Complaisant Compassion


“Indecisive, doubtful, suspicious, fearful”… are attitudes and positions of living that are not precisely dispositions that promote virtue, strength, enthusiasm or… joy.

When the economy of the excessive prudence, the mental economy of sensitive reason, with consensual sensuality are installed; when it is done in the sense of the importance in the position of strength, as a defiance… but deep down as an escape from evident responsibilities and commitments that are gestated by an inevitable doing…

We could have a very demonstrative… image. You see, there is a continent, Africa, our neighbors, a whole continent!...  -which, by the way, we have never known what to do to… but racism, fascism, xenophobia, and all of those things-. But let’s get down to the subject. If you see and revise a little bit of History, you will see that the whole continent is marked –yes, with marker- by nonexistent colonial frontiers, but forced by the obsession to maintain power and influence, and to being able to leave neocolonial servants who will always miss their master.

What is… the conclusion?

“And this has to do with…?”

 Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! The marking of a continent is what usually is in the mind of a taxpayer -a western taxpayer: French, English, German… Spanish-… Yes; they have marked, or mark their being, their living, and their sharing in the way they don’t want to loose anything, they want to win everything, they want to have slaves, they want to have freedom and don’t know what freedom is, but in order to get these they have to fight, have a civil war from time to time, in the north, in the center…; they need Boko Haram or any other entertaining, killing group… of neurons, or…

And of course, the true identity of this continent is not… there. It used to be because probably the humanity… was gestated and promoted there. And of course the natural spaces configure specific groups!, but non of these were respected in Africa’s conquest, on the contrary, whatever was needed, was created!

 Colonists, with the extraction of their raw material established, just as a normal person who looks for success or triumph, or a parceled, undecided doing…

“Today I draw the curtains; tomorrow I don’t”. “Now I open the window”. “No, let the police come”. “But no… better the psychiatrist”. “No,no. Surely the psychologist…”. “Oh, I have to go to the “odonto-stomatologist”. “I have to… I need an ophthalmologist”. “No!, I need corticoids”. “No, it will be best to go to the beach”. “No! This is fixed with a young man, or a good young girl… but the truth is that I am not sure!”. “I will take the subway. No, but now that I am… I can’t. I need a car!” “Now…”

Uff! How many trinkets!...

And Africa is so big!, right…? It is big!...

This is why this model is of service: to… “constitutionalize” the contemporary mind.  And it is so big that not only anything can happen, but also, it will happen again.

“Not only anything can happen, but it will happen again”.

But… the rabbit’s anxiety that has a carrot in front of it -but it will never reach- called “happiness”: Agh-agh-agh-agh!... gasps while running to reach it. And as the majority is in this cracked eagerness –and here comes the prayer’s preoccupation- it is accepted!, yes…

“What can we do?! Some get to be poor, some get to be rich; some get to order, others to obey…”.

We go back to the “It’slikethis” civilization: it is like this, it is like this, it is like this!


Imagine for just one moment –today’s prayer theme suggests-,… imagine for just one moment that the frontiers are erased, the border guards disappear, the languages are made with signs or sounds… that will later be understood; the transit of one place to another is fluid and without impediments; one who goes to another place has no inconvenience to take someone else; one who comes to this place, does not come empty either; for an instant there is hunger, and there will always be something cooking, something boiling; the call to take coffee or tea… it will be steaming in any road.

Ah! But it is possible! -yes, yes- it is possible to… order your mind, your feelings without taxes, without security controls, without…

It is possible to travel without weapons. Yes, it is possible to greet… and accept greetings. It is even possible to listen… and not always demand to be listened to. It is possible –and it is not bad- to play fronton but it is possible to play with someone else!... and not alone. It is possible to discover that there exists better friends than dogs -and they are good, yes!-...

That means that, it is possible to not parcel oneself, to not crack, in the name of dominion, of the personal arrogance. Yes, the normal answer is:

- Ah! I don’t have to put up with this, I don’t’ like the other, nor I feel that is right…!

-Oh yes! Of course! And at what expense? Have you noticed? Like it is commonly said: Who is going to pay the piper… so that you get a cracked kingdom of importance?

