We are, we come from and we depend on a Mystery Creator


And under the simplest… motto, without pretending to gather everything:

When did God start? When did his exercise start?

What came first, those who applaud its works or those who demand 'inadequate' attention, because of their rank?

A line came later... –like beauty products- a line of stable beliefs, reserved for ceremonies, weddings, banquets, baptisms… And this was followed by another more intellectual current, the "neuroaseptic", we could call them, that... it could be yes, it could be not; which means, depending on the situation, they always came out well. And in a culminating manner, the sapiens-sapiens scientists, unbelievers and incredulous, who only pay attention to their vanities.

Yes, aware that many details are missing, but... this gives us an idea.

Our prayerful dimension gravitates on the awareness that we are, we come from and we depend on a Mystery Creator.

"We are, we come from and we depend on a Mystery Creator".

Originality or a special theology is not sought, no. It is investigated in the human nature so that it becomes conscious of its presence of Universe, in Universe, being it Universe.

A kind of complaisant acceptance, of assuming... unforeseen situations, without removing joys or sorrows, but knowing how to see what is behind... from behind.

Because if someone shouts "fire!", there will probably be flames near him. Although we do not see them. If someone asks for help, it is probably not only listening to "help", but something is threatening his or her integrity. It's not safe, of course, because it can be a trap for someone to come and... and there you are robbed. But, assuming the exceptional variables, "behind of"...

And it's not that it's hidden, no, what happens is that –for our cognitive consciousness- it's too... big.

The Sun does not hide, neither move, nor comes out, but since it is so big, and we are so small in size, on a proportionally large planet, it makes us see... false perceptions.

For this reason, the Prayerful Sense illustrates us with regard to what we live, we perceive, we feel, and observe, so that we give it a significance and transcendence beyond the empirically verifiable; without that verifiable, visible, audible, etc. happening, lacking of value. No, no…!

But, probably, the probability, the possibility of winning the lottery three days in a row –three days in a row!-... either it is slightly managed or you have to strart  thinking… of something weird. Yes, that there is a strange 'coincidental' luck.

Obviously, it is evident that we have been brought or ordered... –well, it depends on whether we consider Paris to exist or not- and, apart from some explanations that we can understand about what happens to us, most of the time we don’t... we do not know which is the cause, why is that effect...

It is right there when transcendence acquires a perspective of... significant need. But it happens… –yes it's true- it happens that it is often used "sometimes", "occasionally"... It seems as if the Mystery Creator decided to take action on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but the rest of the days stops to see what the tide or the wind does. 

Our permanence is immanent to existence.

It is perpetual. It is not by pieces.

If we assume daily that, thanks to an assistance, our respiratory beat is, and the passing happens, to transcend mustn’t be an effort, to see what life wants to tell us with this fact, with this knowledge, with this chance, with this unforeseen, with this unexpected...

To the extent that we pay attention to that detail, small details of that detail will be revealed. That is to say –and this is important- that we have not… we have not discovered it, it has not been an armed intellectual effort, no, no! They let us see, by our attitude of wanting, of feeling, of aspiring to see.

Any reasonable attempt... of human intelligence, will only explain human reactions and coincidental coincidences, but will not be able to perceive the perfume, the trace of the intangible, of the Unnameable!

Many times, in the most immediate theology, it is often said: "Let be whatever God wants!"… But it's just a say, huh? Then, when what God wanted is not what is desired, other things can be said... unspeakable.

Actually, the human attitude before the Mystery Creator is a solemnly puny, weak and distorted attitude. There are exceptions, yes. Yes.

Starting from these... –yes- regrettable conditions, our positions can improve. Although it could always get a little bit worse! We are already in lands... of disappearance, so it is possible to improve.

Each time we live in consciousness, feelings, emotions, evidences, and establish parameters of relationship... with coexistence, communication, causes and effect, all these is given very quickly. But, before giving an answer, before continuing chaining chains, let us pause our misery or our glory.

Most of the time it will be misery, because each one demands more and more in every sense.

