It is an inherent part of the being… the consciousness of illusions.

Perhaps, because of the origins of the origins of the tiny quantum infrastructures of subatomic particles –to go back to the infinite-, maybe because of coming from these instances, on the basis of those was gestated the "illusion".

Yes; because to the extent that this subtle conglomerate was concentrating and concentrating until becoming the profile and silhouette, the components that were there, stayed -so to speak- caught up in their own forces, like a plan of the Creation, but with an ‘instinctual’, subconscious, unconscious memory -we could call it in many ways- from that sub-sub-sub-atomic source… of contemplations and "nothings" that gave impulse to what we call "Creation" and "Universes".

No doubt, no doubt, a magic illusion, mysterious, was confabulated to go creating different conclusions, and then, different constitutions, constructions of life. It is therefore not "barbaric" to say: "We are an illusion" –like that-. "To live is an illusion." Almost as if saying that it does not exist; but, the words "Ay!-, how difficult it is, at times, to define them, to give them profile.

We can adduce that we are never ending illusions that combined "for" - and how they combined!-, by a magical, mysterious illusionism.

To the extent that what was built was establishing what is called "material", the so-called "illusion" was contracting, concentrating, hiding!, because the new protagonist, compact!, gave preference to their manoeuvres, their intelligence, their discoveries, toward their achievements, toward their powers. And there, in this field, the illusion does not fit.

Although… although, if we look at it, all that is "illusory"; it seems that it exists but it does not exist –once again in the words we get tangled up, we get knotted-.

The Meaning of Prayer of today makes reference to the fact that we are illusion.

And in being an illusion, the product of an illusionist magic, mysterious and surprising, as such we should behave; given that, if the essence -illusion- is not active, the construction becomes clumsy!, it becomes sharp!, it becomes… morbid!

So much so, so much so, the compactness is such that, when the illusion is not exercised, arises the contempt; yes, the contempt of the structure: "You're a dreamer! You have illusions with everything, and nothing is done!". And this, heard and lived generations, like… deteriorates the real possibilities and constructive constitutions of the living organisms.

And throughout the ages the human beings outline illusions; and by the force of gravity of the compactness, of the material, they tend to materialize them, as if they wanted to encourage with illusions the compact. But it is not as such. The dualism generated between the "illusion" and "material" establishes a combat, and the "material" devours "illusion".

When we are called to pray, we are situated in a plane of illusions; fantastic illusions. Yes. Because, that communion, that communication between the Unreachable and the insignificant -us-, is… impressive!

And perhaps we aren’t more impressed because the illusion is asleep, oppressed, constrained. And instead of going from illusion to illusion -without losing the previous ones, but preserving them-, one goes from illusion to failure, from failure to failure; from time to time, another illusion and another failure, and from there… to make from life a failure.

And it is curious. If one observes the evolution of these illusions, even –this is the most amazing thing- when you live in the bosom of illusions, after a certain time the human beings aspire to… to disappoint themselves! Yes! They aspire to materialize, to become kings of their material! And you could hear the dialog:

"But, didn’t you live in the world of illusion? What are you doing here? Here is the world of the discussion! You are wrong! Why have you abandoned the world of illusion, for the world of the discussion, of your ego, your idolatry, your competition, your worth…?".

That would say the being that… that did not have the opportunity to live in the world of illusion!… because he was fractured continuously. Surely, " the disappointed", with the illusion would respond:

-Ok!… I want to be more realistic, I want to prove myself, I want to test myself; I want to see what I am capable of doing.

-Ah!... You are an unbearable idolater! Everything that you've just said will become a memory that, finally, will disappear. All that materiality and all those achievements that you can get will remain in history: a century, two centuries? And then, who will remember you? Is it that you deserve to be remembered? 

-Seen like this it seems tough; almost disappointing!

-No. No, no. It is a warning. It is a warning… so that the being is properly positioned.

The cultivation of the illusion, with that illusionist magic source, makes us contemplatemeditate and pray -as the culminating point- about our existence; about our living and our liberating! interpretation… of the existence. 

If this is not the case, obviously the world converts into a gossip! Yes. In a gossip about that one, who tells the other, according to its criteria, according to its point of view. This seems good, this seems bad... 

A permanent induction to the concealment and to the lie, unavoidable if we want to maintain an illusion! 

Incredible!, right? Because the trial -the judgement, like the final judgment- pursues you! The neighbour’s judgment, the judgment of the right, the left, front, back!... Because they don’t like what you do! Because they don't agree with…! Because according to the law…! 

What is that? What is all this? It doesn’t even merit the category of "shit"!...        -because that serves as fertilizer-. It doesn’t even get to that category!

It is the morbidity of the disturbed consciousness! –it is the morbidity of the disturbed consciousness- that, when being left without illusions, disillusions all those who do have them. 