It would be… besides the figurative approach –and for a moment to make a fresh start-… it would be our duty, faced with being Universe inhabitants, being mysteries of life, it would be suggesting to at least –as there are so many doubts, so many indecisions, and so many conditions, and so many cracks- be brought down into consciousness the possibility that “things are not like this”; to take away the consciousness of “it is like this”. “It is like this”. We go back to the “itislikethis”… civilization.

To introduce this variable. Sometimes the introduction of a small variable makes a reordering of the settings of the pre-established consciousness.

In this panorama presented by the prayer, today, it is shown to us -by tradition- a day with a “[1]good night”. Yes, we can ignore it, and we can… but any pinch –after what has been seen- any pinch of opportunity where kindness is insinuated is… is good; any moment where you can make something of special relevance is… to find an oasis in the desert: the day that with its night is announced as “good”. Without specifying what good consists in, but with the generosity that it is related to a “birth”, to a “new” dimension.

When we contemplate a baby we imagine a thousand things… “Ah! He made a gesture, he moved in this way…”. And we can imagine he will be a test pilot, or a merchandise inspector, or a surveyor… “No!, he will surely be a policeman!”...

-She looks like she will be… a dancer! Oh! Look at her legs! Look, here says, “The swan lake”.

-Where have you read that boy?

Yes. Births awaken imaginations, speculations. And everything is so tender that it can pleomorphize, although it already has a plan; and if we let this plan express itself, show itself…

But every birth supposes creativity, a renovation, a surprise, rejuvenation… to imagine and think of the future.

And what… what do we intuit in this birth, in this day –day, day!- of a “good night”? What does it show us? What feeling does it give to us? What… what theme of attitudes? What suggestions…?

The praying sense of today, day of a “good night” reveals -in the “Year of the Revelation”- under what references we are going to vibrate -without loosing the revelations which are always there, but that have already had their relevance, without doubt, through this year-. The praying sense reveals that we will enter…

We will enter into the “Complaisant Compassion”.

A parenthesis of silence as a preamble of the “Divine Verb” that guards these two words; which suppose -under the announcement in a day of a “good night”- a compassionate… disposition; a passionate… attitude; a compassionate presence faced with any pain, affliction, restlessness, distrust!… and all of these with the “complaisant” surname. 

A compassion that is not painful, or uncomfortable, or… or with a virtue flag, but rather, a “Complaisant Compassion” because of the complaisance that is generated by the compassion that is offered and received –“that is offered and received”-.

This way, a veto is put to combat, to the need, to envy, to egotism…

The fact of becoming a testimony of “Complaisant Compassion”… transports us to the dimension of the… affection, the tenderness, the grace, the wishful thinking…

Ay!, Yes, yes. It seems delicate. It seems difficult by moments. But it will have the praying contribution that starts emanating today. It will have the support of the living memory of each day. “Without doubts”, with the “Complaisant Compassion”. “Without fears”, because of the “Complaisant Compassion”.

The apology, the understanding, the acceptance; the continuous hope and certainty!... that the Mysterious Force will be an ally that… encourages!: it will give warmth when the coldness bites; it will put flexibility where rigidness suffocates; it will put a smile where seriousness argues; it will give credibility where incredulity strikes.

It will give… another face!: the transfigured face of what we really are, and to where we should transit, as Universe beings, of Creation; of illuminated presence!...

Yes. It is a leap. A leap!... that for moments seems impossible and useless. Providence’s affairs… “Impossible, useless, and sterile”. But if it is something that is born in a day of nocturnal kindness, it augurs -under this black light of Mystery- it augurs that “now” is the moment; the moment to exercise in this path. And this should suppose -in the moment when it is heard, when the prayer becomes… “haste”-…, it makes possible the sprouting in each being… of letting themselves be inspired, to abandon the boundaries, the justice labels, the continuous consciousness of transgression and of combat preparation.

Yes! It is… the moment… of taking a leap.


[1] Christmas Eve in spanish is said “Nochebuena” and it is literrally translated as “Good Night”



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