And our being in this Universe, transports us to a moment where the species doubts its position, its being, in form and manner. 

And that doubt creates very diverse opinions, from the final catastrophism of one pandemic after another -until the species is drastically reduced- to the most optimistic ones that predict one or two years of caution and care.

There are, very few ideas the human beings who have to make decisions to get out of lockdown, ideas of novelty, of change. They rather, try to return to all the all the elements that led us to the present moment. 

This does not seem to be a very sapiential attitude.

You'll see. When a human being, within the human community, commits a crime, he is tried and locked up in prison. The function there, is to re-educate him, to reprimand him, to deprive him of his freedom; to teach him and... to make him different: "to rehabilitate him", so that when he gets out, he will not commit another crime.

Well, that model is what the whole species is living by now. To be exact, about half of the species -in numbers, about 4 billion-.

It has committed, as a species, the crime of undermining, belittling, imposing, domesticating, punishing, damaging, hurting... its entire environment, including those of its species. And he himself, as a species, has locked himself up in prison to rehabilitate himself, to regenerate himself, so that when he serves his sentence -sometimes longer than others- the death penalty has already been introduced...

And... and when he gets out? Will he go back to his old ways? 

This is the very evident example that the Prayer Sense shows us: how we have made a prison. And from this point of view, well done. But... who is going to re-educate us? Who urges us to...? Or rather are they locking us up... and is it, instead of a rehabilitating lock-up, a control manoeuvre?

Be that as it may, at the moment it is obvious that rehabilitation is necessary. But the prison guards do not seem to propose behaviours or different attitudes to those that led us to commit the crime. 

"Jailers": governments, authorities, wise people, scientists…

If we follow this sampling, we could say that in the lockup we are in, there are not enough rehabilitation measures. A library is missing; the psychologist is missing, gym is missing, no garden time, no visitors... 

.- Oh, visitors, of course! Those are very important because they cheer you up, they bring you the snack, they could even give you a file for the bars...

No visitors!... It's possible not to realise it, right, but it's extremely important.

So, in our prison lockdown without resources or reference guides, when the sentence is over... -punishment!- and you get out, you'll all get out on conditional sentence.

Yes. Conditional sentence is the continuation of the punishment, according to which, you are already out of jail but conditioned to keep a strict and correct behaviour for a while. It doesn't mean you can do any sort of shocking thing afterwards, no. It is a "safety plus" measure, but one that is frightening, because being on conditional release anything could be enough of a crime to go back to prison.

Recognized sages predict that the crime that has been committed is the first one; the second, third, fourth and fifth will come. So the conditional is not going to be worth anything. We are going to fall again.

Or, if this is not the model of what is happening, and we are being skilfully managed, manipulated, controlled, and duly scared by the conditional to obey any order, with no means or resources to protest -or simply dissent- we will be in a different scenario.

Maybe the two scenarios are happening at the same time.

Recently we asked to a pain expert how to deal with... or how he dealt with, with his methods, with "the pains of the soul". He made a gesture of: "Bah! Esotericism! What exists is suffering, and that's it”.


You'll see. It's difficult, of course... -well, that word is badly addressed-. You can't prove whether the soul exists or not. And even less, to invest in a discussion about it. But we can agree on our conscience. Just as we deceive ourselves by saying that we are in pain here and there, and it seems that there is an injury here or there and there is no such injury... But our consciousness generates that experience of pain.

Have you made a mistake? Should we rehabilitate it, redirect it? What if our conscience corresponded... to the soul? For example. So as not to argue.

This, under the Praying Sense, has a striking meaning. Yes. 

If our soul-consciousness knows itself to be free of form -"it knows itself to be free of form", that is to say, there is no injury that justifies my pain- if we were to apply this criterion -and without the idea that our consciousness is mistaken- with the idea that our soul-consciousness is not subsidiary to physical or material lockdown, when it comes to being imprisoned or locked up or... -put it any way you like- if our soul-consciousness knows to be what it is, the bars don't matter, neither do the hardships, nor the difficulties. Because the Praying Sense becomes a permanent call, it becomes obvious in the soul-consciousness, and it is our constant Liberating Help.