It is the envy toward lovers! It is the envy toward those who are appreciated! It is the envy towards those who care for each other! It is the envy of those who enjoy!

And the worst of that attitude is that they are presented as "relievers", as "saviours"!; so as to remind you which is the law, what is the norm!


But that is the everyday life…! 

And if we pay attention to the Meaning of Prayer, we don't like this everyday life! We aspire to be permanent illusion, without judgments nor laws that previously condemn us, and that trace our coordinates, our behaviour, our attitudes!

That level of "saviour" coexistence has been reached, of the ordered materialists and conjectured "according to the norm." "What Norm!?

Moralists and ethics of plunderers!... that, with the impunity of the creed and the law, go judging the "dreaming illusionists": 

"Don't get illusions! No! Life is this, and this, and this"

Oh, how much they know!

Of course, of course, in this world the exception is not contemplated nor the… fantastic adventure of living. No, it is not contemplated! The exceptional is not contemplated; the fantasy, less, of course! Each one is doing its norm… its last… and from there they don’t leave. And all that swarms around, that does not adjust to this, will be trampled! by the last, by the norm.

The Prayerful Sense claims the right to the illusion, without it being a right, but that it be the recognition of our innate nature from the perspective of the Creation!

 And faced with… material and foolish words, deaf ears.

But, of course, it is true: the majority of the majority of the majority is attached to the prostituted matter, that has forgotten that it was a member of multiple and infinite illusions. And, therefore, certainly, it is not a good time for the Illusion.

But it is a time that, prayingly, we are reminded of its re-vindication!, its presence; its constant realization of the impossible, that so much bothers the elitists, the purists, the radicals, the ornamentals, the moralists!, that they despair of anger!… and bite their lips.

It is so much so that, if God himself came before them, and presented himself and gave them a suggestion!, surely they would reply: "Well, I will think about it, we will see"

Oh, yes!

And they think and think, and plot and plot to see how they can disappoint him or her, so that they come back to reality!

-What is the reality? What does your reality offer me!? Work and insurance, and social security? One film per month? One restaurant a week? One car of mid-range? A holiday in Vietnam?... Is that to come back to reality? How long will it last?

-Ah, everything has its end!

-Ah!, everything has its end!... All your approach has its end! But, from my illusions, there is no end.

-Ah! But like that you crash around…!

-I know!... But I'll be… But I am…

Ay! The poor illusion finds itself gagged, frightened!, elusive. It doesn’t know. It is afraid.

The trial of the trials, could lead to death. And for this reason it is hidden in the dreams; hidden in the detail; it is hinted in the loneliness; groans in the depressions!; pretends in the meetings so that you don't notice, and if necessary a smile      –and depending on the case- will be useful. Always taking care not to be discovered!, not that it loses its immunity and is judged, punished, despised!

Sometimes, in order to preserve it, a burka is not enough. A helmet and a metal armour is needed as well, to show the "stark reality" and to not let that we are touched by… the sensitive illusion; which is that which maintains us with projection; is that what propels us in evolution; is the one that allows us to change; is the one that offers us… the illumination. 

That which illuminates life, teaching us new ways: our paths! Not roads that have already been passed! The past and trodden paths are full of bandits, sieges, betrayals. 

The paths of Creation are infinite. And every being, in their debit -duty-, has its own, which is immaculate!, which is new! That, yes, it has references, similarities, sure, but… 

Ay!... Ay, what a shame the one who kills illusions! Ay, what a shame he that… in the murmurs is looking for condemnations and prohibitions. It is not clear Universe. It is not, its verse, convincing. It seeks refuge in the vulgarity and in the daily life of the rules and laws, but it betrays its essence!, its nature!; what it always wanted to be and never dared to do.

Combine…combine yourself in illusions; combine in illusions. It is not enough to ‘part-share’, no! The aspirations of the illusions are infinite! They cannot be parted!

The Meaning of Prayer, as illusion, does not admit rules. It calls to clarify, to dignify, to sunbathe the light!, and to know how to be in the darkness of the Mystery.

Yes; fidelity to… to any level, but now, -now, now-, fidelity to the Origin, is very distorted. It is always discussed. It is a bitter loyalty. The judgment and prejudice are besieging always.

It is time to review… that usual, customary, rationalistic, materialistic, biased and condemning position! It is time! It's time to see how you have been losing that illusion! And as a result, one has gained in perversion!

To recover, even if it is a quantum -"so small!- of illusion, is a priority need in order not to be drowned in the permanent judgement and perpetual sentence.

Today could be a good opportunity to test illusions; to have illusion with them. Today, which coincidentally is the "night of magic"… without tricks; with Mystery.

Today, for example.


Without forgetting that all the other days are… "today". 

For example, today.



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