We are called to pray, so that we become aware that living is an exceptional happening.

We are called to pray, that we become witnesses of our origin from the Creator Mystery.

We are called to pray that our first word upon awakening will be "thank you!".

Thus, prayer becomes the vehicle that connects us with Creation and with the Created.

Awakening to the awareness that every action in our lives has repercussions on all other actions means assuming a unitary Creation.

 Unitarian Creation that is composed by an infinite biodiversity.

The common and the individual become unity and exceptionality.

With these premises, our daily actions do not admit impossibilities, they do not admit delays, they do not admit "I can't".

Our individual and personal claims are really an act of arrogance towards Creation. An ungrateful thanksgiving.

The human community suffers from the permanent "wearing down" of its capacities, due to the pride and vanity of "one's own idea" and the "imposition" of criteria.

Each one sits in the true position. It supplants the real thing: the Creator Mystery. And so, whenever a radical position of desperation, of imposition, of blackmail is taken, we are out of our Divine nature.

Listening to the Prayerful Call opens us to other dimensions, without disconnecting us from the concrete, material dimension in which we also live.

We need to make a communion between the different positions of consciousness.

And so, the Prayerful Call comes to whisper in our ear that every action, realisation and thought must transcend.

To realise that determination of will, reason and personal power to influence the affairs of our own and others' lives in order to impose our own criteria is a serious offence to life.

Letting ourselves flow, because we are carried.

Let us imagine, because we are invented every day.

It is good that we take care of ourselves and see each other, but never substitute for the care and vision that the Eternal exercises permanently over every creature.

Burdened with worries, humanities travel; and, consequently, full of their selfishness, fears and despairs. There is no room!, no space is left!... for the Creative Nothingness of the Creative Mystery.

And in order to maintain powers, humanities worry that everything is complicated!, everything is difficult!, everything is... almost impossible!

Any idea of relief, of calm, of innovation!... is a problem. And so, daily life becomes a problematic coexistence. Agreements are never reached, disagreements are constant, conciliation proves to be impossible...

And human power becomes so powerful that every being of humanity ceases to assume its responsibility and assumes the responsibilities imposed on it by power.

The Prayer Call does not imply the assumption of personal powers.

The Prayerful Call is projected with the graces of having awakened because Love has made possible, Creative Love has made possible our... new day.

Power, as a rule for establishing order and balance, is a vanity of human pride. If we follow the flow of the Graces, of being Born out of Love, of letting ourselves go, it is likely that another consciousness will awaken; another consciousness that does not impose!

Inter-human mutual trust is a material preamble for trust in which upon the Eternal we must vibrate; in which we must vibrate.

Throughout history, the saying "Know yourself" has been propagated.

An incredible and marvellous egomania aimed at... gestating a domain.

We should rather say: "Discover, learn... and recognise what acts on you, what makes you the way you are".

The insistence on "knowing" as a means of domain prevents us from the creativity, spontaneity and improvisation of the divine flow.

They call, from prayer, for us to open the door of our humility, of our submission, so that we may truly fill ourselves with Creation, with permanent creativity.

Living is not hard; it is a soft existence.

Let us let ourselves be shaped by chance, by luck, by improvisation, by the unforeseen.

Let us follow the route of the impeccable and the exceptional, which is what gives us the sparkle of wonder.

If our guides are the laws of humanity, impositions, punishments, traps... if those are our guides, we will be lost in the useless. On the other hand, if our guide is the inspiration of generosity, kindness, commitment, caring, we will enter into another dimension in our relationship with our environment.

To discover ourselves -the Prayerful Call tells us- as an expression of the Creator Mystery, "in its image and likeness", should be a matter of care, because it makes us intermediary custodians of an eternity, infinity, and immortality message.

They call us to pray to remind us that we are... singular, unique, indispensable and necessary. All of us. And to that extent, we all need each other. And consequently, we are all servants... without supplanting any service other than the one assigned to us... and knowing how to assume and accept what corresponds to us.

And something significant. All of it: uniqueness... exceptionality... unrepeatable... indispensable and necessary, all of it is "in abundance".

Each being is endowed with an abundance of uniqueness, an abundance of indispensability... The resources with which we are endowed are unlimited. But they imply some courage to exercise them! They imply an effort to realise them!... But abundance in each being is evident. And all the more so when our awareness of humility and submission is in place.

All shortages that humanity experiences are the result of pride and selfishness, of humans hijacking that abundance for their own benefit.

We must be careful to guard our abundant gifts, so that they may be inexhaustible vehicles of service.

To dispose ourselves in the indispensable and necessary living facilitates us, amplifies us and converts us into servants of the Eternal, without servitude, without slavery, with transcendence.

And we give continuity to the Graces of the beginning, to feel graced; filled with grace.

Graced: full of Grace.



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