Beneath the inspiration of the Magic


A sunrise… with surprise.

A dawn beneath the… inspiration of the magic.

A dawn that… with no real history of materiality, is maintained, it is sustained; perhaps because of the need; probably because of our nature; surely by a Mystery.

Without doubt, every day… we receive gifts, magical coincidences. Also, almost every day, we are not conscious of this, or they are not highlighted or given the surprise that the small moments have, the small details.

It may well be, this dawn, a reference… so that, in the course of this new journey, we are attentive to the daily surprise; and to be -to be- surprising vehicles; to be gifts… with our presence, with our look, our gesture, and with our word!…; with our details.

If in the healing way our presence is already "healing", and we are healing elements, in the day-to-day we also should be!… pleasant surprises.

At the time of toiling in a pleasant living-together, fruitful and creative, of a shared knowledge, without doubt it is an invaluable contribution that we are a surprise, a gift, a detail; that you don't have to wait months, or exceptional circumstances… to put a drop of our essential virtues in disposition.

The virtues are endless!

The smiles "are not spent".

The praying sense of us today emphasizes that, regardless of the moments when we consciously feel alive, always! there will be a source of… Grace.

"Grace" of a smile; "grace" of luck; "grace" of gratitude; "grace" of talent… of the Divine Mystery.

And this detail is similar to our pupils: all of them are of a deep blackness. They could be interpreted as being a Divine equivalent; and they have the power to expand and dilate when, "apparently", there is no light…; but, they culminate… they culminate with absorbing some details that makes the darkness somewhat visible to us. 

With the light they contract and select…; they select images and the moments that we have to live, feel, and save. 

To go with that attitude…  will safeguard us from any -"any"- incidence that frightens us, overwhelm us, tires us or discourages us. 


If you are in this Mystery -accepted!- of the day-to-day, of the "surprise, the gift and the vision", promises are not needed, because one will be up to date! There will be no need to promise that… once, tomorrow, next week… etc. No. We will be able to make a prospection, an ideation, a suggestion, but if one is up to date… "in living" beneath the gift, the magic of the surprise, and the continuous attention of what happens to us, it is not necessary to postpone and postpone… the commitment, since it is there, ready each day.

There is no need, therefore, for justifications; or explanations that sometimes are… fog and confusion… and what is sometimes worse: incredible! -Incredible!- as much as one strives –the one that tells them- to make them be seen as true.  Take away the ballast of… the relapse of the justifying explanation!

It is like trying to justify and explain, and reason… why a sprout of love withers, without an event that puts it into evidence; but it must be of the same nature. It is like trying to explain to a patient what he has, speaking of boats: float lines, shipwrecks, cruise ships, merchant marine…  You need another language, no?

The intrinsic nature of Love is similar to… the act of praying, in which we are immersed in a belief; it is the sprouting of a flower that is permanently open and perfuming. "It does not wilt".

Just when we are surprised, or we realize "that"… we should take advantage of, because it is a call that encourages us to grow in this chance, in this unpredictability, and empowers us to discover our true nature. Preventing us from lodging in laws, rules, customs, manias…; and we maintain variable rhythms according to the real needs of oneself or others.

The unison with the Mystery of the Creator -the path towards it- is a daily quest, an incessant rising with love.

Is it -one asks- is it " of Life" to renounce the instances that attract us, comfort us… that make us… fall in love? 

Is it of Life to be subjected to a fair justice –personal and of the environment - which restricts, which punishes us, that prejudges us, that judges us, that condemns us!? 

This is not… a Divine project.

To the extent that we assume our nature, beneath the auspices of the Mystery Creator, and with the baton of being the product of an Eternal act of Love, of a flower that does not wither, with the daily action of… being "up to date", "not instalments", to keep promises away, to not fall into the easy - so easy!, right?- criticism and deduction and -worse still- condemnation or judgment… 

That old saying: "Live and let live", is of fundamental need for living-together.

Let the "Grace" of surprise, the magic of the gift that through ourselves is carried out, be a turning point -not just today, but continually- that reveals to us and reminds us permanently the surprising and graceful Mystery, of living.





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