To transit... becoming future, and to remain at the same time, is a tune that occurs in a Providential way.

It is not a straight line. It is an undulating spiral that has no limits.

Vibrating in the transitory and permanent, at the same time makes us separate from the dual world.

And today, the Praying Sense reminds us that we are in a transit place, like this one where Prayer calls us. But at the same time it is a permanent place, which constantly welcomes us so that we are capable of being an ETERNAL FUTURE... passing through the present and having a record of the past.

Precisely today, with the longest night and the shortest day. Precisely today, when in one place the winter shivers, and in another one heat becomes sweaty. And at the same time simultaneously they live together, they share.

Without it being "casual", the stars also tell us that the great giants of Jupiter and Saturn are close by. Millions of kilometres away, of course. As if tuning in was precise and necessary to be able to wield one's own resources, and tune in to others, in consensus. It is a libertarian consensus, without doubts, without impositions, without fears.

And so it was that 29 celebrations ago... we passed through these places, with the apparent idea of stopping and "we'll continue". But the real idea was to "continue" moving towards the future, but leaving permanence, perseverance... that now -once again- welcomes us.

And under the Prayer Call, once these... times have passed, we can assure... -those of us who intermediately gestated the whole project- we can assure that THE PROVIDENTIAL IMPRONT was, and is!... with the idea, with its development, with its evolution, with its contributions, with its innovations. All this is not without difficulties, discomforts and misunderstandings... Yes. Here is a Providential proof: despite all the inconveniences that weigh down..., the impulse to expand, the impulse to continually flourish is there mysteriously.

And through us it exercises, it shows itself.

Our participation is... representative, intermediary.

And that moves us, it amazes us.

And by saying prayerful, it urges us to transmit these evidences... for those who join us, for those who arrive: so that this mysterious, providential plasticity, each being incorporates it in their daily life. And be present, past and future at the same time. And feeling how in giving up the leading role and becoming equivalents, intermediaries, and representatives... means "liberation". It means getting rid of that personal importance that is exercised so much in the name of possessing daily, everyday truths, but they undermine creative processes on a daily basis.

Hence... it is up to us -as intermediaries, as representatives, as puppets of the Creative Mystery- to assume that presence, to feel it and to exercise it rigorously! A rigour that does not punish, that does not pursue, but is extremely vigilant, so that the gifts of Providence are respected, are noticed!

And so let our consciences remain, with responsibility, with care they have for us, but I insist, with the rigour of being custodians of what arrives without being asked for, of what appears without waiting for it.

Oh!... Yes! There are endless resources, to the extent we know how to rigorously guard them, we become more amazed, we aspire more, we are reinforcing our decisions, alerting us immediately!, in the face of any incident that, however small, is solved, but if it is left, it remains and... it grows and thrives.

This Prayerful Call reminds us, not as past, present or future, but as "immanent" -that is, intrinsically in the area of existence and life-, that we are receptacles of messages, ideas, and projects. That we are in communion with the living, in harmony with ideals and in consensus with projects.

And this is how we can -without power- transmit what has been revealed, cultivate what has been discovered and let ourselves be carried away by attention and alertness. So that in the so-called "difficult, complex or complicated moments", we have our being… ready, willing, active, precise, exact!

It is the demand that now, in this transit, we are asked for to act as intermediaries to guard this Providence; thus each being feels with clear decision to collaborate, help, respect and gladly accept diversity of versions, visions... and thus avoid arrogating exercises of justice, punishments or similar situations, arbitrarily.

Trust, not only in one's duty of service, but trust in "the others"; the others who are similar, the others as living systems, and obviously also those of our lineage in this humanity.

Let us not in any way supplant the capabilities, resources and confidence of others.

Do we punish perhaps the child when he or she does not yet know how to speak, because of poor pronunciation?

Do we get angry perhaps when the child rides the bike for the first time, and falls off?

 No. Of course not. We trust. And when he already maintains his balance, we trust more. And so we respect. And so we never become anyone's crutch.

But at the same time, "but at the same time" - simultaneously- we take care for ourselves, we become "interpendent". With the idea that every being feels!... feels that in the other one will be a complaisant acceptance before a need. "There will be a complaisant acceptance before a need".

So it is not at odds!... the confidence of every being in himself and the mutual respect for each being to exercise his Providence... it is not at odds with feeling united and knowing, with certainty, that we will be welcomed when the need arises.

And it is thus that, being now passing through humanity with despair, we must contribute, with our presence, with the rigour of the cultivation of Providence, that FULL TRUST in our ideals, in our projects. Knowing how to adapt without giving up. Putting aside confrontation -that makes you tremble.

Every being of humanity is demanded according to the talents that Creation has bestowed upon him. It never asks him for more. But that consciousness that we will never be asked for more than we can give is the Providential consciousness. But if we remain in the human consciousness, and do not bind ourselves to creativity, to care, to the evidence of the Creator Mystery, if we set it aside and "hedonize" our function, of course, then... the closest, the most distant, the nearest one... will demand, will ask, will force us! to give more than we are or have.

And it is easy to fall into the trap of the dominant, of the dominator, and then to feel invalid, to feel stupid, because that one, or the other one, criticizes us, pursues us, demands from us, imposes on us!...

And it turns out that we are here, in Existence, in Life, providentially gifted, and no more is required of us than what we are. Consequently: they do not demand of us, they let us flow; under the reference of Creation, of course.

Are we going to allow someone to supplant that reference?

No way.

Our Help is the Name of the Creator Mystery, and under it -the Prayer Call dictates- we refer, we ally. But when someone wants to hold on to our protagonist role, to our goodness, to our evil, to our envy, to our anger, to our prejudice... we must say noNo.

If the Creator Mystery does not punish me, does not persecute me, it respects me -mysteriously, yes- by what right does anyone usurp that position -grossly, of course- and make us weaken the link with the Eternal, and fall into the daily justice?

"This can be done, this cannot be done, this is right, this is wrong...”.

Maintaining that reference link will allow us to say "NO" to power that demands us, that accuses and punishes us. To say "no".

And to say "no" to our own positions, which frequently fall into victim thinking or a daily protagonist role.

And to say "no" to the preponderance of man over man is to say "yes" to the Providence of the Mystery, to the evidence of its assistance, to the perseverance of its influence, of its care, of its LOVE!

And, of course, that position is not detached -as one might think in an easy criticism-… from our search, our interest, our discovery, our disagreement, our seeking, from our learning... No! It is part of the Providential warmth.

The joy... Yes, the joy of feeling protected by something we cannot control, by something we cannot dominate, by something we cannot demand!..., that joy is huge.

 Yes, because when the being of humanity arrogates to itself "divine functions”, -let’s allow the word- without knowing them, and sets itself up as "judge and part", and other things, it generates this world in which we move daily. It generates those bestial gaps of hunger and abundance!, those incredible gaps between men and women, those terrible!… gaps in culture, health and resources.

And even though we are in that terrible and dramatic panorama, our providential joy must remain. And knowing we are... as intermediaries of a liberating message, of a life project, meditated, prayed, and contemplated that encourages our participation, promotes enthusiasm... and helpful availability, that does not take its toll, but it is there ready and available... without allowing abuses, without satisfying selfishness, without justifying truths.

Let us feel ourselves to be bodily, tangible participants... in today's Prayerful Call. Let it involve us... as beings of presence.




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