The vicissitudes with which humanity has developed... tell us of very diverse periods –many of which are hypotheses or theories- in which hominids –Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, etc.- lived together and shared, hunted, and gathered seeds and bulbs and fruits with which to feed themselves.

They seem to tell us –archaeologists, anthropologists and palaeontologists- stories of savages, being understood as "a group of beings with little reasoning ability or logic".

It is also said that this is how they evolved, especially the root to which we belong: the sapience one. And from it, ethical, aesthetic, moral, religious attitudes, honour... were created...: something –or brushstrokes, it would be better to say- of other, non-wild levels of the human being, which indicated... –perhaps only due to greater cranial capacity, greater development of the encephalon; perhaps there is only that reason-... but in any case features that we could say "extra-material" appeared.

Some kind of kindness, affection, attraction, attachment...

It depends on the moment in which, we see that certain Non-physical factors are displayed. And they already appear in arts, such as songs, poetry, paintings... and a long etcetera. Yes, the "art" that could be called... from the cave paintings to the present day.

It would seem –it would seem- that this extra-material activity would give being an emotional and spiritual... inspired nature.

And we say it "seems", because also, just as the arts and the cultivation of beauty developed, immediately –as if "just in case"- productivity, industrial era, exploitation of resources, profits, possessions began..., and it seems evident that those factors that detached us from the strictly conformed began to weaken.

Religions, which were bastions from which the links with the Divine were preserved, yes, they still remain but... increasingly lax, increasingly less operative and more conflictive. Because they themselves degrade and deteriorate based on deciding for income and profit, rather than for contemplation, prayer or... or abandoning themselves to the hands of Creation.

Various spirited forms appeared and appear –not "animistic", which have already been abandoned-. But the forms of spirits and character and positioning were always done in a profitable spirit.

The Prayerful Call places us in the current context of the being, in which any positions are being debated and questioned.

But it doesn't give the sensation... –it doesn't give the feeling, and of course it hasn’t happened yet and we don't know if it will happen- it doesn't give the feeling of being a catharsis of cleansing, of clarity..., of a new dawn. No. It rather, gives the felling and the evidence that power is becoming ostentatious, wealth is becoming more contracted, poverty is becoming more widespread; war is becoming more expansive... at any level.

At any moment, when we refer to the Prayerful Call, we must place ourselves in the area we have just described; we must place ourselves in an expectation of how forces of life are placed, and thus sensitize ourselves to the Prayerful Call, which urges us to make of our doing, our being, our walking... an expectation and a vocation of eternity.

If I am under the invocation of the Eternal!... I can only be among eternities. I can´t be between beginnings and endings. I can remember circumstances that opened the door to certain experiences, and I can even observe doors that closed after coming and going. But in any case, without beginning or end: “passing"... "transcending”... "transporting" us to other realities that enable our spirit resources, that launch us towards a song, towards a dance, towards... various unprofitable experiences, that do please, and increase our... Faith, and this consciousness of eternity, without beginning or end!, with development that is exercised with Faith!... in our spirit, in our conscience, in our affection.

By insisting –"with insisting"- on these aspects, and keeping them in mind... makes us and allows us to be, to be... creative, original as the sound of the wind!, enthusiastic as the first flowers of spring, hopeful as the dawn, determined!... illuminated like the starry night.

If, at the time of "working" in the physical, practical, and productive, we put on the suit of "passing", of the "Eternal", of Faith!, of that consciousness of affection, that "dedicated" animism... that does not propose solutions, but passes and exercises itself…

It may seem irresponsible, but when affection turns into feeling in love, into loved devotion to idealistic fantasy...; when each being recognises its smallness, but its contribution, insofar as it echoes and passes in what he thinks, what he feels, what he does, it is possible to make an art of grooming oneself, cleaning oneself up, accommodating, arranging, tidying up...

Yes, an art in which every step of the way encourages us to strive for detail, for a touch of distinction, in a point of goodness!

To place ourselves in the fantasy... in the effervescent fantasy of the one who loves truly. And that is its reference: to love recognisably. That is its reference to mark and transform every instant, every action, every position, and every attitude... in a subtle elegance. In a subtle elegance!.... Even if the rush of doing says: "This doesn't fit here". Yes, it does. And it fits so well that, when exercised under the "subtle elegance", the experimental consciousness becomes joyous, as does the environment

Knowing we are participants in joy and enjoyment, having felt eternity and Faith in the Creative Mystery that assists us and moves us... opens us to a way of living... that, in its creative attitude, detaches us of the lucrative, of profitable, of accumulation and comfort.

And it opens us up to the unforeseen, surprising...; to what is awaited without knowing what it is!

The Creative Mystery, in its infinite Love... that makes us to be born every morning, brings us surprises and unforeseen moments. And that is as if... –and here comes an important point- it is as if we were continually gifted; as if we were given a gift every day. With what that gift implies: that I don't know it; I don't know what it is; that I´m open it to find it out; that it opens up just to show me; that it makes me feel gifted!

And in turn, I gift myself as such! 

Feeling a gift from Creation. And to feel, with that vibration, at these levels, how you are gifted: those details that have no explanation, without logic, with no precedents but they appear and are there. And you perceive them to the extent that your faith and your dedication are tuned in to that Universality.

And silence also passes; which allows us, in its quietness, to listen to the wind language, the patter of the rain, the announcement of a misty dawn... –perhaps incipient preambles of spring-.

Just the right moments to show what has been discovered, what has been learned, what is new, what is idealistic!

And to the extent that we enter into this passing of eternities, our eagerness and dedication to whatever happens at that moment!, and feeling it as a gift, will allow us to "convert" –yes, convert as an alchemist- the apparently uncomfortable, unpleasant, bad… and those qualities that make us reject our actions, converting them, under the shelter of those eternities of faith in the Creative Mystery, into moments of gift, significant; of enjoyment and congratulation for what is contributed... under the area of the immaterial. Which will then have a material equivalent, yes, but marked and shaded –so to speak- by the idea that has moved the being to his actions.

Letting the passing, the course inform us, form us, place us in the custody of the Eternal... for our tuning to be truly in love!, devoted...; a sigh of encouragement... FROM, FOR and TOWARDS THE ETERNAL.



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