It is common, if not to say usual, that the being express itself by saying: "I believe…""I thought…". And with that it tries to express what it is capable of doing according to its will.

Another thing is the belief –to believe-, in which the faith and trust are the support of the process. But in the "I believed" or in the "I believe" is implied a doing that is linked to the everyday; not without, of course, emotions, affection… but full of difficulties, errors, changes, discomfort.

"Because I thought that this was… ""Because I believed that this is the case"... and appears the saying that "man proposes and God provides". And, apart from a few exceptions -without doubt - what was believed is not achieved, no, this is not the case… As one thought.

This usually brings consequences, to the extent that one repeats and repeats and repeats oneself, in the sense that the credibility of the self is undermined. It has trusted so much in itself… it has trusted so much in itself, that it begins to distrust, because the plans are not going with that flow.

In the prayerful sense, when the belief happens -not to create, but rather of filiation, of communion, of connection; as we said a moment ago: faith and hope-… when that element to believe occurs, really occurs a prayer. It is a prayerful moment in which the being deposits its belief in the designs that are tracing the Providence. And it collects them and they become creative. They are translated into everyday life, in the materiality…

To believe in the meaning of prayer, makes us free ourselves from our selfish positions; it makes us free ourselves of our proposals without love; it makes us free ourselves from our better plans.

That is why, when interpreting the providential designs that on each one gravitates, at least -at least- be clear if they are designs as such, or are personal tastes. What can be seen as exceptional? It could be! But it is more likely that they aren't.

The person praying has to know, by the fact of praying, when one is before a personal belief, and when you are faced with a providential proposal. 

And he knows -he knows- when he starts to make its plan, its project, its idea… and he knows when casually appears this situation, this conversation, occurs that meeting… the pieces of the puzzle are composed, that projects us to do this or that; meanwhile, in the personal, these things are not given: one searches, does, provokes, procures…

The Meaning of Prayer of today encourages us to realize that we are permanently created…; that there is not a single moment… -no-… a single moment that the Creation depends on us.

If we take consciousness of this belief, this creation, the concern that systematically is laid down in the living together, disappears; is cushioned, at least.

To feel permanently created is to feel loved. Unconditionally.

The commitments that may be acquired in the belief that we are created, are "reverential” commitments: one admires, cultivates, love. Those which are the product of our planning, to our taste, have to fight, have to conquer.

We are in a period of easily influenced and influences… that have an impact on the being concerning its beliefs. And some are encoded, some others are sorted, some others are sent; some affect in such form and manner, that the other ceases to be who it was and begins to be and to do the orders of the other opinion.

Such is the influence of the environment… -in media, in people, in situations, in the circumstances- it is clear that "tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are."…; which overrides virtually all messages and all the forces of providential creation that guide us, that lead us.

Put our structures in the disposition to be a receptacle of those signals that create, that create us, permanently.

And dissolve the egos and personal importance that oblige us, due to prejudice, fear, by influence…



La prière que nous réalisons est une prière qui n’est circonscrite à aucune religion. Nous croyons que la prière peut être un instrument Libérateur et Guérissant. La prière a comme référence la Création, les différentes Forces qui nous animent sans leur donner un nom. La croyance que la Prière est un élément indispensable pour nous, elle nous a amené à créer un espace qui lui est exclusivement dédié : « La Maison du Son de la Lumière », c’est un lieu situé dans le Pays Basque, à Vizcaya, dans un hameau. Là bas se réalisent des journées de retraite. « La Maison du Son de la Lumière » ARGI DOINU ETXEA se trouve dans la localité de Ea, Vizcaya (Pays Basque Espagnol). C’est un espace ouvert aux élèves de l’Ecole Neijing, lesquels peuvent demeurer sur place de 1 à 5 jours.


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