall. The order swoops against you, because the bitterness distils, is distilled and spills over. Zombies are not needed. You see how sometimes the tears are green… They don’t shed tears they shed bile. Because their order has been altered; because what was expected, no longer occurs; because what was thought, is not the case; because what was imagined, also not…

And all of this bitterness, fear, anger, revenge… -everything that appears to be a chaos, and it is not- appears. The Angel Exterminator appears. The little Guardian Angel that we all have is left bitter. Or converts into bitterness, or appears the Angel Exterminator, which comes to help reassure us, to ratify nothing is worth the effort!, that everything is disgusting! Because it is not ordered to the taste of the majority… or the minority… -it depends to what facet each one assumes-.

Like this you can understand how has been created the world of the bile. 

And bitterness rife everywhere, in addition with arrogance: 

"¡Its that it is…! Things have to be done like this! This cannot be allowed to be done so! It cannot be that this is of the other one, what, what 'catupatacatu'…!". And they speak –those with the most bile- of freedoms, justice… wow!

"God is not bitter!" -of bitterness-. The Divine does not come to… is not to… to promote our misadventures…

It is rather to spice up, from our consciousness, our adventures!!…; with gifts, opportunities, resources, capacities, ideas, projects, respect, admiration… For example.

So, each person, to a greater or lesser extent –except for certain exceptions- has their gallbladder accessory, to store -spiritual, mental and physically- the bitterness of daily living.

And everything because of the order! The order that they taught you, the order that you imagined, the order that… The order!

And on the one hand –of course- is scorned, one hates any order that is not ones own. Which calls the attention, no? If the order is liked so much... 

.- Ah! But mine...

.- Ah!

But, what order can mankind establish in its daily life -as a species- if it does not know what is life?

Ah! And some will say: "This is precisely why we try to put order, to see how it is".

It is disorganised! This is the demonstration that has given our species, throughout our presence in this warrior planet.

Then, let us seek a living-together disorder, sufficiently generous and respectful so that –for the moment!- each one has its order, but does not try to impose it, and do not become bitter with the other’s orders.

It is well considered. "Considered".

Aaaahh!! Will mother like, accept and respect the order of the son? Does the son like and accept the order of the mom?

Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!... Eh!

The "eh" is a very large variable. Ah! Eh! Oh! Well, yes… Ah! Eh!... Eh! The system gets blocked; the software fails. Yes, it freezes because, of course, no… I have my order and, if I accept the order of the other, well what will be of my order!

It will be necessary for each one to establish an order sufficiently spotty -of spots,… adaptive structures- to be able to accept -this is an intermediate step, of course- to be able to accept the order of the other, without… bitterness.

If this first step is given, the beings would ‘live together' even finding dynamics of consciousness that do not judge, nor prejudge, nor condemn, nor punish, nor reward, but quite the opposite: become dynamic and organized in such a way that the disorder of each one will serve for the disorder of the other, and thus establish creative gears, innovative!!

The morning of Friday –is relevant to the case of the prayer concerning the "order"- we were surprised by the news that the Pope Francis himself called to the Vatican President Santos and the opponent Alvaro Uribe to talk about them and finally to finally settle the peace agreement. What order! It reminded us of the old Orders of the history of the Church, when the Popes placed and removed emperors, and appointed… -I don't know!- encyclicals, papal bulls, "gluttons" and other dominant paraphernalia.  

What? Is he going to admonish them? Ah! Because both are Catholic, it is true!

Ay how good! A Catholic, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and… and after four years to achieve a ceasefire… and the other says that it is an achievement which smears the ethics, morality,… 

But aren’t both Catholics? Ah! That is why they have been called by the Pope. A judgmental Peronism is going to put order; in addition, a Jesuit. Je!! That’s cute!

Here, the one that does not make "order and control and imposition"… is not worth anything! 

And one says -to finish the news-… and one said that he will go -President Santos-, and the other said that he did not know if he can get a plane to go. Take a look! 

Aaaahhh! He doesn’t know if he can get a plane to go!... 

In any case, there is no need to worry about these global situations of large scale. Now we are rich, we are rich!, we are all  rich!, because the duck has come… 

The duck: the famous history… remember, the "Uncle Scrooge", of Donald Duck? He was rich. He was all day with… Well now it has arrived! 

- And then, will there be for all?

- What? 

- I say that will there not be for everyone? –sometimes one is mistaken-. Will there be for them, more…? And for others…it doesn’t matter! 

- The order of the factors alters the product, or not? Or the order of the factors does not alter the product? Or yes they alter? 

-It-it-it… It depends! 

-That’s it!

How expensive is the living together! How expensive is the conciliation! Each one with their… [1]clubs, with the King of Clubs and with the Ace of Clubs, as if only this possibility existed. No, there are no Cups, no! And he that has no clubs has Spades!… all in search of the Gold.

Why are they there? In Cups, in Gold, in Clubs, in Spades?

Clubs and Spades. Or Clubs or Spades. 

Cups?! puffff! 

Gold?! Let’s get them!

The Spanish card deck was right. Then came out the other, American; a clear deck of mixed immigrants, tangled… But the basics were there. 

So each one sets out the order with his Spade or with their Club, waiting to collect the Gold that allows them to toast their success and their order.

The prayerful sense shows us these evidences so that, taking them into account, we make an opening of consciences… to establish sufficient respect; sufficient resources of conjunction, conjugation, communion…, without imposition.

This respect… to the intimacy of the other. 

That being "accommodating"… in a diligent way. 

This disposition of not thinking for others!..., and banishing that world of bile.

Yes, it seems a pipe dream to believe -because it is a question of believing-… to believe that the status of order can change… to another order, and to another order -which means that it does not change-. 

It is difficult to believe that we can have in consciousness -in consciousness- a creative chaos capable of generating an accommodating disposition. 

It is more convenient and safe to bet for an everyday disbelief, which will always have its evidence and demonstration. And the flag of the order can be hoisted in every moment.

But if we are in Prayer, and if we go to the Praying Call, if we assume a style of development and evolution, as a different option, distinct, with capacities, resources and creativity, which evolves and adapts according to needs, we have to park the misbelief; or, if not, go with her to the worlds of doubters that secrete their bile and… and between them they fight or join together to have more bile. In the event of trouble and too much greenery, there is always the merengue of Juan Luis Guerra, of "bilirubin", which can alleviate a little the drama. Besides, he is an evangelist, he is Christian… everything fits!

We have the creator disposition to "Stay on the Summit".

We have the complacent attitude of "The Orgasm", as an expression that sustains our dynamic adaptation. 

Yes. The Oracle tells us that it is favourable, at the moment to exalt and glorify our virtues, our gifts, our capacitation’s. They promise to uphold them, put them in evidence; that others admire them, and that we admire the others…

Beneath a pleasurable state… Under a pleasurable state that identifies with "The Orgasm"; that although it is not known what it is, it exists. In each case, surely, differently… because it does not correspond to any order.

Could it be that, coincidentally, because of this "Stay on the Summit" and this "Maintained Orgasm”, in this artificial time but… of order of a new consciousness of birth, Christmas, nativity…, will it be that this coincidence advises us of a great possibility? Could it be that this sense of prayer can enable us the amplification of our feelings, senses? 

It is a question with a personal response that the praying sense transmits for us to evaluate, re-evaluate our identity. 


[1] Making reference to the “Spanish card Deck”



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