And the life of humanity has been filled with fears and mistrust.

Fears for... what is unknown, fears for what is known but... accepted or rejected according to interest.

Fears because one is not faithful to criteria, to one's own opinion, to one's own word.

And mistrust comes... consequently, by assuming in others -certainly probable-the same fears.

A distrust, moreover, of our own knowledge... because so much has been lied about that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish, in a situation, which option is sincere and which is false.

Just look at history; any story! There are exceptions, but... in any story, after a certain historical period of time, new versions will appear that will obviously take the previous ones as false.

We are, as humanity, living in a very extended and convulsive insecurity: fear of losing what we have, fear of not achieving what we set out to achieve…

Prison pillars have surrounded the conscience of humanity. And it has ceased trusting, fearfully, in the obvious sign of life: that life that throbs in every inch of land, in every wave of the sea, in every bird that flies. It seems as if humanity has disconnected from its entire environment, in generic terms and in particular terms afterwards.

As if -and obviously this is how it looks- contact has been lost

And already the second Ministry for Loneliness has been set up. The first one arose in England, with nine million people declared "lonely", and with the consequent bleak outlook. And recently Japan inaugurated it, with the proportion that by 2040, 40% of the population will be living alone.

And to defend against this situation, a whole promotion is made supporting this mini-space for "only one" -that restaurant with "one one" tables, these food rations for "only one "-... as a cult to solitude; as a measure to cope with it.

The species is framed in a communal, social reality. It is absolutely essential to be in tune with the environment. In all aspects. Although will and reason, with their fearful distrustful attitude, try to avoid it.

One could almost say, in a jocular tone, that human being will say: "I will never make a pact with another human being! I will make it with lettuce, with orange, tangerine, stones, earth, river... -well, it depends on what rains".

The systematic selling of security has also provided an almost… prison-like dependence on all kinds of resources.

There are enough offers for the being to be unable to create by itself its means, resources, etc. Consequently, it needs to enslave itself in working in order to be able to achieve or getting what it needs.

Thus, each being is becoming –each being-... in a consumer factory.

The Prayerful Call impels us to gather up on this situation and give it a completely different positional response. Starting from a complete trust in Creation, which is not a hypothetical, theoretical entity, that someone takes, others do not...; some have faith tomorrow, others have faith today...; some believe, others do not believe...!

What an ignorant egotistical apathy is that...?

It is obvious that “X" conditions were in place for life to emerge! We did not create it! And so that it would be in abundance, and almost -and I say "almost" because the level of destruction is so high...- almost of inexhaustible resources!

But if we insist on owning them, on controlling them, on dominating them, on not letting those resources flow, and taking from them only what is necessary... then we will make them, based on our consumption, "finite".

Assuming -but not as a burden, not as a "we'll see", no!- as an evidence, that fearless trust... in what we call "Creation"; that overwhelms us. And that's why we find that limited name of "Creative Mystery": just a description to place us in ignorance... as a starting point, and in evidence, as a point of movement.

It's dawn, and it's not because of our factory, it's not because our company, it's not because that powerful man. No, it's not...

Already the weather is mild, and the butterfly rejoices in the pollen...

And the swallows come on time to their rendezvous.

We cannot lose perspective of Universe... It is the one that gives us an orb of ignorance and an awe of fantasy, while ensuring our stay.

With that stellar support... or Divine -if you prefer- security, trust, certainty, the Creator, and Providential!!, are guaranteed, that with its signs, its chances, its fortunes its coincidences, it gives us a language again and again.

If that orb of the Universe is throbbing, our heartbeat will be consistent with it. And, without comparison, each one will feel and sincerely express itself in its being, in its resource... And one will realise that mutual trust brings achievements, brings joys, and brings new vibrations, innovations, expectations that open up... in all fantasies!

Silence covers us with its mantle of Creative Language. It opens a space for our imagination. But at the same time, it speaks. It does not need sound.

His way of promoting us is to provide the occasion for our enlightenment to emerge. Without it, it would not be possible to discover ourselves.



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