Giving yourself that pause... to sense and present ourselves before the Mystery Creator as babbles of curiosity, trying to find a meaning beyond our capabilities.

We will probably intuit... and we will include, in our response patterns, different reactions, different attitudes.

Recently, a being complaining about her ailments, claiming to Creation:

.- How is it possible that I... me!, have pain? Me, I fulfil with everything; I, who am healthy; I, who am... who I am! How can this happen to me? Come on! Let all science and all culture come immediately to solve this. Doctor, explain it to me!!".

.-Explain to you...? It is likely that... as long as you are possessed by the superb vanity of your perfection and the conviction of guilt of others, and demand to the whole environment to be absolutely aware of yourself, it is likely that everything will continue... worse.

.- Oh!

Recently we heard a story, from Lithuania, according to which a pregnant woman, already in labour, was decentred from her duty, and a whole surgical medical team, around her –obstetricians, gynaecologists, nurses- were not able to establish any kind of dialogue or any response that would allow a collaboration for giving birth. The woman threw herself to the ground, rolled over... They did know how to manage her. And what did the illustrious colleagues do? They called the police. Can you imagine? Well, here we would surely have called the firemen, who impress the most. And two police officers arrived at the delivery room, and between the two they held the woman, they took her to the torture rack of the delivery room... and, there, in a snap –we do not know if they finally shot in the form of joy-, the woman gave birth. The police officers were so unlucky that, given the current modality, they took a selfie with the woman in labour. And although she did not appear in the photo, the national scandal in Vilnius –the capital of Lithuania- has been monumental. The mayor, the president, everyone: "There's no right! It's not fair! What was the police doing there?".

Yes, but... if doctors, nurses, assistants, are not capable of...


Instead, it's funny, the police worked. So you know: when you have a difficult delivery, send her to the police station.

But under what conditions was that woman in...? Meanwhile her husband was there as well. In what conditions was that woman? And what an inability of a whole series of professionals!...

Yes it's correct. It is not an exception that... women, at the time of delivery, for their discomfort, pain or whatever, lose their temper. Well the temper, and everything else. Yes, yes. It happens. But, evidently, those who have not lost it -and they cannot lose it- who are around, seek means, forms...

And yes, it happens that... –without reaching this extremes- it happens that the discomfort of each one's life is frequent, when things are not exactly as one personal taste.

And that's where the demands begin... –even, of course, in those who try to transcend- the demands of complaints, protests, rages...

Surely, many times, with a little silence... there would be occasion for another response and other events.

We have to know how to listen... the Creator language.

It is precisely through prayer, meditation, contemplation... how we are incorporating attitudes, perceptions and dispositions... that open our consciousness to other realities, beside those in which we are; beside the ones we have.

And it can happen and it happens that, in that "willing to transcend", we discover other levels of goodness!... that sometimes, even seem, unfair or out of scale.

The Creator Mystery is exaggeratedly... overflowing! And for this or that to happen, he is able to make two hundred caroms before.

As Lao Tzu said: "Heaven treats men like straw dogs"; surely, making a clear allusion that our... –and this is important- our behaviours, projects, ideas, etc., do not influence in any way the Creative actions of Mystery.

There has been a historical eagerness to share the throne with God–right?-, to share with Him what is going to be done: "I am going to help God in his work, in his war against the devil. I am…". There has always been a strategy to help the Divine invalid.

It's... disheartening, isn’t it?

Yes. It may work out for now, but... but there still is! And the tendency and the belief, in the most believers, is that you can vary the tendency… the Divine tendency, by our human actions. 

First, they cannot be separated. And, second, we do not have enough protagonist ways, nor capabilities, not even for being extras in the film, no... nothing!, not only for changing, but to influence "an apex" in what happens.

If that is clear!... efforts and dedications and actions etc., to be recognized will not be required. And we will enter more in recognizing the Superior Goodness. We will enter more in living the practicing humility. We will be more in... excelling in committed service.

All this will give us the opportunity to see... and not only stay in what affects us and does not affect us, in what we like and what we do not like.

The universality of being has no deficiencies. It has Loves. It has... merger trends.

Let's learn to live again.




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