The healthy presence and position… corresponds with a felt and intelligent attitude of resolutions and optimism.

This is not a discovery. It is an evidence. Although, -although- it is not enough to -usually- counteract the inconveniences, the undue…, the envies, the arrogance… "etcetera". And it is not enough, because… every being reserves its vision, its perception of what should be the events, in the form of laws, norms, customs, rules…

What we call "life”, seems that… -we could agree- that it was a confabulation of interests and needs of "elements"; be it the biochemistry of any compound or… the needs of any protein… put yourself on whichever side of the fence you like.

But there was!... -there is- an impulse, a tendency "to"… that facilitated or achieved that this compound or this other get together, they exchange interests. 

Everything seemed to indicate that the plurality and the harmony of needs and tendencies would achieve a perfect balance.

But… behold here appeared the human species, a product of…  a fantastic Creation, or a torpid evolution. 

In this case… We are not going to have the certainty, so we admit both.

And behold… this gives the impression -in principle- that, for this species, this is not the place.

Yes! Because it seems, -it seems- it seems- not to be at ease… in any place. 

Maybe… maybe that is why it has extended along the length and breadth of the planet, and has installed itself in the most inhospitable places… or not!, and also in the places more paradise like -or not-. But there where they settled, they fought -and by "fighting" I mean, the taking control of spaces that don't correspond to it-.

But here comes a big question: What is the space of the being?

We know the spaces that correspond to the mosquitoes, to the cockroaches, the mice, the centipedes, the tigers, the lions… They have their habitat.

What is ours…? 

Because there, or in any place where we go, we will ask the species that are there; and we will say: "Hey, where's my place?". And surely, they will reply: "Sorry, but… here, there is no place for you"

And of course, faced with that: "Well… then I will have to take it. I will have to establish myself, I will have to invade, I will have to… Because I have decided that this is my place, given that there is no place for me".

Beginning from there, the competition with the other species is… inevitable.

But… although being serious, the worst will come later. Yes; because "others will come that will leave us worse" -would say the saying-. That is to say, the start of the competition with others of our own species will begin -which is the most serious-. Because it seems that the other species have submitted, have adapted, have been scared, have gone, have disappeared… But, amongst the species itself, has been established a competition "without equal".


And in this position, arises the prayer, like… like an echo of the Creation; in which it warns us that… "the space that we seek here, we have in ourselves". 

As we began the praying sense: "the healthy state of the being is… the healthy state of feeling and thinking" -or it corresponds with this-.

Yes. For as much… as much, as much, as much, as much as we seek, there is not an allotted space for us -as a space, as a place-. On the other hand, if our feelings and our thought, -our "felt-mentalism”-  conform to the non-physical space of here, to the no congratulations of what there is… and of what happens and what passes; if we know how to be sincere and deal with what happens to us, with a happy flexibility and adaptation, an adequate compassion, there!, there is our space!

But we have endeavoured, as a species, to claim our territory. And the greatness of the being… is the option to come into unison with the Creation, with the Mystery, through prayer! And for this reason, discover -as well expressed Christ-: "My kingdom is not of this world".

In spite of the apparent differences and the experiences, the expression helps us… to realize that the possessive sense of the concrete and material is not our space. "It is not our living space". Our vital space -"usual", we would say after- it is configured with our "felt-mentalism sentiments".

In this way, we can understand that to live in a place theoretically inhospitable constitutes a suitable habitat for this group of beings… that inhabit torrid zones or in frosty zones … -in extreme zones-.

And so, if we know that our vital living space is in what we feel and in what we think -without that they be two things; it is the same but with different characteristics-, we will be in tune with a Mystery. "With a Mystery." And this unison will give us the Strength so that, any events that inevitably happen in our development, in our living-together, can be overcome… with rigor, with respect and with humour!

This space of the being, "rigorous, respectful and humorous," perhaps situates us adequately faced with whatever incident that occurs in our relationship -obviously- with others… of our species.

 The mental rigor, the felt respect, and humour… constituted by the fellowship of the respect and the rigor, is going to give us a new! characteristic of space... in which, well, yes, the house, the landscape…, that's all well and is to be grateful for, but it becomes of secondary importance. Very secondary.

Perhaps -perhaps:  it has to be taken into account, into evaluation- the phenomenon of the Mystery of life, life as a Mystery, treats us rigorously, respectfully and humorously. And in all of this, there is a Loving Encouragement -that is born from the interaction of humour with rigor and respect- that… "completes" –in quotation marks "completes"- our prayerful contribution. For today!...

When I say "today", that is to say the "the 21st Century"; that is to say "right now!".

We need brief references, but strong!, that serve as utensils… of a non-material technology, to cope with the increase of a community of species that marches toward its disappearance.

It is often said, when someone enters into a fantasy state, or in an imaginative or imaginary state: "You are in another world.". What’s to be said of those who enter into what is called "madness"! They are in another world.

This "other world" that is insinuated when the being loves or falls in love... is loaded with rigor, respect, humour…

With these praying perspectives, it is possible to shift, avoid, adapt, to get this "space of the being"…; that, even if you don't have the best physical condition… of the field, beach, sun, etc., you have the invisible conditions… that allow us -and perhaps have allowed us- to be in any position. And Place. "Position and place".

 If this is clear -and is practicable!, it is not a theoretical proposal-, if it is practicable -I repeat- we will be able to configure ourselves as a species -in a group larger or smaller, or medium or small- in another way; and, consequently, modify our position-disposition… in the midst of what corresponds to us because the Providence has taken us there, because… we ought to comply with a mission for which we are prepared and adequately gifted.

A sincere expression, a careful listening and a happy mode and manner of being, would be equivalent to this rigor, respect and humour. And all of this would configure this affection… without defect, this attraction, that admiration of each other. And consequently, we would enter into the Paradise like position of complaisance, with the needed passion!... to exercise oneself continuously.

Certainly, it is not easy in the face of so much diversity!, so much injustice!, so much… of so much! But it is a position that capacitates us for any situation. 

"It is a position that capacitates us for any… situation."

On the other hand, on a daily basis, there is a confrontation, an evasion, a… war! 


The praying sense propels us and promotes another disposition: an attitude very similar to what life, in itself, provides us.

Let us give an option to "the complaisant compassion”…

In a space without space…

In the vibration… of the space of the being… in its reference with the Creation.

"In the vibration… of the space of the being, in its reference with the Creation".



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