The screeching sounds of... war become progressively more striking, inciting, righteous.

Humanity -in general terms- seems to be... tired of a series of failures.

And it could be that, based on this accumulation of distortions, corruptions, mistreatment, competitions, demands, racism, pre-judgments..., as a consequence of all this, a destruction of all that deterioration is brewing.

It would seem a contradiction. Yes, because that screeching sound of war would destroy more. Yes. True... It would destroy more and more.

But that is a mechanism that humanity has used -and it does not necessarily have to be that way now-... that it has used in moments of deterioration: ending the deterioration. And ending it means destroying it.

In that case, one could even say that war is not so bad.

After –as it happens- reconstructions, enthusiasms, novelties seem to arise...

You could almost say that it is cyclical.

Although from the perspective of the Prayerful Sense, in the evolution of consciousness, we have not completed our projection. Consequently, repetitions are apparent. They are not the same. But the general mechanisms are similar.

This carries a personal equivalent. Yes. Because those screeching warlike perspectives have been made based on... personal agglomerations.

Consequently, the Prayer Call warns us... about what position corresponds -in being, in living together, in doing, in seeking-, in order not to fall into that tempting destruction... to emerge like the phoenix in an innovation.

Already, it is easy to realize the progressive, easy... destruction and deterioration. And as the way of living, the lifestyle, progresses, it becomes easier. And what is virtuous, what is careful, what is clear, what is exquisite becomes more difficult.

Of course, the social, cultural, environmental offer is friction, controversy, competition, profit, security...

Powerful. Very powerful.

And it's not about fighting it. It would be a serious mistake.

It's about positioning ourselves in a different way; in another way that corresponds to... our nature, that which we have not yet fully known what it is. And we neither know ourselves, nor anything.

But everything would seem to indicate, from this other perspective, that yes, we are social beings... that we act in communion, that we produce actions to safeguard our permanence.

That in the face of global needs we are supportive, we are in favour of... helping.

We are also sensitive beings, we are moved, we attract each other...

It could also be said that we are careful with the weak, the small, the needy...

It could also be said that we are given to imagining, fantasizing...; to feel, to some extent, in what we call “Universe”.

And so, we could add some more little things, which do not act constantly and continuously, but intermittently.

And with that baggage -and I insist, some more details-, we can probably develop, establish -and in fact we try- other ways of being, of promoting, of making ourselves noticed, in ourselves and in the environment, that it is not necessary, obligatory, systemic or cyclical to fall into the ignominy of the screeching of war, to purify the deterioration... and begin a new era again.

And it is true that small nuclei of consciousness, of being, of doing, have always appeared that, without challenging the conflicts, developed the best of consciousness, in their protection, in their care, in their calm, in their dedication.

Small positions of consciousness that preserved and preserve some conditions of the nature of being, that do not enter into the rhythms of warrior purity, of the purification of the screeching of cannons or established violence.

Surely, through mystical experiences, the history of humanity shows us that the Creative Mystery, simultaneously, in the infinity of everything created, is shown in the infinite ways of possibilities and in the elements that are going to develop them –like each and every being-. It may seem fantastic or illusory or imaginary to us, but so far it is the best version that has been revealed, of the mystique of the Creative Mystery.

And that is why it is up to us, on the path to healing, to position ourselves. Position ourselves in dimensions very different from those that are imposed daily, taking special, very special care not to create friction, not to produce confrontation, not to defend ourselves but to reaffirm ourselves.

The progressive advance, on every occasion in which the being has the possibility of clarifying, showing, discovering, learning, listening, proposing, suggesting, must be promptly participatory.

Waiting is a virtue, but despair is a catastrophe.

Consequently, knowing how to wait... easily discovers the moments and opportunities to know that the occasion has arrived, to know that you are faced with a choice. 

And if, even knowing it, one does not exercise it, will enter into despair.



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