And I could be behind bars, and I could be within walls, and I could be within bans. But that, that which is confined... does not correspond with my being. That's a suit, a garment. Is it Important?, yes, of course! But my soul-consciousness is not there.

When we say “its not there", we mean that it's not enslaved there. In certain situations it goes to its Kingdom, to which it belongs: to the Creative Mystery. And there it has Eden, Paradise, the joy and enjoyment of feeling loved. 

And it is there, and it is like that, that the incarnated body will not have any pain, sorrow. It will be, yes, because a fine thread encourages it and animates it. But the soul-consciousness cannot be locked up when it knows, when it has lived, when it has experienced... the soul-consciousness of loving and feeling loved! Loved!

As a soul-consciousness, I can sing in silence, I can travel the seas, I can settle in the mountains, I can inhabit the valleys... 

I can walk... and set up my haima in the desert, and listen to the winds that sweep the sand; then listen to the silence!, sleep under the stars... and have long meditations at vigil.

That is the Prayer Sense that today leads us to know that our being... not only is not from here, but is in another dimension.

It's true that... "at the same time", it passes through here.

We can now venture scientifically into the simultaneity of processes. But if we gather our tiny components, which became complex until our "performance" was developed, we will have to go very far:  to the infinite Creative Mysteries.

And that's there!, simultaneously, in our passing through. That's why they call us: so that we don't lose the reference.

That's why they call us. So that our simultaneous passing through "here", is not... is not subject to laws of confinement, is not subject to fears of suffering pain and death, is not subject to "finites", but remembers, in its passing through, its infinity... its eternity...

And so, when we incarnate in life, with this development of the soul consciousness -or of the soul conscience-… every time our incarnate transit feels threatened, it feels persecuted, watched, controlled, cursed..., it gives preponderance, it makes its soul consciousness of eternity preponderant, which must never be left! It is impossible to leave it, because it is our inheritance! But it is true that in the concrete wandering... the soul consciousness can be trapped and it does not see, and it does not feel that beyond, that trail of the comet... that leads us to the origin of its manifestation.

The development of the soul, idyllic consciousness frees us from the yokes of those who are locked up... and have made, from their soul consciousness, a reason, an explanation and logic.

Perhaps... perhaps the idyllic soul consciousness, which is not only referenced in the Eternal Prayer, but which evidently 'soulifies' –allow us the word- the concrete structure, it does not give a loving flight to our passing through with our fellow men, with the environment, with the paradisiacal space in which we are momentarily...??

And that's how fear is meaningless. Fear is driven away. It cannot dwell in a soul consciousness that is in love, idyllic, eternal. 

It's just one day's bitterness.

I'm not afraid of lock up because I'm not only here; I'm far beyond it.

I do not fear that they want to tame, control and dominate me, because my reference is not this passing through; it is beyond the beyond, where eternities are lost.

And so my loves here are a reflection of my loves there. And they are not afraid of being criticized, attacked, discredited... 

The "here" has become a dictator. It has become a limited conscience. It has established rules, norms, ages, activities... It's like a bird having its wings clipped... and, at best, it can jump.

Yes! Our being is not from here, even if it passes through here. And to be authentic, when passing through here it must be an evident reflection of "there": from where it comes. Like the traveller we receive who "comes from", and brings us news, customs, food, words, languages... and nourishes us and amplifies eternities to us.

And thus... fear of fear is diluted...

And the flight on the wing increases. And the clipped wings grow back! And you could cuff me, lock me up, punish me... and put me in an isolation cell. When you take me out to check my deterioration, I'll give you a smile... and I'll sing of joy.

You may call me crazy, but you will realize that you have not deteriorated me, that my soul consciousness is more liberated than ever, and that my circumstantial passing through may have sores and wounds, but it will still be able to walk, to follow, to do in the integrity of matter. And perhaps, if you check all that, your soul will reconsider its punishments.


They will be decisions of the Eternal, which uses me as a witness, as passing through, as an intermediary!

That's... that's how one lives in the Mystery. Like this, giving testimony of humility, of listening, of withdrawal, of affection, of care, of tenderness; without envy, without jealousy, without resentment, without prejudice...; with the tender air that envelops a feather.

"With the tender air that envelops a feather."



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