Who reserved this place in the Universe for us?

Who placed us between the Sun, the Moon and the darkness?

Who endowed us with resources, skills...?

And who gave us the soul to wonder... to investigate... to seek ourselves... to seek for IT?

And all living things become created creatures.

There is not something that arises by its own "fieriness". The Creative Fire... comes from the Mysterious Stay.

To attribute achievements to us is vanity. It is not wanting to discover... the Burning Hand of the One who does... the One who carries us... the One who inspires us... the One who takes care of us.

When we discover it, when we recognise it... our being, our following, is an attractive… necessity!

They put us and expose us and encourage us..., and attraction promotes us; the attraction of the One who attracts us. It wakes us up every morning. It also puts us to sleep every night.

And permanently attracted by the events of every day... we realise what seems to be evident. And it is so to the extent that we see the translucent Hand of Creation, of the Reverent Mystery.

The simple smile -an expression of infinite complexity- is a sample of the creative development of the instance of the Mystery, that appears simple, easy, prosperous and servant.

Thus, living together becomes a fragrance. There are no demands... but services. And everything is done. Because each one knows what his path is... and does not invade the steps of others.

The sea knows how to wait in its basin. It knows how to wait for us to timidly step on its shore.

The dawn does not dazzle us, it brightens us... until we become resplendent; just as the sunset becomes a mist of colour...

And so, we widen our pupils, we slow down our actions... and we surrender to sleep: the one that repairs us.

Who repairs us in sleep?

Is it perhaps us, without conscience, without remedies...?

Who repairs us through dreams, through... Nothingness?

Who puts us back together again... and remakes us to be reborn and dawn, with the spirit of discovering, with the attraction of searching, with the kindness of pleasing?

Not feeling ownership of something... makes us participate in everything.

Not taking possession of... -by the law of men- of what belongs to us. Rather take care of everything we find; be grateful for everything that is given to us; respond with our attitude: the attitude of the pilgrim on the way to the encounter; "the Great encounter".

There will be no error claiming us. There will be no undue stumble. There will be a determined consciousness that knows how to listen... to any sound, to any word. That does not enter into dispute... That knows in consciousness to follow the path of the wind: the one that whistles... the gifts of Creation.

It is easy, yes, to feel useless. It is easy to blame oneself and easier to punish oneself. It is easy to resort to despair; if anything, to arouse pity. It is easy to be the destroyer... the destroyer of the environment. It is easy to be the punisher and the self-punisher.

All this is a challenge... unbecoming of a created being. All this is a nonsense that seeks limelight.

Reasons and explanations will always be found to mourn our misfortunes. But to remain in them is to renounce the attraction of the Eternal; it is to disavow the permanent Creation; it is to "impersonate"...

Complaint is not lawful when colours are seen, songs are heard, sweets are savoured and perfumes are perceived.

It is not fair to complain when the caress calms.

Are they not gifts... given? Have we gestated anything of what we are...?

Therefore, to fall into... justice, into law, into reward, into punishment... it is not proper to believe. No. It has no justification... before the blue of dawn. It does not correspond to the song of the goldfinch... and the elusive flight of the swallows!

Abandoning the sinister... that prevents the dawn; that leads to darkness. We are beings of luminous soul... created in radiance!, endowed with brilliance, sculpted in skill, designed for searching.

There is no better model.

And when we feel it as a gift, when we perceive it as an eternal outpouring..., inner serenity appears; the rhythm is adjusted; the imagination springs up.

Everything is done unintentionally.

Let yourself be loved... and you will see that everything is available.



La prière que nous réalisons est une prière qui n’est circonscrite à aucune religion. Nous croyons que la prière peut être un instrument Libérateur et Guérissant. La prière a comme référence la Création, les différentes Forces qui nous animent sans leur donner un nom. La croyance que la Prière est un élément indispensable pour nous, elle nous a amené à créer un espace qui lui est exclusivement dédié : « La Maison du Son de la Lumière », c’est un lieu situé dans le Pays Basque, à Vizcaya, dans un hameau. Là bas se réalisent des journées de retraite. « La Maison du Son de la Lumière » ARGI DOINU ETXEA se trouve dans la localité de Ea, Vizcaya (Pays Basque Espagnol). C’est un espace ouvert aux élèves de l’Ecole Neijing, lesquels peuvent demeurer sur place de 1 à 5 jours.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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